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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'You Gotta Keep Going'

Hangman Page gave the Dark Order some advice about friendship this week.

Video --

BTE Championship --

  • John Silver opened things up this week from Rochester. He announced he'll be defending his BTE Championship against Chuck Taylor in a paper plate throwing game. 
  • The objective of the game was to throw a plate like a frisbee and land it on a table. 
  • Silver won 5-2 and declared that everyone can now call him "Plate Boy." 

Young Bucks travel montage --

  • Video of the Young Bucks traveling, working out at a gym, and Nick Jackson comparing his shoe size with Satnam Singh's was shown. 
  • Nick Jackson cut a promo about fans not appreciating what they go through on travel days.

Ryan Nemeth--

  • Ryan Nemeth is shown with his dog, or at least, a dog. 
  • He tried to speak to the dog about AEW's acquisition of Ring of Honor and various other wrestling topics but the dog seemed very uninterested. 

The Young Bucks buy their driver a pair of shoes --

  • The Young Bucks went shopping for shoes again this week. This time they decided to surprise their driver with a pair of new shoes. They also got some for themselves, of course. 

Leva Bates & JD Drake --

  • Drake said he told Peter Avalon he would apologize to Leva Bates. Bates recently got married to Avalon while they were in Vegas. When Drake went to apologize, however, he couldn't do it and said she was still a "carny b**ch."

Matt Hardy & Matt Jackson --

  • Matt Hardy tried to make amends with Matt Jackson in the back. He said it was time to pay his pennace. Hardy listed off various things he had done over the last few months that were wrong. 
  • At one point, his "Broken" accent started to comeback. 
  • Matt Jackson isn't sure if he can trust Hardy, however. 

The Dark Order --

  • Evil Uno addressed Alan Angels and Stu Grayson leaving. He said he's not sure where Colt Cabana is. 
  • Uno said those that left are still "Dark Order forever."
  • They reminisced about some of the good times the had together but John Silver seemed to confuse their history with the events from a Harry Potter movie. He revealed this was because he fell asleep watching Harry Potter the night before. 
  • Anna misses Stu because now she doesn't have anyone to beat up. 
  • Hangman Page then walked into the shot. 
  • Hangman told them that they shouldn't feel bad because those guys are still their friends and will always have their back. Hangman also said he'll always have their back too. 
  • He told them to "keep going" because that's what they would want. 
  • Hangman said it's never too late to fix friendships and some somber and reflective music began to play, perhaps to signify that Hangman is thinking about some of his old friendships...
  • Hangman then left and The Dark Order decided it was a new era for them.