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Cody Runnels returns!

Cody Runnels "To Do" list

Cody Runnels has sent a tease that he will be available to work in just under three months. On Twitter, with him using the name Cody Rhodes, a point of contention since he started using that name in WWE, but it had been the family wrestling name for almost 50 years, he sent out a tweet earlier today listing the 8/19 date with the words "After 8/19." 

Runnels also listed almost a bucket list of opponents he was interested in working with. The names on the list were Adam Cole, Dalton Castle, Kurt Angle, Chris Hero, The Miracle (Mike Bennett), Moose, Pat Buck, Young Bucks, Trevor Lee, Katsuyori Shibata and Roderick Strong.

Also listed on his list of things to check off were BOLA (the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament in late August), "the streamers thing" which likely means ROH (or some minor Japanese groups)  and "Personal ring announcer," which could be construed as travelling with his wife, who is a ring announcer.