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Cora Combs passes away

Cora Combs, the last surviving member of the Billy Wolfe troupe in the heyday of women's pro wrestling, passed away at 7 a.m. today at a hospital in Nashville.

She was 92.  She had been suffering from pneumonia in the last week.

Combs, born Cora Svonsteckik was a former Country Music singer who, at the age of 26, attended a pro wrestling show headlined by Mildred Burke, then the biggest star in women's pro wrestling, back in 1949.

Nick Gulas introduced her to Wolfe, and she moved to Wolfe's home base in Columbus, OH and wrestled for 36 years, including at the end of her career, often wrestling her daughter Debbie, while wearing a mask as Lady Satan.

She headlined all over the world during the end of the Wolfe's stable heyday, and main evented with a significant push in Tennessee, where she was probably the most famous of the local women wrestlers.  She worked with just about every name wrestler from several generations, well into the 80s.

She was inducted into the Amsterdam, NY, based Pro Wrestling Hall of fame in 2007.