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Video: Being the Elite - 'Young Bucks vs. FTR 2'

The BTE Championship was on the line in a game of blackjack between Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels.

Video --

The Cold Open --

  • The Young Bucks opened the show in LA Clippers jerseys. They seemed to be shooting several videos which could be used at Arena during home games to hype up the crowd. They took a few shots at the Lakers for missing the playoffs as well. 

Young Bucks vs FTR

  • Highlights of the Young Bucks facing FTR from last week's Dynamite were shown. 

Christopher Daniels defeats Adam Cole for the BTE Championship

  • Cole was confronted by Christopher Daniels in the back. He challenged him to a game of Blackjack for the BTE Championship. 
  • The winner would be the first person to win five hands. 
  • At one point during the game, Nick Jackson confronted Cole about having screwed them over the last two weeks. 
  • Daniels was up 4-0 but Cole came back to tie it 4-4. 
  • Finally, Daniels won the fifth hand to win the BTE Championship. 

Ryan Nemeth goes to the LA Clippers game

  • The Hollywood Hunk was at the LA Clippers game. He was wondering when they would show him on the big screen. He kept wondering throughout the game. 
  • Nemeth kept assuming that the in-house cameras would focus on him at some point but they never did. He didn't like this. 

The Dark Order and Hangman Page

  • John Silver was singing what I'm assuming was a made-up song in the back when Hangman Page walked in. 
  • The Dark Order was gathered around and told Page they were writing eulogies for whoever loses the Texas Deathmatch between Cole and Hangman next week. The eulogies were pretty silly but Page decided to hang on to a page of them regardless. 

The Young Bucks head home

  • Clips of the Young Bucks limping and getting on a plane with sad looks on their faces were shown to end the video. This was likely footage from them heading home after a disappointing loss to FTR on Dynamite.