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Warner Bros. Discovery would like language on AEW programming ‘toned down’

There will likely be less swearing on AEW programming moving forward.

There will likely be less swearing on AEW programming for the foreseeable future.  

The promotion was told by Warner Bros. Discovery recently that they would like the language "toned down" on episodes of Dynamite and Rampage. The issue was addressed by Dave Meltzer in Friday's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Word has gotten to the promotion from WBD that they’d like the language toned down. As best we can tell, they have said nothing about the blood," Meltzer wrote. 

This is not the first time the company has requested that AEW keep explicit language to a minimum. In 2020, Tony Khan would frequently make announcements before episodes of Dynamite asking fans not to use chants such as, "Holy s**t." Khan clarified the reasons for this during a social media exchange with Ryan Satin. 

"The network specifically asked me not to let the crowd chant that, and I’m a good cooperative media partner," the AEW President wrote on Twitter