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Daily Update: Extreme Rules, Stardom, The Miz


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WON NEWSLETTER: September 27, 2021 Observer Newsletter: AEW Dynamite Grand Slam recap, Dark Side of the Ring fallout

Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson went to a 30:00 draw in what was among the best television matches in U.S. history and arguably the best bout ever on Dynamite in their dream match at the company’s debut in New York City on 9/22 at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The non-title match presumably sets up a longer time limit championship match down the road. For Full Gear, the decision would seem to be Omega defending against either Danielson or Adam Page.

The show was a landmark event for the promotion, breaking both attendance and gate records and ended up as the second largest non-WWE gate for pro wrestling in U.S. history and the largest attended non-WWE pro wrestling event in the country in 22 years.

The most talked about aspect of the week was the ratings, and whether the show would beat Raw. Dynamite in its history had two episodes that beat Raw’s 0.49 (642,000) in 18-49, the very first episode and the show two weeks earlier coming off All Out and the debuts of Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole.

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Bryan and I will be back tonight covering Extreme Rules more UFC coverage, and the fallout of a major week with Wrestling Observer Radio tonight.  You can send questions to tonight's show to

WWE Extreme Rules is today from Columbus, OH (odds from

  • Roman Reigns vs. Demon Finn Balor.  It's really up to these two to have a great match, and I expect they will due to the nature of this being such a shallow card. It's Extreme Rules so probably lots of street fight stuff and maybe outside interference. Reigns is a -1000 favorite so nobody believes he's losing here, which means they have to give you a great match to overcome that.
  • Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair for the Smackdown women's title. Lynch is a -400 favorite to retain in what looks to be the second biggest match of the show. Their house show matches have gotten strong reviews so this is likely to be a great match as well.
  • Charlotte Flair vs . Alexa Bliss for the Raw women's title.  Flair is a -200 favorite to retain. I could see this one going either way. The house show matches between the two have been reported as better than you would think.  
  • Damien Priest vs. Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy for the U.S. title.  Priest is -275 to retain while Sheamus is +230 and Hardy is +500.  This seems like the wrong time to beat Priest and maybe Hardy is there to lose the fall for Sheamus (or protect Sheamus).  Hardy does add a dimension and this should be a good match.
  • Usos vs. Street Profits for the Smackdown tag titles. The storyline should be Montez Ford coming in injured from the post-match attack on Smackdown.  The Usos are -250 to retain.  Match should be good. Usos matches are always good.
  • Liv Morgan vs. Carmella. Morgan is a -400  favorite to beat Carmella one more time.  

Looking at the lineup, most looks good but the last two matches seemingly have to deliver in a big way since really they are the only ones that feel like major PPV matches and the rest just seem like good, or perhaps average matches rounding out the show.  With only six bouts announced the top two matches should get a lot of time as well.

UFC 266 was the single most searched for topic on the Internet last night with 2.1 million searches. That would, based on usual search trends, indicate a PPV of more than 500,000 buys, which is greatly above what was expected by most. The big increase is likely the Nick Diaz factor, very much like how C.M. Punk with a similar amount of time off drew so big when he returned. Other stuff for this weekend saw Anthony Joshua No. 4 yesterday with 500,000 and Robbie Lawler and No. 11 with 100,000. For Friday, Jon Jones was No. 6 with 200,000 from his arrest. From Wednesday, Conor McGregor was No 19 with 50,000 for him throwing out the first pitch at the baseball game. For Monday, Dancing with the Stars was No. 2 with 500,000, and while Miz was not the reason, he was part of the show.mNotable that AEW didn't break through on Wednesday, but episodes of Dynamite never do. AEW and WWE almost never do for a weekly television show. WWE always does for PPV shows and AEW does for some of ts PPV shows.

Thanks to Dominic Kenny, Steve Wright and Steve Amodio for weekend house show reports from New Japan and WWE. We're looking for reports from tonight's NJPW show in Garland,TX as well as tonight's PWG show in Los Angeles with Bandido vs. Davey Richards for the PWG title and a show that on paper looks fantastic, with Black Taurus & Demonic Flamita vs. Malakai Black & Brody King, Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Shelley, Jack Cartwheel & Dante Martin & Alex Zayne vs. Lee Moriarty & Trey Miguel & Myron Reed, JD Drake vs. AJ Gray, Aramis & Rey Horus vs. Dragon Lee & Laredo Kid and Tony Deppen vs. Evil Uno. Plus we're got polls for this weekend's WWE Extreme Rules and UFC 266 show, so you can leave a thumbs up, down or middle, plus a best and worst match from each show to

The planned Aljamain Sterling vs. Petr Yan bantamweight title match scheduled for the 10/30 show in Abu Dhabi is off due to Sterling not being recovered from neck surgery. It looks like Yan will face someone, with Cory Sandhagen being the leading candidate, to create an interim title.

Stardom sold out Ota Ward Gym yesterday, which New Japan didn't do for either G-1 show, for the Five Star Grand Prix finals where Syuri beat Momo Watanabe. This leads to a major show on 12/29 at Tokyo Sumo Hall with Utami Hayashishita vs Syuri in a rematch of their two big matches this year for Stardom Dream Queendom.  It's too bad going to Japan is so difficult because with this and Rizin New Year's Eve and three nights of Wrestle Kingdom plus all the regular shows, it would be a great period to go.

Results from yesterday's Stardom PPV show show:  Hana won three-way over Rina and Momo Watanabe, Mai Sakura b Waka Tsukiyama, Mina Shirakawa b Natsupoi-COR, Fugiken Death b Saki Kashima, Koguma b Himeka, Mayu Iwatani b Starlight Kid, AZM b Ruaka, Unagi Sayaka b Saya Kamitani, Maika b Konami, Syuri d Takumi Iroha 20:00, Tam Nakano b Utami Hayashishita in the battle of champions.  This left Syuri as blue block winner and Watanabe as red block winner and Syuri won and challenged Hayashishita for 12/29. However, Takumi Iroha will first face Hayashishita for the World of Stardom title on 10/9 in Osaka Jo Hall and the winner faces Syuri at Sumo Hall.  Tam Nakano then challenged Mayu Iwatani to face her for her Wonder of Stardom in Osaka while Syuri said she would face Konami in Osaka.  People have raved about the last three bouts and the show as a whole.

NOAH's N-1 tournament will finish on 10/3 at Korakuen Hall with semifinals of Kenou vs. Kaito Kiyomiya and Masakatsu Funaki vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima.


  • Miz is on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. Eastern with Cheryl Burke and Jason Alexander.
  • In Hershey at the house show last night, Big E pinned Bobby Lashley in a singles match for the title. Lynch vs. Belair ended up with Flair interfering and turning into a tag match with the challengers team of Bliss & Belair beating champions of Flair & Lynch when Bliss pinned Flair.
  • Was told the new Broken Skull Sessions with Seth Rollins is very good, notably talking about what got him almost fired in NXT and choosing WWE over TNA.


  • The feud between Dana White and Oscar de la Hoya continues. De La Hoya congratulated Alexander Volkanovski saying you won a brutal battle for UFC and made 1/20 of what you're worth and called on White to pay fighters what they deserve. White then called De La Hoya a crackhead who faked COVID to avoid getting knocked out by Vitor Belfort and that De La Hoya should win an Academy Award for his hospital performance.


  • Bryan Clark talks about the Kanyon episode of Dark Side of the Ring.
  • St. Louis Anarchy from last night in Granite City, IL: 12 Gaige & Damien Deschain b Connor Hopkins & Brooks Berna, Nick King won four-way over Jay Manston, Victor Analog and Sean Orleans, Kenny Alfonso b Craig Mitchell, Camaro Jackson & Campbell Myers b Evan Gelistico & Billie Starkz, Derek Neal b Thomas Shire, Aaron Williams b Davey Vega, Gary Jay b Rickey Shane Page, Jake Dirden & Moonshine Mantell & Angelus Layne b Christian Rose & Gnaris Garvin & BSTRO Cassidy, Mat Fitchett b Warhorse, Calvin Tankman b Kevin Lee Davidson, Davey Richards b Everett Connors, Jeremy Wyatt b  Daniel Makabe in a pure rules match (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)  
  • Free the Narrative promoted by EC 3, who headlines against Adam Scherr (formerly Braun Strowman) will be on FITE TV on 10/2.  Also on the show are Matt Taven, Westin Blake (Wesley Blake in WWE), William (Dutch in ROH), Parrow, John Skyler, and Tanga Loa.
  • There were a few wrestling references on football games we've heard.  During the Oklahoma vs. West Virginia game, the announcer used the Roddy Piper quote about "Just when you think you have all the answers, they change the questions" followed by the other announcer saying there are no Junkyard Dogs on the field.  There was a reference to wrestling and Edouard Carpentier, the Flying Frenchman, and Blackjack Lanza, so that sounds like a 1969ish AWA fan.  (thanks to Barry Werner)

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Triple H wins vacant WWF World title