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Daily Update: Drew McIntyre, Mercedes Martinez, Wippleman


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  • Experience with OnLamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • GITHUB and Linux command line experience while be helpful as well.
  • CMS - Drupal and Wordpress. vBulletin
  • Possible experience with AWS (s3 specifically), Dreamhost, UI development
  • Cloud based hosting experience a plus
  • Javascript also a huge plus

While this is a diverse request this doesn't have to be just one person! If you fit any part of this please feel free to inquire.

This is not just for projects related to F4WOnline.

  • Send all inquiries to with title WEB DEVELOPER.
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WON NEWSLETTER: April 26, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WWE financials, Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul

We have a loaded issue of the Wrestling Observer this week, with business and history features.

We update WWE financials, with comments from Nick Khan, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and Kristina Salen talking about the state of the company, the state of sports business, what media companies are looking at right now, AEW, plus a look at WWE revenue and profits.  We also look behind the numbers at what they mean, how every category is doing and what categories the company is no longer reporting on.  We also look at the decline of WWE ratings as compared to that of cable television  and network television.

Also in this issue:

The new attempt at a unique concept PPV with the Triller promotion and Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul, the show, the match, the blitzed announcers, Ric Flair, comparisons to other similar things and long-term sustainability.

Kenny Omega vs Rich Swann match,  followed by a story on famous title unification matches throughout pro wrestling history. We look at some of the biggest and most important matches of all-time that were two champions unifying a world title from 1920 to the present.

WrestleMania business numbers when it came to the two live shows, with real attendance, real gates and what it means.

New Smackdown announcing team, Pat McAfee talks his debut, Daniel Bryan talks his current situation and contract, thoughts on Daniel Bryan's future, new hires and departures at WWE, change in show distribution, former star talks coming out of retirement, how the WWE & AEW shows rank among sports programming, WWE star bio released, Damien Priest talks Bad Bunny, more on Kalisto being let go, Dr. Wagner Jr. talks WWE, political reason for a winning streak, and most-watched YouTube segments on his week's WWE programming.

A major feature on the career of Steve Austin and the A&E special, his background, how he got into wrestling, the WCW years, the Stone Cold name, life after wrestling, and what were key things not talked about on the documentary.

Mickie James garbage bag situation and the firing of Mark Carrano.

MLW's new television deal, who else was in talks about that deal, MLW returning to shows with fans and a spinoff planned.

Coverage of this past week's UFC show, business notes, where the top fighters are headed plus match-by-match coverage.

More detail on ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

Results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

ORDERING INFO: Order the print Wrestling Observer right now and get it delivered via mail, by sending your name, address, Visa or Master Card number and an expiration date to or by going to directing funds to

Rates in the United States are $14.50 for 4 issues, $35.50 for 12, $70 for 24, $116 for 40 and $149.50 for 52.

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For the rest of the world, rates are $18 for 4, $48.50 for 12, $93 for 24, $155 for 40 and $201.50 for 52.

If you order by mail with a check, cash or money order to P.O. Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228, you can get $1 off in every price range.


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  • In an interview with The Big Issue, Drew McIntyre continued to push the idea of a match between him and Tyson Fury. “When I’m able to win back my WWE title we’ll fly back home, get an open top bus at the top of Scotland. I’m going to make my way down Scotland, [and have a] big celebration all the way down into England. Get to Fury’s house, set ourselves up a little match. It’s going to happen. The thing is he has a genuine love for wrestling and he’s such an entertainer, he gets it.I know we could do some fun business together. Probably some kind of Battle of Britain would be the theme.”
  • Mercedes Martinez spoke to Daily DDT about her choice not remaining with the RETRIBUTION stable. “Do I regret the decision [to leave RETRIBUTION]? No, I do not,” she said. “I always have to put forth what’s great for me in my career now. I can’t look in the future, I don’t know what can happen in the future, but I have to take the opportunity and what’s best for Mercedes Martinez’s career at this moment. With RETRIBUTION, I took the opportunity, but it wasn’t the right opportunity. It didn’t feel right in my heart to be there. With the crew there and with the RETRIBUTION members, I want nothing but the best for them and they’re young enough to do what they got to do and take the opportunity and kill it.”
  • Jeff Jarrett on Sportskeeda talked about the Mickie James shipping incident from last week, saying “Obviously I've known Mickie her entire career. Incredible talent. You know, that story broke and without knowing all the details, it took in my opinion... how the bag got there. Cosmetically it didn't sit well with a lot of folks. but also know that there's a lot of discussion in the world we live in with social media and clicks. I get it. I completely understand it,But without... look, there's a lot of things that aren't always what they truly appear to be," Jarrett added. I don't know who shipped it, how it was shipped, what was in that bag, what was in the contents of that bag. There's so many questions, what if? But I know one thing it made great headlines last week and a lot of discussion. But at the end of the day I don't think either side... Mickie's a future Hall of Famer without question. But it was a unique situation, difficult for both sides but I think it's water under the bridge at this point."
  • AJ Styles, Omos, Charlotte Flair, Franky Monet, Natalya, and Tamina have been announced for tomorrow’s The Bump.
  • WWE announced that they have hired Samantha Irvin as a ring announcer. She has begun ring announcing for 205 Live.
  • NXT UK star Sam Gradwell talked to Give Me Sport about his current run.
  • Xavier Woods talked to Sports Illustrated about his new role as a host for G4.
  • Full matches added to WWE’s YouTube today include Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai from the March 4, 2020 episode of NXT, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Kane from the April 27, 2015 episode of Raw, and John Cena (WWE) and Rob Van Dam (Intercontinental) vs. Triple H, Shelton Benjamin, and Chris Masters in a handicap match where both titles were on the line from the May 15, 2006 episode of Raw. 
  • WWE has filed for the trademark “In-Dex”.

Other Wrestling

  • Bruno Lauer (Harvey Wippleman, Downtown Bruno) is running for the Board of Alderman in Walls, Mississippi.
  • Chelsea Green has launched her own podcast, “50 Shades of Green”. She has also trademarked the podcast name.
  • Vice has added the Owen Hart episode of Dark Side of the Ring to their YouTube page. 
  • Sports Illustrated has an article on Jordynne Grace and on a new body positivity photography project.
  • Slam Wrestling has an article speaking to Deonna Purrazzo about her merchandise.
  • WrestleZone has an article speaking to Dak Draper about  his ambitions to become a star in Ring of Honor.
  • Quinn McKay will take part in a Choose Your Honor Q&A tomorrow at 8 pm ET.
  • ZERO-ONE has delayed their May 8 card in Kumamoto due to the state of emergency in the area.
  • Kongo Kong vs. Beast Man has been added to the Warrior Stadium Series event on June 5.
  • ABC Action News in Tampa has an article on Marc Mero and his motivational speaking.
  • Here is the latest episode of Sammy Guevara’s vlog.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Austin Idol defeats Jerry Lawler in hair vs. hair match