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WWE interested in MJF as Fox, USA Network take notice


By Andrew Zarian for

The past few weeks, I have been asked personally by multiple people within Fox and USA regarding current AEW roster member MJF as his program with CM Punk has brought in a new level of interest from non-pro wrestling followers at both networks.

I discussed this last night on We're Live, Pal, on YouTube, and how since that Punk promo, I was asked if MJF's contract with AEW is really up in 2024 as he had said previously (and reiterated as much Wednesday on Twitter). 

An individual at one of those networks, who has been a very reliable source, told me, “I actually stopped what I was doing and listened to him. I don’t think I have done that with pro wrestling in a long time."

As I said last night, WWE is very interested in him. When I reached out to a source within WWE, they mentioned that the same conversations the networks have had have happened within the company regarding MJF in the past.

“He has everything we would want. It really depends on if he could be that same person on WWE TV," they said. “We want new stars to be the focus within the next few years. That's the plan.”

A pro since 2015, MJF made his AEW debut in 2019. He will face Dante Martin for the Dynamite Diamond ring on Wednesday's Winter Is Coming edition of Dynamite.