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Alexander Wolfe says he’s ‘fine’ after being knocked out at Worlds Collide


Alexander Wolfe was injured during tonight’s Worlds Collide main event.

The injury took place in the main event match between Imperium and the Undisputed Era. Wolfe was down on his knees as Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong were going for stereo knee strikes to the chest and back. It was here that Fish’s knee connected with Wolfe’s jaw. 

Fish then went for the pin, but Wofle didn’t kick out. Referee Drake Wuertz stopped the match momentarily and threw up the “X” signal that someone was injured. Fish was taken to his corner as the announcers showed a replay.

Wolfe was then taken out of the match and escorted backstage. The match then continued as a 4 on 3 match. After a back and forth brawl, Imperium were eventually able to get the win after WALTER powerbombed Fish as everyone else was fighting on the outside.

"I'm fine," he wrote on Twitter following the show. "I wish I could have finished the match but safety first. Thanks to @WWEDrakeWuertz & @wwe medical for taking care of me. You guys did an unbelievable great job today as always. Most importantly it was my own fault. #ChinUp"