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The Young Bucks return to action on this week's Being the Elite

being the elite 197

Episode 197 of Being The Elite showcased The Young Bucks and SCU in tag team matches. 

The storyline elements of the episode focused on Luchasaurus looking for his tail, Brandon Cutler and Peter Avalon continuing their losing streak gimmicks and Kenny Omega and Colt Cabana continuing their comedy feud. 

Some highlights from the episode include:

  • Peter Avalon took an Uber to Brandon Cutler's house. Avalon taunted Cutler on another loss, then asked him to team up with him in an effort to snap both of their losing streaks. Avalon told Cutler that he has a match ready for him right now on the BTE Compound. 

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian defeated Brandon Cutler & Peter Avalon

Excalibur was on commentary for the match. Nick Jackson served as the camera operator. 

Cutler and Kazarian began the match. They traded holds and quick cradles for a series of one counts. Daniels and Avalon tagged in. Daniels hit a quebradora on Avalon and an STO on an interfering Cutler. 

Cutler and Avalon cut Daniels off and worked him over. Avalon and Cutler had some communication issues which allowed Daniels to tag Kazarian. Kazarian ran wild with a backstabber, a cutter and a leg slice. 

The finish saw Avalon and Cutler both attempt sunset flips. Daniels and Kazarian sat down on the attempts and scored a double pin. 

  • Luchasaurus was shown wandering the streets. He went to Taya Valkyrie's house and demanded to see "him." Valkyrie refused to let Luchasaurus in and suggested he go see Super Panda. 
  • Kazarian and Daniels, disguised as police officers, pulled over Scorpio Sky. They asked for a bribe. Sky refused to pay them. 
  • Kenny Omega gave an update on his injury from the Dynamite set. He said he made sure that Colt Cabana was not allowed in the building. Cabana appeared. The two chased each other and swapped clothes. 

The Young Bucks defeated Team High Risk (Simon Lotto and Steven Andrews)

This was quick but very good. 

Matt and Lotto started off with chain wrestling. Nick tagged in and got cut off. Nick sold as though he had ring rust. 

Nick hit a springboard dropkick. He tried for a tope suicida but was blocked. Andrews hit a tope to both Bucks on the outside. Andrews and Lotto hit a shooting star press/neckbreaker combo for a near fall. 

Nick made a comeback with a bulldog/clothesline combination. Matt tagged in and hit a series of northern lights suplexes and got a two count on Andrews. Nick hit a springboard facebuster and a moonsault to the outside. 

The Bucks hit stereo kicks and a double knee strike to Andrews. They nailed Lotto with a double superkick, then Nick covered Andrews for the pin. 

  • After their match, Nick said that he's not at 100 percent yet. He teased the idea of trying a crazy move to get back to full strength. Matt said they can't do that move because someone might die. Nick asked Matt to think about it anyway. 
  • Lotto and Andrews were working out after their match. Kazarian approached and complimented them on their heart and their balls. Kazarian freaked out because Lotto didn't put dumbbells back in the rack and confronted him. Daniels entered. Kazarian and Daniels challenged Lotto and Andrews to a "squash match" on next week's BTE.