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Daily Update: Keith Lee, Kevin Nash, Goldberg

Daily Update

Keith Lee | AEW

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This Week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter: July 11, 2022 Observer Newsletter: Money in the Bank recap, WWE & AEW business notes

Among the highlights:

  • Match and Performer of the week
  • Full coverage of Money in the Bank, business numbers and analysis, crossover fans with AEW, SummerSlam show and business and a look at the SummerSlam card.
  • The last two months of business for WWE and AEW, including major notes regarding both companies as far as arena success and a change in momentum going forward, as well as major gains by wrestling in what age groups.
  • New Japan talks its business when it comes to training young talent, goals for G-1, women's matches in New Japan, return to the UK, joint show with Stardom and changing from old traditions.
  • UFC 276 coverage and what comes next for the champions, controversies, rundowns of the fights and business notes.
  • The life of Masashi Aoyagi, one of the key players in the start of the Japanese indie scene, as well as in the connection of karate to pro wrestling
  • The career and controversies of the retiring UFC star Donald Cerrone
  • The story of PWG and its influence on the changes in pro wrestling and what we were taught that was no longer valid to modern fans. A look at 19 years of some of the best matches ever held and top stars before they became famous.
  • The most detailed look at pro wrestling on television and ratings over the past week
  • More on sports rights fees and Tony Khan talks negotiations
  • Realities of pro wrestling on television
  • The next ROH PPV show
  • AEW sets international ratings record
  • Ticket sales for upcoming WWE & AEW shows
  • Looking back at WWE working with promotions on a joint promotion show
  • Streaming numbers for WWE & AEW
  • Big E update
  • Tyson Fury/WWE update
  • Israel Adesanya wants to do WWE
  • WWE & UFC head-to-head several more times this year for major shows
  • Next MSG show
  • Rundown of A&E TV shows on Sunday nights

This Week's Retro Observer Newsletter: May 30, 2005 Observer Newsletter: UPN moves SmackDown to Friday, ECW PPV turns into political fight

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Wednesday News Update



  • On the premiere episode of his Kliq This podcast, Kevin Nash opened up about The Kliq speaking to Scott Hall on speakerphone as Hall was on life support before passing away: "I got a call on Sunday saying Scott had three heart attacks and it didn't look good. I tried to get a flight to Atlanta but couldn't, so I went back to Daytona Beach and then couldn't get a flight out of Daytona Beach. At that point, they said they were going to pull the plug and the doctor said that it would be maybe 10 minutes that Scott would be alive. So before they pulled the plug, all the Kliq guys got on speakerphone and we all talked to him. We all cried was basically all we did. Seven hours later, Scott was still alive (but then died)."
  • Nash also detailed how Hall suffered his broken hip:
    • He was making some Kool-Aid. He put the plastic pitcher up to the refrigerator. The ice went in it, but a couple of the pieces of ice as always bounced out and landed on the floor. He went over and stirred it. I'm sure it was Crystal Light because he always ate pretty clean. He was going back to get something and one of those pieces of ice caught his heel. He did the f--ing whoopsie daisy and f--ing landed and broke his other hip," Nash said. "He's in the middle of his kitchen and he's in so much pain and he can't move. He tried to move several different times. He can't move and finally, he passes out.
    • He wakes up and now it's nighttime and he has no idea. He can see where his phone is by his recliner. He's in between that and the Kool-Aid. He ends up passing back out, wakes up, and at this point is just like, 'I'm so dehydrated.' He's got a defibrillator and a pacemaker in his heart. He's like, 'I'm going to croak if I don't get some fluids.' So he just turned and gutted it back to the cabinet and reached up the two hands and just drank it through the spout sip by sip. Slowly, he got enough to him that he was able to drag himself and he called 911. They came and got him and took him to the hospital. So he went to Kennestone Hospital which is like a two out of five star hospital. Scott didn't have insurance. He needed to get the hip fixed. He had some other problems and some other issues. They did some CAT scans. When it would be time to get Scott out of the hospital, he was going to stay with Dallas (DDP) and recover there.
  • During an appearance on the Michael Kay Show, Goldberg was asked if he feels hurt that Bret Hart still holds a grudge over the kick that ended Hart’s in-ring career: “Yes. As Goldberg the character and Goldberg the human. When an accident happens and you tell your side of the story and nobody believes it, especially the person who is negatively affected by it, yeah, it sucks. I will take it to my grave. I'm sure he will never forgive me. What else can I say? I said I was sorry and that it was unintentional and it was the furthest thing from my mind a million times. Of the million times, he's come back with, 'Yes, it was intentional, he's a punk, he didn't know what he was doing, he ruined my career.' It sucks. You can lead a horse to water and shove their face in the damn water, but you can't shove it up their esophagus. If you can tell, I'm pretty pissed off about the fact that he still harbors it. It sucks. I truly believe that it shows what a human being I am that I can forgive people for accusing me of something that is not true.”
  • AJ Ferrari, who is signed to the WWE NIL program, is no longer with the Oklahoma State wrestling team after an emergency protective order was filed against him. The Stillwater Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Department is investigating a report of sexual assault that was made against Ferrari.
  • Shawn Michaels, Mandy Rose, and Bron Breakker appeared on WWE’s The Bump this afternoon. The episode took place from the WWE Performance Center.
  • Jim Norton & Sam Roberts interviewed new WWE signee Valerie Loureda.
  • WWE won “Best NIL Program” and “Best Engagement Through NFTs or Digital Collectibles” at this year’s Hashtag Sports Awards.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded The Miz vs. Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental title from SummerSlam 2016, Kofi Kingston vs. AJ Styles from the July 30, 2019 episode of SmackDown, and Big E & Bobby Lashley vs. Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens from the December 20, 2021 episode of Raw.

Other Wrestling

  • AEW announced its updated roster rankings, with Miyu Yamashita now ranked as the number one contender in the women’s division. Yamashita earned a future AEW Women’s World Championship shot by defeating Thunder Rosa in a non-title match for Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling,
  • Yamashita tweeted about defeating Rosa: “Thank you for giving me this opportunity #AEW and Thunder Rosa. I am a lucky girl. And I seized a big opportunity. I'll kick you on the head at any time.”
  • TJPW noted that subscriptions for Wrestle Universe outside of Japan “increased greatly” for their Summer Sun Princess 2022 event: “Great news! Data suggests that non-Japan subs for #wretleUNIVERSE increased greatly with the LIVE stream of SUMMER SUN PRINCESS '22. This will only accelerate interactions between TJPW and foreign talent from the US, UK, etc. #tjpw will deliver Japanese Joshi to the world.”
  • Keith Lee tweeted yesterday that he got “some very much less than stellar” news. Lee dedicated his match on Dynamite tonight to his two brothers: “Got some very much less than stellar news today....No matter the results, tomorrow's match belongs to my two brothers. It's all I can do until I return. Love you boys.”
  • Lee requested prayers for two of his brothers on July 9: “Today... I request prayers for two of my brothers. Scary things are about and rough times have taken over. If you are struggling, I offer positive thoughts and this scream of frustration for you. None of us will tap out. Let us fight.”
  • Tony Khan was asked about Lee’s status during an appearance on Busted Open Radio this morning. Khan said: “I don't want to get into Keith's personal business. Keith is here, he is wrestling tonight. He had a family situation. It's not my place to talk about it. Keith is here and here to wrestle, as I understand it. I can't really comment on what is happening, but we're going to support him through what is happening."
  • Konnan said on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast that AEW’s Santana and Ortiz are “not on good terms” personally.
  • Baby Doll will be appearing at night one of NWA 74 next month.
  • Jesse Ventura is the guest on today’s episode of Talk is Jericho.
  • Allysin Kay appeared on Thunder Rosa’s Taco Vlog.
  • Sportskeeda interviewed Tino Sabbatelli.