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Daily Update: Braun Strowman, Mike Bennett, Renee Paquette


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  • After he was given a storyline “indefinite suspension” for striking Adam Pearce on Raw last night, Braun Strowman posted on Twitter: “Really? You’re gonna suspend me for what expecting what I’ve earned? Everyone and their brother knows what I’ve done to get here and I’ve more than earn a title opportunity. To hell with this place & all the backstage politics BULLSH**!!! #ImDoneFollowingOrders #EveryoneWillFall”
  • Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce, JBL, and Dana Warrior will appear on tomorrow morning’s episode of WWE’s The Bump.
  • The Undertaker shared three behind-the-scenes photos from his Final Farewell at Survivor Series.
  • AEW’s Chris Jericho congratulated The Undertaker on his 30-year career with WWE.
  • WWE and Omaze have launched a sweepstakes where the winner will meet The Undertaker at the WWE Performance Center and tour the facility with him. The sweepstakes is to benefit Make-A-Wish.
  • Damian Lillard and Rob Gronkowski have been added as playable characters in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.
  • WWE released a cinematic trailer for their upcoming WWE Undefeated mobile game.
  • Shotzi Blackheart appeared on this week’s edition of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia on the WWE Network. Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish will be the guests on this Friday’s episode of the Swerve City podcast on the WWE Network.
  • Bayley appeared on this week's episode of The New Day’s Feel the Power podcast.
  • Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup is today’s guest on Uncool with Alexa Bliss.
  • Today is Beth Phoenix’s 40th birthday.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero in a ladder match from SummerSlam 2005, Becky Lynch vs. Bayley vs. Shayna Baszler from Survivor Series 2019, and Mark Henry vs. Big Show in a chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship from TLC 2011.

Other Wrestling

  • ROH uploaded a post-show interview with Mike Bennett and Matt Taven from after Bennett’s ROH return. When asked if he’s here to stay, Bennett answered that he never should have left ROH. Bennett returned on the latest episode of ROH TV and saved Taven from Vincent Marseglia and Bateman.
  • ROH has announced that former Pure Champion John Walters is also returning to the promotion.
  • Brody King vs. Shane Taylor and Jay Lethal vs. Josh Woods are set for the next episode of ROH TV.
  • ROH released this week’s episode of ROH Week By Week.
  • Renee Paquette’s new podcast Oral Sessions made its debut today with Jon Moxley appearing on the premiere episode. Here’s the description for the show: “This week I sat down with the AEW World Champion, my husband, baby daddy, and all around fascinating human being: Jon Moxley! We talk his childhood, amateur wrestling, his first Boston crab, an arrest, public fornication, and narcotics fueled trips to the library!”
  • During his appearance on Oral Sessions, Moxley discussed his in-ring future: “It’s the life we live and it’s part of the job or whatever. If I just kept on doing that at the same pace, I wouldn’t have lasted long. I can feel my physical window. Not that it’s closing, but I can feel the distance now. I’m not gonna say I can feel it closing but I’m aware of it now and I wanna keep it open and extend and I wanna be able to wrestle as long as I possibly can. I would like to be 50 and wrestle. If we had kids, I would like them to be able and come see me wrestle and I like to do physical stuff. So, over the next year or two, I’ll make a — I’ll just kind of see where I’m at physically and make a decision. This whole pandemic situation really changed the year and made it a lot less busy for me. But also, I’ve been having super physical matches and [I’ve] been going back and forth to Jacksonville which is a b*tch. Jacksonville’s a great town, Daily’s Place is a great venue, it’s perfect for what we’re doing and I’m glad that we have it. It’s a blessing that we have such a great venue to run safely in, but getting to Jacksonville to Vegas and back and back and forth is a b*tch. Like the west coast guys are like, ‘Aw man, this is a b*tch’ because it’s a full day of travel.”
  • In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ricky Starks revealed that WWE contacted him on the day of his AEW debut: “The funny thing is, the day that I wrestled Cody I got a phone call from WWE saying ‘Hey, we’ve been watching you and we wanted to bring you in’. I said ‘Oh really? oh ok. Interesting. Of all days.’ And so I entertained that conversation because I was curious, but I think I knew already which decision I was going to make. And I had a very dear, great friend tell me once: you should look at the people who want to invest in you and not know anything about you as opposed to the people who only wanted you when they saw someone else having interest. So that put things in perspective and I don’t hold any ill will towards WWE but I really think they dropped the ball majorly on that. I’ll never know why and I guess I don’t care now.”
  • The Young Bucks told TalkSport about the first time they met Tony Khan: “Nick: What’s funny is he tried contacting us both at first and I no sold it because I had heard this story before. I was like ‘ah, I don’t believe it’ [laughs]. Luckily, thank god, Matt picked up the phone and talked to him. After one conversation, Matt and I, we were still skeptical a little bit, but the way he had talked to Matt, Matt was like ‘I think he knows what he’s talking about’ and it opened our eyes. The relationship got further and I remember meeting him for the first time in London at York Hall for a Ring of Honor show. He was in the balcony and little did Ring of Honor know that we were going to meet him [laughs]. He picked us up in a limousine right after that and took us to the stadium his team plays at [Fulham’s Craven Cottage] and we pretty much talked from there, things started snowballing and we pretty much knew it was serious when we were at his stadium and he’s telling us ‘maybe we can fill this thing up one day!”
  • Sammy Guevara is the guest on this week’s edition of A Shot of Brandi.
  • TNT’s AEW social media accounts opened voting to decide which AEW personalities should play characters from “A Christmas Story” in a table read of the movie.
  • Alison Brie spoke about the possibility of a GLOW movie: “I certainly think a [GLOW] movie could tie everything up. Our creators, Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch, are incredible writers. And they’re so devoted to these characters that they created. I think a movie would be a great way to wrap it up. I’m a little pessimistic about it actually happening just in light of everything that’s gone on this year and how difficult it is to get anything back into production with COVID, and I’m also part of the ‘Community’ cast, who’s been trying to get a movie going for six years, so what I’m saying is don’t hold your breath because if it does happen, it might take a minute.”
  • This week’s episode of MLW Fusion will feature an update on Alexander Hammerstone after an angle where he was attacked by a new member of Contra Unit last week.
  • Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson interviewed Mance Warner.

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