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VIDEO: Being The Elite - 'Young Bucks, Please Go Home'

The Young Bucks announce a California show on this week's BTE.

Video --

This week on Being The Elite --

The cold open --

  • The Young Bucks stood just outside WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

The Elite --

  • Matt Jackson bought new Dior shoes.
  • Tony Schiavone presented the Bucks with his resume in hopes of landing an EVP job. Matt and Nick said they're not giving up their power.
  • Flip Gordon showed up for Dark: Elevation and was beaten up in the locker room by the Bucks, Adam Cole, and Silver and Reynolds.
  • Cutler Cam showed footage from the tag team battle royale on Dynamite last week.
  • The Bucks were interviewed by ESPN.
  • Christopher Daniels approached Danhausen with some paperwork. Orange Cassidy then appeared and gave Daniels some sunglasses.
  • Matt Hardy demanded the results of his drug test from last week. The Bucks ducked Hardy and offered him a spot in the AEW Hall of Fame. Hardy called them out on there not being a hall. Matt asked if Jeff would be inducted as well, but The Bucks said that Jeff doesn't work there and it was an offer just for him. They teased The Young Bucks vs. The Hardy Boyz.
  • The Bucks announced Rampage in Ontario, California on June 3.

BTE Championship --

  • Adam Cole won the BTE title.

Hollywood Hunk --

  • Ryan Nemeth interviewed Chris Adonis.
  • Video of Arn Anderson attacking Nemeth on Dark was shown. Nemeth then cut a promo on Arn and his family.

Dark Order --

  • Hangman confronted Silver and Reynolds about sleeping with Adam Cole. Silver and Reynolds assured Hangman that they were on his side.

Mark Sterling --

  • A commercial played for Mark Sterling's legal services.