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Daily Update: Happy Corbin, Countdown to Forbidden Door, Gisele Shaw

Corbin responds to McAfee, AEW news and notes, and more.

Daily Update

Gisele Shaw

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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

  • Among the highlights:
  • Match and performer of the week
  • How Stephanie McMahon went from leaving the company to CEO in a few weeks
  • Who they say put her in charge
  • Update on the Vince McMahon story
  • The departure of John Laurinaitis
  • Talent on Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard
  • Settling the Oliver Luck lawsuit
  • Law firms looking into WWE and what to look for in that story
  • Preview of Forbidden Door
  • Forbidden Door ticket demand
  • Comparisons with a WCW show and how that show did
  • Upcoming WWE PPV and injury news
  • A look back at the 20 year history of Impact Wrestling
  • Business notes on Slammiversary
  • The crossover among WWE and AEW fans to those who ordered Slammiversary
  • Why this year's G1 tournament looks very different from the past
  • Full coverage of Triplemania including business notes
  • UFC coverage for this week's show
  • A look at the late Tim White and his memories of his time with Andre the Giant
  • A look at the career of the late Dave Hebner
  • Ratings for all the shows as well as how the segments did
  • Stardom PPV card this week
  • Last week's major All Japan show
  • The last matches of Keiji Muto
  • Yet another thing negatively impacts New Japan financially
  • This past week's NJPW shows and the next and return of Kushida
  • Upcoming US dates and lineups
  • AEW champion working on big New Japan show in July
  • Update on the health of Jim Duggan
  • More on Ric Flair retirement match
  • Japanese star writes English language book
  • Daughter of 90s star debuts
  • A look at Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne
  • Impact TV notes
  • More on Blood & Guts
  • Ticket sales for AEW & WWE shows coming up
  • Story behind what was supposed to happen in the Hardy match
  • More AEW injuries
  • Streaming numbers
  • Dana White talks about Nate Diaz
  • Lots of new UFC fights
  • John Cena's drawing power
  • NXT UK taping note
  • Weekend house show reports
  • Streaming numbers
  • International ratings notes

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter:

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Saturday News Update



  • On Twitter, Happy Corbin posted a video responding to Pat McAfee’s challenge for a match at SummerSlam: “I’m in Kansas City, and you knew that. You’re in Austin in your safe place standing behind your desk, standing on your desk, sitting in your chair, running your mouth. That’s what you do, though. You knew I wasn’t going to be in Austin so you’re flapping your gums and putting my name in your mouth. Well, Pat, let’s see how tough you really are when we’re standing face-to-face, punk.”
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson praised McAfee’s promo from last night’s SmackDown: “In front of the MILLIONS…. AAAAAND MILLIONS….’BUM ASS CORBIN’ That’s good sh*t brother! Great promo. Enjoyed watching this #ISmellIt”
  • Before SmackDown last night, Ronda Rousey shared video of an angle with Shayna Baszler telling her that she has to stay out of Rousey’s feud against Natalya. Baszler and Natalya are tag team partners.
  • Kahn Swick & Foti is the latest securities law firm to announce that it’s investigating WWE amid the Vince McMahon scandal.
  • Damian Priest told NBC Sports Boston that, if Bad Bunny gets the time in his schedule to devote to it, he believes we’ll see Bad Bunny in a WWE ring again: “You know it comes down to he [Bad Bunny] had a perfect time in his schedule that he was like I’m not doing anything, I’m gonna move to Florida just to train and completely invest all my energy and time into this. You know he’s not someone that just wanted to just come in and then leave or just promote something. He wanted to get invested, if he gets that time again where he could devote himself I believe we’ll see Bad Bunny in the WWE ring again.”
  • Sami Zayn, Shotzi, and Sheamus were interviewed on The SmackDown Lowdown this week.
  • Jeff Jarrett was the guest on this week’s episode of WWE After the Bell.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam from the August 5, 2004 episode of SmackDown, Bobby Lashley vs. Sami Zayn from Money in the Bank 2018, and Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler in a two-out-of-three falls match from the June 25, 2019 episode of SmackDown.

Other Wrestling

  • An extended cut of AEW’s Countdown to Forbidden Door special is now available on YouTube.
  • I previewed Forbidden Door for Sports Illustrated and gave my predictions for each match.
  • Last night’s Rampage set up a future match with Jonathan Gresham & Lee Moriarty facing Tully Blanchard Enterprises.
  • Toni Storm told TalkSport about wanting to appear for Stardom again: “The good thing about AEW is you are able to go outside and do more things that aren’t AEW. So I think there is potential for me to go and revisit Stardom and make an appearance there. I’m not sure how much I would be able to get out there because I’m full-time with AEW, but there is potential that could happen. Hopefully it does because I’d like to go and see all my friends back there. Stardom was a place I didn’t realize I had grown really close to. I had quite the life in Japan and I don’t want that to be gone forever. I want to revisit that. That would be really cool if that was an option.”
  • Sports Illustrated interviewed Hiroshi Tanahashi.
  • Taz noted that he’s lost 37 pounds: “If anyone give a sh*t…I’m down 37LBS….I been very hungry since May!! lol”
  • Impact Wrestling issued a statement expressing that it fully supports Gisele Shaw after she came out as a proud trans woman. Impact noted that their support has included “connecting [Shaw] with prominent LGBTQ+ resources, including GLAAD and Athlete Ally.”
  • Scott D’Amore said: “IMPACT Wrestling has been at the forefront of empowering female performers for over 15 years. Our company believes featuring storylines with women athletes and characters from all different walks of life can not only entertain, but also inspire. Inclusiveness and representation are important to IMPACT and parent company Anthem Sports & Entertainment, but I’ll also add Gisele is in IMPACT Wrestling because of her wrestling ability, her charisma and because she fits in with our roster. She is in IMPACT Wrestling because she’s one of the best young talents anywhere in the business.”
  • Shaw thanked everyone for the love they’ve shown her: “Authenticity: the courage to be yourself! Thank you everyone for the overwhelming love and support! You all have turned a very scary moment for me to an incredible one! Love you all! HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!”
  • On social media yesterday, Bret Hart reflected on the 20th anniversary of the stroke that he suffered in 2002: “Walking down the aisle at Wrestlemania 26 in Phoenix. Today marks 20 years since I suffered a stroke. I chose this photo because there was a time when I didn’t think this moment would ever happen again, especially when I was struggling to turn my hand over, unable to walk or stand, and struggling to talk. When you suffer a stroke, the doctors never promise that you’ll have a full recovery. I still have some weakness on my left side to this day, but I’m very fortunate to be here today having recovered what I did. I will forever be grateful to the doctors and therapists at the Foothills Hospital here in Calgary and my fans around the world for their prayers. While the match itself will never be in anyone’s top 10, this moment represents one of my greatest victories.”
  • In collaboration with Kitchen Data Systems, Ric Flair is launching a delivery-only virtual restaurant brand called “Wooooo! Wings.”
  • Wrestling Inc has an interview with Lio Rush.
  • Boss Fight Studio announced that it will be creating an MLW action figure line.
  • PWInsider asked Court Bauer if MLW has been approached about settling its lawsuit with WWE: “No comment. I can't comment on pending legal other than we are looking forward to our day in court and as we go through this process, I continue to be increasingly optimistic that when we get to court, it's going to be favoring, uh, Court."
  • Lance Storm, Bryan Alvarez, and Vinny V appeared on Talk Is Jericho for an episode about The WWF Album vs. WWF Piledriver.