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VIDEO: Kenny Omega & Will Ospreay post-AEW Dynamite confrontation

Omega and the Young Bucks versus the United Empire takes place next week.

Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay got into a war of words following AEW Dynamite. 

After the United Empire's victory over Death Triangle, Omega and the Young Bucks appeared on the stage area. Once the show went off the air, Omega addressed Ospreay and Aussie Open. 

"Because you guys are the guests, you guys won the main event, give these people a piece of your minds, tell these people how you feel, thank these people for giving us their time tonight. Now that you guys are in the big leagues, that's just one of your daily duties. You can handle the responsibility, Will. Hopefully, you can handle it a little better than filling my shoes in New Japan," he said. 

Omega then left the microphone in the ring for Ospreay to respond

"Filling your shoes? The way I see it, the short time I've been in New Japan, I've done everything you've done and more," Ospreay said. 

"I just did a G1, went to the final, another five stars," he continued. 

"The only difference is I did it in front of full, sold-out crowds and you did a G1 final in front of what? 3000 people," Omega responded. 

Our own Dave Meltzer addressed the segment and Ospreay/Omega rivalry on Wrestling Observer Radio. He said that the animosity between the two on social media is storyline and to build to a match between the two, likely at Wrestle Kingdom or an AEW pay-per-view.