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VIDEO: Kenny Omega addresses fans following AEW Dynamite


Kenny Omega spoke to the crowd in Charleston, West Virginia following Wednesday's AEW Dynamite.

After he and The Young Bucks defeated Andrade El Idolo, Rush, and Dragon Lee in the main event of the show, Omega cut a short promo in the ring. You can see the footage below:

Omega mentioned that the last time he was here, The Elite were in a Halloween themed match. He said the his time away was grueling and wondered if he could compete at the level of other AEW wrestlers. He said it would take a while to catch up to the Young Bucks, and may be a while before he challenges for a singles title. But he is glad that people are here with him for the journey.

He clarified that he wasn’t a good guy, but said when The Elite are in the ring, you’re getting the real thing, we’re not a parody and not in here for selfish reasons. They are going to leave a legacy, not for titles or match ratings, but to change the wrestling world and how the audience consumes it. He said we’ll give you a smorgasbord of wrestling, that is the mission statement, and as long as the Elite are here, you will get that variety. He said medical devices or not, you’re going to get Omega as well. 

Matt Jackson, who was in the ring, pointed out the crowd was cheering for them despite booing them for most of the last year. Omega said he could hate them as well, pointing out the rehab he had to do to come back. He said it’s never for him, it’s for the crowd. He likened the fans to a cat "who pees and poops all over the house". He gets mad because he has to find it and clean it, but added "how could he hate a little kitty kat?". He may blame the fans and resent them on TV, but deep down inside, as long as this never gets aired, he appreciates them.

Omega returned to action on Wednesday’s show after being out of action since November, when he lost the AEW World Championship to Hangman Page at Full Gear.