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VIDEO: Being the Elite - 'Young Bucks Trios Partner...?'

The Bucks prepare to ask Hangman Page to partner with them on this week's episode.

Video --

Opening --

  • Matt & Nick Jackson opened the show in a segment filmed before they asked Hangman Page to team with them in the Trios tournament. The Bucks seemed confident that he would accept but Page would later say that he plans to be in The Dark Order's corner for the tournament instead. 

The Dark Order speaks with Hangman Page --

  • The Dark Order confronted Hangman Page about helping the Young Bucks last week. They also said they really liked his "butterfly pants."
  • Evil Uno told Page that they would understand if he wanted to have an "open relationship" and also be friends with the Young Bucks. 
  • The five of them then looked at pictures of feet on Silver's phone. 
  • Footage of The Bucks asking Page on Dynamite to be their partner in the Trios tournament was then shown. 

The Dark Order didn't prepare anything for BTE this week --

  • After The Young Bucks left the locker room, The Dark Order revealed that they have nothing prepared for BTE this week. 
  • Silver then hugged Page and said he's glad he's not partnering with the Young Bucks because he never wants to wrestle him. He got his face in real tight and basically everyone was laughing through this bit. 

Back to school fashion advice with Ryan Nemeth --

  • The Hollywood Hunk presented a short video on back-to-school fashion this week.
  • Not surprisingly, he recommended everyone buy his shirt on 
  • A giant hole had been cut out of the back of his pants during this segment. Every time he turned around to get a new garment, it revealed his bare backside. This drew attention away from his tips on back-to-school fashion. 
  • Finally, Nemeth revealed that he was well aware that his "a** was out." 

John Silver vs. Evil Uno for the BTE Championship --

  • Silver defended his BTE Championship against Evil Uno this week.
  • The game was to flip a water bottle in the air and have it land perfectly. 
  • Uno never quite got the hang of this and Silver defended his title fairly easily. 

Who will be The Young Bucks Trios Partner? --

  • The final scene this week saw Matt Jackson receive a call on his cell phone. The audience was never let in on who he was talking to, however. 
  • "Are you sure? You're sure you're ready?" Jackson says into the phone before the scene cuts away.