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AWA Team Challenge Series' pilot coming to WWE Network tomorrow


What is being billed as a pilot for the AWA’s infamous Team Challenge Series will be the WWE Network’s Hidden Gem tomorrow.

WWE Network News reported that a unreleased 39 minute Team Challenge Series pilot with a date of 10/23/1989 will be uploaded to the network. The description reads: “Witness this unreleased home video pilot from the dying days of the AWA, as they unleash the infamous team challenge series.”

The Team Challenge Series was one of the last big angles the AWA ran, starting in the fall of 1989 through the summer of 1990. The roster was split into three factions: Larry Zybysko’s Legends, Baron von Rasche’s Blitzers and Sgt. Slaughter’s Snipers. Col. DeBeers took over Slaughter’s team when he left for the WWE the following year, renaming them the Diamondcutters.

Former jobber Jake Milliman ended up winning the series for Larry’s Legends, last eliminating Col Debeers in a battle royal for a (kayfabe) one million dollar check.