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Daily Update: McMahon movie script, WWE European tour, ESPN


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The Latest from the F4W Staff



This coming weekend we'll be doing three polls, covering Sunday's WWE Payback show and the New Japan shows on Sunday and Wednesday.

We're looking for reports on tonight's NXT show in Kansas City at


  • Moose vs. Davey Richards for Grand Championship
  • Christina Von Eerie vs. Ava Stone for GFW women's title
  • VOW vs. Fallah Bah & Mario Bokara
  • LAX vs. Abyss & Crazy Steve street fight for TNA tag titles

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: 4/24/2017: Jinder Mahal's surprising WWE title shot

WWE's booking rarely ever manages to be quite as surprising as what happened on last week's SmackDown. Without any real build or any prior semblance of an ascent to the top of the card, Jinder Mahal became the number one contender for the WWE Championship by winning a six-pack challenge. It shouldn't have been as surprising as it was given the wrestlers involved in that match, but it was only a week prior that Mahal was introduced to the SmackDown roster in the Superstar Shakeup by losing to Mojo Rawley and once again getting shown up by New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: May 1, 2017: Vince McMahon movie in development, Mauro Ranallo/WWE situation, more

The idea of a Vince McMahon movie is actually going to happen and we've got some early details on it as the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter; an update on the situation involving WWE and Mauro Ranallo, a look at the next two WWE PPV shows, a guy who in ten months went from an opening round loser on Ultimate Fighter to a viable title contender, a look at the Hall of Fame career of Maurice Smith and the latest from PWG.

Find out who was behind the McMahon movie and how that has changed, as well as the Ranallo situation, what happened and the repercussions and the overall situation, and look at the lineups for the next two WWE PPV shows and the main angles.

Coverage of the weekend UFC show inside.

Check out Dwayne Johnson movie news, new characters being pushed in WWE and why, interesting business dichotomy involving the Indian market, WWE looking for new stars from India, Mick Foley surgery news, A.J. Styles talks his attempting to wrestle Shawn Michaels, Shaquille O'Neal talks why his match with Big Show never happened, Injury updates, wedding update with Dean Ambrose and Renee Young, WWE wrestler leaves for Japan, new gimmicks to existing wrestlers, Shane McMahon and UFC story, WWE with a Japanese icon.

There is more on WWE releases, WWE booking, WWE stock market value, most watched shows on WWE Network, and highlights of all the major TV shows and of the arena matches over the past week.

Look at the career of Maurice Smith, what makes it noteworthy, how he molded MMA, kickboxing and pro wrestling into a long career and one of the most landmark matches in UFC history as well as twice headlining stadium shows as a pro wrestler and holding a kickboxing world title for nearly a decade.

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WON BACK ISSUE: April 3, 2000: Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo in charge of WCW, a look back at past Wrestlemanias, more

After seemingly swimming in an ocean of rapidly declining numbers across the board, World Championship Wrestling went to a strange pair of people as its life preservers--Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo. In a decision that had been in the works for about one month according to company sources, Brad Siegel completed the circular back-stabbing game which wound up in, not almost, but actually a pro wrestling like tag team, of the two people, former enemies, with seemingly nothing in common, bound together by their hatred for common enemies.

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WWE talent will be flying out right after television both Monday in Sacramento and Tuesday in Fresno to Europe for the multi-week tour. Sacramento to Rome isn't exactly a short flight.

The massive layoffs at ESPN yesterday is very significant because the sports bubble bursting when it comes to rights fees is the one thing that can greatly hurt all promotions, but in particular companies that rely on television rights to fund their sports.

We'll have a great audio show with Pat Laprade talking about the history of women's wrestling up on the site later today.

UFC announced its first show ever in Edmonton, the UFC 214 PPV, takes place on 9/9 at the Rogers Place.

One of the biggest territorial angles of the 80s took place 30 years ago today. It was the night Jerry Lawler got his head shaved in Memphis. Lawler had won every hair vs. hair match in his career. It was comparable to Undertaker's streak. He wrestled Austin Idol, and Idol announced he would pay people back all of their ticket money if he didn't beat Lawler in the cage match. As it turned out, Lawler didn't get shaved completely bald, but Tommy Rich hid under the ring (this was one of the first times this happened) and Rich, Lawler and manager Paul Heyman (then using the name Paul Dangerly, not Dangerously) conspired to win the match and then crotch Lawler's groin against the post over and over (Lawler was actually taking time off to get either a vasectomy or a vasectomy reversed) to do an injury angle. It was one of the last huge drawing angles in that territory's history.


  • The current issue of Business Week has four pages of photos from WrestleMania. (thanks to Mike Omansky) 
  • Vince McMahon and John Layfield were on Fox Business this morning. (thanks to Brian Hoops) 
  • Two more stories on the Vince McMahon movie are here and here.
  • MLW Radio has a show reviewing the original screenplay of the Vince McMahon movie. Some of the stuff is so ridiculous it's not even funny, including Linda working at a strip club, and Vince bringing 35-year-old porn star Jimmy Snuka into wrestling, and Vince discovering Andre after an argument at a restaurant in Montreal and seeing Andre was a guy who ran the restaurant. 
  • Dwayne Johnson is on the cover of the National Review. (thanks to Mike Kuzmuk)
  • The company today announced a deal with TV5 in The Philippines which will add Smackdown to already airing Raw. TV5 will air a one hour edited version of the show.
  • There is a pre-sale right now for the WWE show on 7/7 in Madison Square Garden using the code MSGWWE. 
  • The Pittsburgh City Paper noted that Sunday will be the 40th anniversary of the night Bruno Sammartino lost the WWWF title for the final time to Superstar Billy Graham at the Baltimore Arena. (thanks to Chris Cruise)
  • The Miz talking comics is here.


  • There is lots of talk regarding WSOF lightweight champion Justin Gaethje, who was the top star in that company, heading to UFC. According to Ariel Helwani, the story is that he is a free agent and is likely to end up there but the deal isn't final.
  • Cheick Kongo vs. Augusto Sakai in a heavyweight fight has been added to the 5/19 Bellator show in London at SSE Wembley, which is the company's next event.


  • This is not a pro wrestling or MMA story, but a story that Dr. Ann McKee has diagnosed CTE in the brains of four former junior hockey players, none of whom made the NHL, who committed suicide before the age of 30. (thanks to Steve Khan)
  • Andrew Everett is out of action after a head injury suffered at the Impact tapings.
  • Highlight from the AAW show from last weekend is here.
  • SPW 17th anniversary show on Sunday in Sacramento before a sellout 311 fans: Shiloh Graves b Jack Zack, Rocket Boy Wilson & Matt Jackson (not Young Bucks Matt Jackson) won over Rock & Rodeo Express, and Austin St. John & James Von Eerie, Clt 45 bg Carnival Shadows, BGC b War Pig Jody & Marcus Lewis & Max X in an elimination match, Flaco Loco b Mike Miller, Patrick Fitzpatrick won five-way over Sir Samurai, Jeckles the Jester, Scoot Robertson and Drake Frost, Antony Rivers b RJ Bishop, Joe DeSoul won three-way over Jeff Cobb and Sammy Guevara, Fatus won over The Rejects, Mustafa Saed & JD Bishop and Salt N Pimpin to win the tag titles JR Kratos b Art on Skye. (thanks to Donovan Troi)
  • East Coast Pro Wrestling on 5/28 in Sydney, Nova Scotia at the Mines & District Community Centre with Markus Burke and Kowboy Mike Hughes.
  • Cross Body Pro Wrestling on 6/3 in Kitchener, ONT at the Cross Body Pro Wrestling Academy
  • Lucha in the 6 on 7/30 in Toronto at the Rockpile with Arik Cannon. 
  • Great North Wrestling on 5/13 in Smith Falls, ONT at the Memorial Community Centre with all matches in a cage headlined by Renee Dupree vs. Hannibal and Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Jeremy Prophet.
  • The ECWA Super 8 tournament takes place 4/29 in Woodbury Heights, NJ at the Community Center starting at 7 p.m.
  • Welterweight Wrestling on 5/7 in Cleveland at Turners Hall and on iPPV has a seven way elimination match for the welterweight title. The qualifying matches to make it to the finals are Kevin Bennett vs. Sammy Guevara, Gory vs. Ophidian, Dylan Bostic vs. Ryan Kidd, Cam Zagami vs. Nate Wings, Trey Miguel vs. Rayo, Ace Austin vs Ace Perry and Gavin Glass vs. Lee Moriarty vs. Sage Phillips vs. Sonny Vice.
  • AAW on 5/6 in Chicago at the Logan Square Auditorium with Dave & Jake Crist vs. AR Fox & Rey Fenix for the tag team titles, Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Michael Elgin, Bobby Fish vs. Trevor Lee, Eddie Kingston vs. David Starr and Chuck Taylor & Trey Miguel & Stephen Wolf vs. Mat Fitchet & Davey Vega & Alex Daniels.
  • Brian Cage vs. John Morrison headlines a Sunday WrestleCircus iPPV show.
  • Pro Wrestling Phoenix from last night in Omaha: Brenden Juarez b Dalton Lee Roth, Paul Daniels b Carson Rockwell, Cuco Santiago b Purple, Darren Russell & Duke Cornell won over Lars Metzger & Johnny Ruckus and Nathan Edwards & Clay Cooper, Con Artiest b Joey Daniels, Robert Storm b Zac James, Hype Gotti b Pat Powers-COR. Next show is the 12th anniversary show on 5/24 in Omaha at the Waiting Room Lounge headlined by Shane Douglas.
  • NCW on 5/6 in Ste-Therese, Quebec.
  • C4 on 5/27 in Vanier, Ottawa at the Vanier Columbus Club.

Today in Professional Wrestling History (4/27): Edge wins World Heavyweight title

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