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Daily Update: Hulk Hogan, Liger to ROH, NJPW Tokyo Dome

When Worlds Collide

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The Greatest PPV You Never Saw...

Today is the 22nd anniversary of the When World's Collide PPV produced by AAA at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. The show is generally considered among the greatest pro wrestling PPV events in history, featuring a cage match with Konnan vs. Perro Aguayo and a match with Love Machine (Art Barr, who died only a few weeks later) & Eddy Guerrero vs. El Hijo del Santo & Octagon in a double hair vs. double mask match that was later considered one of the ten greatest pro wrestling matches in Lucha Libre history. When they did a special in Mexico years later, that match made the cut.

We're looking for reports on today's WWE shows in Leeds, England and Newcastle, England to

We're also looking for your thoughts on yesterday's New Japan Power Struggle PPV show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to

Raw will be tomorrow night from Glasgow, Scotland.  Nothing has been announced for the show. There will also be a Smackdown brand house show tomorrow night in Aberdeen, Scotland that we'll be looking for repots from.

Smackdown will be taped on Tuesday from Glasgow, Scotland, with Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss for the women's title. There will also be a Raw house show on Tuesday in Oberhausen, German.

Wednesday has a Raw house show in Berlin, Germany and a Smackdown house show in Birmingham, England


The latest from the F4W Staff

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Figure Four Weekly 10/24/2016: Deregulation of pro wrestling in Arizona - In Arizona, deregulation of professional wrestling wasn't a pressing matter by any stretch when the topic was first broached in 1981. There was no major promotion running in the state and little to no full time work, with only one licensed promoter, who was running shows weekly in here to continue.

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Nov 7, 2016Judge rules in favor of TNA, Hogan settles with Gawker - In what will likely be the biggest business issue of the year, this issue has extensive looks at the business behind TNA, WWE and UFC as part of a double issue of the Observer up on the site today.

The lead story looks at the presentations and evidence in Billy Corgan's failed attempt to get an injunction against TNA and into power. The decision behind Anthem Sports' funding the company, who will be in charge, the financial questions involving Corgan and what type of money is being fought over, Corgan's reaction, the value of TNA's television deals, the true background of TNA losing its TV deal in the U.K. with Challenge with ratings notes, as well as notes on meetings with another station and a laughable press release, examined in this issue.

This issue also looks at the reasons behind the Gawker settlement with Hulk Hogan.

Inside, there is a full WWE business rundown with all the figures from the last quarter, why the stock price went down so much after the numbers came in and why it was delayed, an in-depth look at the WWE network, the percentage of subscribers who let their subscriptions expire or canceled in the last three months, how the network did last year vs. this year in adding and losing subscribers, and what it says about SummerSlam and other PPVs, the value of doing two PPVs per month, company projections on numbers short-term and long-term, the value of the PPVs this year vs. last year to the network, and if WWE is for sale.

Plus, check out the breakdown of where WWE's money comes in, as well as profits by division and details behind what is up and what is down for the quarter. 

UFC business, including the amount FOX is paying UFC from last year, this year and next year, how the TV money compares with that of WWE, PPV revenue for last year and projections for this year, updated numbers on the drawing power of McGregor and Rousey, why the front office was cut so harshly, and where UFC's money comes from, all in this issue... click here to continue.

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WON BACK ISSUE: November 7, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Judge rules in favor of TNA, Hogan settles with Gawker - TNA's short-term issues as far as who will be in charge of the beleaguered franchise were settled on 10/31 when Nashville Chancery Court Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle ruled against Billy Corgan's request to get an injunction against the company making any financial moves unless he was put in charge... click here to continue.

Sunday News Update

Our weekend Wrestling Observer Radio show is up on the site right now covering all the news including TNA vs. Billy Corgan, David Lagana firing, Tom Lawlor's situation, New Japan Tokyo Dome, Power Struggle, last night's UFC and more.  

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Brooke Hogan told TMZ today that Vince McMahon has been talking to her father about a WrestleMania return. It's always been a matter of when not if, based on the time they felt it would not be a issue with sponsors for Hogan to be back.

Jushin Liger was announced for Final Battle on 12/2 at the Hammestein Ballroom in Manhattan, NY.

The UFC has announced a show on 2/4 in Houston. The show will be the night before the Super Bowl, in Houston, which is the site of this year's Super Bowl.  

New Japan Pro Wrestling will be announcing the top matches at the Tokyo Dome at a press conference tonight at 3 a.m. Eastern time and midnight Pacific time. The press conference will air live and free on New Japan World.  

For Google searches this week, last night's Manny Pacquiao win of the WBO welterweight title, beating Jessie Vargas, did 500,000 searches. That's along the lines of a UFC show that would do 200,000 to 400,000 buys. It was the third most searched term yesterday in the U.S. UFC was No. 13 related to last night's show, with 100,000 searches.


  • Today's Chicago Sun-Times has a front page of the sports section with a photo of Kris Bryant with a WWE title belt on his shoulder.
  • The company is starting to promote its next major U.K. tour. Instead of coming right after WrestleMania, the next tour will be in May. Some dates announced are 5/7 in Liverpool, 5/8 in Bornemouth, 5/9 in London, 5/10 in Birmingham, 5/11 in Sheffield and 5/12 in Newcastle. It appears that the TV's will be show at the O2 Arena in London on 5/8 and 5/9.
  • Edge & Christian are working on the second season of their WWE Network show.


  • In last night's UFC main event between Tony Ferguson and Rafael dos Anjos, all three judges gave rounds two, four and five to Ferguson. I had the same score at 48-47 with the same rounds. It was a very close fight but far less controversy over the decision than most similarly close fights.


  • The WWE travel schedule this week is tough, but the Young Bucks have quite the schedule as they spent two weeks in Japan, finishing up yesterday, flew home, have two days home before going to New Zealand for four days for the New Japan iPPV show on Saturday, then fly home for two days, then fly to the U.K. for ROH shows for five days.
  • There is some very interesting information in the lawsuit regarding PBC. Al Haymon has lost far more than the hundreds of millions he anticipated losing when forming the promotion and will likely be forced to significantly reduce the number of boxing events televised going forward. Haymon was lauded as the promotional genius who would revive boxing as a mainstream sport by getting it all over television, but instead, they've lost money at a rate that would make the XFL and the worst of WCW and TNA look like thriving business entities.
  • Mike Mooneyham has a story on Roddy Piper.
  • One of those Jim Ross voiceovers of a big hit on a football game is here.
  • The National Wrestling League has reached an agreement with Matt Jackson (a St. Louis promoter, not one of the Young Bucks) to acquire his St. Louis Anarchy Wrestling promotion which will be renamed NWL St. Louis. Jackson will remain as General Manager of the new promotion when it will run regular show starting in January at the Casa Loma Ballroom in St. Louis. The plan is to run shows every other week in St. Louis and Kansas City.
  • In what would have been frowned on in another era, TNA champion Eddie Edwards lost via submission clean to Brian Fury at Friday night's Chaotic Wrestling show.
  • Retired pro wrestler Kid Kash, 47, was stopped in 39 seconds in an MMA fight in Nashville last night against Lindsay Jones in a welterweight bout for Valor Fights. The show aired live on FloSports.
  • Alpha 1 Wrestling on 12/18 in Oshawa, ONT at the Polish Alliance Association.
  • All Pro Wrestling on 11/11 in Pacifica, CA at the Ingrid B. Lacy PTO with Cody Rhodes vs. Joey Ryan, Jeff Cobb vs MVP plus Reno Scum, Colt Cabana, Jacob Fatu and others.
  • Smash Wrestling on Friday night in St. Catharines, ONT at Isaac's Bar and Grill has Jimmy Havoc vs. Joe Hendry, Kaitlin Diemond vs. Jennifer Blake, Tyson Dux vs. Matt Cross and Brent Banks vs. Kevin Bennett. Saturday has London, ONT at Cowboy's Ranch features the winner of Cross vs. Dux and the winner of Banks vs. Bennett meeting for the Smash title, plus Joey Ryan vs. Joe Hendry and Jimmy Havoc in a singles match. A week from today in Toronto at the Franklin Horner Community Centre has Bennett vs. Dux, Cross vs. Mike Bailey, Havoc vs. Banks, Ryan vs. Evil Uno and more.
  • On the pro wrestling history listing on Friday, the 2006 Cyber Sunday listed for Friday actually took place on November 5, 2006.
  • There is a Lucha Libre show on 11/26 in Berwyn, IL featuring Rey Bucanero, Skayde and Triton at 5 p.m..
  • Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling from last night in Swansea, IL before a sellout 475 fans:  Waco b Moondog Rover, Curt Gannon b Big Jim Hoffarth, Purple Passion b Flaming Freddy Fury, Ace Hawkins b Daniel Gunner, Sean Vincent b Dave Vaughn, Ken Kasa b Curtis Wylde in a lumberjack match, Ron Powers & Gary Jackson b Attilla Khan & Brandon Espinosa 2/3 fall tornado tag match in a cage. (thanks to Larry Matysik)
  • Dynamo Pro Wrestling on 11/19 in Wood River, IL at the Douglas Club and 11/26 in St. Louis at the Ready Room.
  • Lucha Xtreme TV from yesterday in Fresno, CA: Darwin Finch b Sean Black, Anthony Idol b Hunter Freeman, Donny Suarez b Chazz Herrera. (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • Great North Wrestling from last night in Hawkesbury, ONT before 500 fans: Green Phantom d Carl LeDuc, Maximum Testosterone b Amanuel Hassan & Idris Nawabi in a handicap match, Stefeny Sinclair b Lady Yasmine-DQ, Freak Nation b Catalyst & CJ Phelony, The Spoiler & Jacques Lamoureux won three-way elimination match over La Resistance (Sylvan Grenier & Rene Dupree) and Pretty Valuable Players, Nathan Banner b Wes Brisco-DQ, Hannibal b Rick Steiner to retain the Canadian heavyweight title. (thanks to Anthony Ambros)
  • Appalachian Mountain Wrestling from Thursday night in Chavies, KY: Jordan Kage b Scott Hayes, John Noble b Austin Tyler Morris, Stan Sierra b Clinton Stacy, Eddie Browning b Beau James-DQ, Kyle Maggard b Larry D, Jordan Kage b John Noble. They have shows on Thursday night in Lots Creek, KY at Cordia High School and Saturday in Hindman, KY at the Knott County Middle School.   

Today in Professional Wrestling History 11/6: When Worlds Collide