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VIDEO: Chris Jericho cuts promo on AEW title belt being stolen


Chris Jericho has responded to his AEW World Championship belt being stolen by incorporating the real-life situation into his on-screen character.

In a video posted today, Jericho was shown sitting in a jacuzzi at his home, wearing a scarf and drinking champagne. He cut a promo saying he would be launching a worldwide investigation for the culprit and would be hiring the best private investigators for the job. He ended the promo by saying he would regain, restore, find, and reclaim the championship.

Jericho filed a police report in Tallahassee, Florida on Sunday reporting that his championship wrestling belt had been stolen while he was eating inside a Longhorn Steakhouse restaurant. AEW confirmed the news on their Instagram account, saying that authorities are working on it as we speak.

Longhorn Steakhouse wrote the following on Twitter: “We take the safety of our guests' property seriously and are doing everything we can to help the local authorities in their efforts. That said, @IAmJericho is a champion with or without his belt.”

The full video can be seen below: