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VIDEO: Final build to Being The Elite 200

being the elite 199 part three

The third part of Being The Elite episode 199 was released today. 

Some highlights included:

  • Matt and Nick Jackson were shown filming promos to hype up their match on next week's BTE 200. Matt said this was the biggest match of his career. Brandon Cutler reminded him of two AEW ppv matches. Matt ultimately decided this was the ninth biggest match of his career. 
  • Nick said the match will be held in his backyard on the BTE Compound. 
  • Matt refused to discuss any of his brother's weaknesses. 
  • Nick said that Matt's weakness is his back and he plans to attack it. 
  • Matt said he loves his brother and doesn't want to hurt him. 
  • Nick said he's better than Matt. 
  • Matt said he has an insurance policy under his shoe. 
  • Matt Hardy provided analysis on the upcoming match both in and out of his Broken character. 
  • Scorpio Sky, Brandon Cutler, Cody, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Kenny Omega, Joey Ryan, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, Fat Ass Massa, Colt Cabana and Flip Gordon broke down the match. 
  • Kazarian said that Matt has called Nick a jobber that he's tired of carrying. 
  • Cody acted out the way he sees the match going with Young Bucks Funko Pops. 
  • Scurll said Matt and Nick are dead to him. 
  • Ryan said that Nick has the best hot tag in the business but this isn't a tag match. 
  • Cabana taunted Omega.
  • Gordon said he was going to try to get booked. 
  • Massa said f--k The Young Bucks. 
  • Matt and Nick asked Cutler to make a prediction for the match. he refused. 
  • Matt and Nick faced off.