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Daily Update: AJ Mendez, Hiromu Takahashi, CM Punk


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JOB LISTING: Web/UI Developer(s)

  • Experience with OnLamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • GITHUB and Linux command line experience while be helpful as well.
  • CMS - Drupal and Wordpress. vBulletin
  • Possible experience with AWS (s3 specifically), Dreamhost, UI development
  • Cloud based hosting experience a plus
  • Javascript also a huge plus

While this is a diverse request this doesn't have to be just one person! If you fit any part of this please feel free to inquire.

This is not just for projects related to F4WOnline.

  • Send all inquiries to with title WEB DEVELOPER.
  • If you have inquired before, please send your information again. 

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WON NEWSLETTER: April 19, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 37 review, WWE releases

Our annual WrestleMania issue of the Observer is out this week with full coverage of pro wrestling's biggest event.

We go through all the news of the show, including the booking, the title changes, the finishes, the direction, what did and didn't work, the difference between the two nights, after four examples how does two shows work vs one, the big money WrestleMania main events, the returns, the celebrities and business notes on the show. We also look at next year.

Also in this issue:

Match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results from both nights of WrestleMania and both nights of Takeover, to see how people saw all four of the WWE's big events.

Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions with Chris Jericho.  We talk about the stories told, Jericho's career, what they did talk about and what was avoided, how this went against usual McMahon policy and why we probably won't be seeing another show like this very soon.  We look at what was said about AEW, New Japan, WWE, some of Jericho's frustrations with WWE that he talked about, the formation of AEW and much more.

The sale of FITE TV to Triller and why it happened this week.

Anthem Entertainment's purchase of Invicta, plans for Invicta on AXS, and a sale that was talked about for Invicta that didn't happen.

WWE cuts, person by person, their strengths and weaknesses and where they would fit in.

WWE international plans, hiring of Adnan Vink as an announcer, new members of the WWE Board of Directors, how much WWE's top executives earned in 2020 and where it came from, Edge and Paul Heyman building Mania, changes in WWE announcing, WWE International numbers and where Raw & Smackdown rank with sports shows of the past week.  We also look at WWE's most-watched streaming clips and a star about to return, as well as the current market value of WWE.

Coverage of Saturday's UFC show, comments on the winning fighters and upcoming booking, along with business notes on the show.

A feature on John Da Silva, who was the biggest babyface and a national hero in New Zealand in the 70s. 

More on Ethel Johnson and sister Babs Wingo, who integrated women's pro wrestling in the Billy Wolfe stable in 1951.  

More detail on ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

Results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

ORDERING INFO: Order the print Wrestling Observer right now and get it delivered via mail, by sending your name, address, Visa or Master Card number and an expiration date to or by going to directing funds to

Rates in the United States are $14.50 for 4 issues, $35.50 for 12, $70 for 24, $116 for 40 and $149.50 for 52.

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If you order by mail with a check, cash or money order to P.O. Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228, you can get $1 off in every price range.


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  • Ivar spoke to WWE in a new video on his neck injury and road to recovery.
  • Karrion Kross spoke to PWInsider on his current run in NXT, his entrance, and future WrestleMania aspirations.
  • Damian Priest spoke to DAZN on Bad Bunny’s appearance at WrestleMania. “It was all worth it,” he said. “He had no issue putting in the work. I knew he would surprise a lot of people because though again like you said, nobody expected it. Nobody knew. You hear that he's training. Anybody can train. That doesn't mean you're going to be any good. It doesn't mean you're taking it to the fullest seriously. There's been other celebrities, and they train, but they didn't train to the level he did mentally. He took this very prideful. He didn't want to embarrass himself, the company, his fans, our fans, me, and anybody else in the ring because the first thing he was worried about was earning respect. He didn't want to disrespect anybody.”
  • In an interview with Metro, Rhea Ripley credited Scotty 2 Hotty with helping her and Raquel Gonzalez getting through rough times. 
  • Jim Steinman, a producer for the likes of  Meat Loaf and Bonnie Tyler, has passed away at the age of 73. He also produced The Wrestling Album, which included what would eventually become Hulk Hogan’s theme music, “Real American”.
  • In an interview with Sportscasting, Xavier Woods talked about eventual retirement. “Until I feel like I can no longer perform at a level that’s acceptable to the fans,” he responded when asked. “So once that happens, then I’m done. So I’ll probably jump out right before that happens so I don’t have to accidentally find it. But at this point in my career, I’m so focused on making sure that other people are taken care of and that other people are getting the chance to shine, whether that’s in the ring or outside of it. “For me, I want to make sure that I’ve done everything in my power to get a couple of pages of the next chapter written before I get there because I don’t want to have to pick up the pen and scramble to write.”
  • Bianca Belair on YouTube showed how she made her gear that appeared at WrestleMania 37.
  • Matches added to WWE’s YouTube page today include Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz vs. Baron Corbin from the April 22, 2019 episode of Raw, Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre from the May 6, 2019 episode of Raw, and Mia Yim vs. Shayna Baszler from NXT TakeOver: Toronto.
  • Bebe Rexha, who sang ‘America the Beautiful’ on night one of WrestleMania 37, expressed interest in having a WWE match in an interview with ET Canada.
  • The company’s social media team has been nominated for the “General Social: Sports” category in the 25th annual Webby Awards. WrestleMania 36 has also been nominated in the “Social Content Series & Campaigns: Events and Livestreams” category. Additionally, The Undertaker’s Last Ride docuseries received honorary status in the “Video Series & Channels: Sports” category.

Other Wrestling

  • AJ Mendez, the former AJ Lee, is teaming with ‘Lucifer’ actress Aimee Garcia to write a script for the upcoming sequel to the movie 47 Ronin.
  • Hiromu Takahashi did a Q&A on the US NJPW website. In regards to his current status, he said he was doing well, but “If 100 percent means what I feel it should, then honestly it would be 2% right now. To me being 100 percent means being able to do what I set out to do, win championships, make dreams happen. It’s not enough just to get back in there. So with that in mind, yeah, two percent.”
  • CM Punk told Stephanie Chase of DigitalSpy that he has an interest in facing Will Ospreay, who recently called him out. "I don't want to give people false hope in answering Ospreay," Punk said. "But he's for sure somebody that I've never wrestled before that interests me a lot more than, I guess, the corporate side of professional wrestling nowadays. New and different things are going to interest me more than doing the same old, same old. I always need new goals. I don't know," he added. "Let's see if he has it at the end of the summer and then ask me the question again."
  • Britt Baker, Jungle Boy, and Sting will be a part of the Wales Comic Con Convention at the International Centre in Telford on November 20 and 21.
  • Chris Van Vliet spoke to Chris Masters about his addiction to painkillers, his Master Lock submission, and the NWA.
  • Chelsea Green filed for trademarks on the terms “Chelsea Green” and “Hot Mess” on April 15.
  • Warrior Wrestling announced that Deonna Purrazzo will face Ray Lyn on their June 5 Stadium Series event.
  • John Silver of The Dark Order joined Ryan Frederick and Paul Fontaine on In The Clinch to discuss MMA and pro wrestling.
  • Slam Wrestling has an interview with Viktor of The Ascension detailing his days in WWE developmental.
  • AEW has a new Road to Dynamite video prior to this Wednesday’s show.
  • Sixth Tone has an article on attempts of building a pro wrestling scene in China. 
  • Here is the latest episode of Sammy Guevara’s vlog.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: AWA WrestleRock 1986