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Daily Update: #PunkWeek begins, Ohio MMA license, Last Battle of Atlanta

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CM Punk's MMA License Controversy

Combat Sports Law has an article on the process of CM Punk being licensed for his fight against Mickey Gall on Saturday. The Ohio Athletic Commission requires that fighters have participated in a minimum of five amateur bouts with a winning record, and the article surmises that Punk must have been granted a waiver to fight.

Bernie Profato, the Executive Director of Ohio’s commission, responded to an inquiry from MMAFighting about the situation: "CM Punk has a wrestling background similar to Brock Lesnar being permitted to fight in the past."

He also noted that the commission has confidence in the UFC's matchmaker because of previous bouts the promotion had submitted in the state.


The Latest from the F4W Staff

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The New Day to defend against The Club at WWE Clash of Champions - Dr. Anderson and Dr. Gallows have completed their dissertations. Now it's time to win the straps. 

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Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins booked for WWE Clash of Champions - Rollins wants his remtatch at the first WWE Raw only branded PPV on the new era.

Figure Four Weekly: 8/29/2016, NWA vs. Department of Justice - Recently, as an outgrowth of my interest in public records, court records, and so on, I started to get into the habit of filing Freedom of Information Act (or "FOIA") requests with various United States government agencies. It was the same fascination that took me to the court records; There's stuff out there, just waiting to be seen, that nobody was looking at... Subscribers click here to continue reading.

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HHH returned for the first time since WrestleMania, single-handedly winning the match by giving both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins pedigrees and basically handing the championship to Owens in the latest version of The Authority handing out the championship instead of talent winning it... Subscribers click here to continue reading.

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The Addiction will defend their ROH tag titles against The Young Bucks and The Motor City Machine Guns in a triple threat ladder war at All Star Extravaganza VIII on Friday, September 30th.

WWE announced the appointment of Chris Bellitti to the position of Senior Vice President of Communications on Monday. Bellitti previously worked in communications at both ESPN and Fox Sports.

The Last Battle of Atlanta was uploaded to the WWE Network as part of a Hidden Gems collection this morning. It is a notoriously bloody cage match between Buzz Sawyer and Tommy Rich long thought to not have been taped. The full list of uploads for the collection is available here.

On the heels of the Gems release, released over 20 historic matches:

  • JACK BRISCO vs. THE SPOILER - July 27, 1979
  • HARLEY RACE vs. WAHOO McDANIEL - February 10, 1978
  • MIL MASCARAS / DOS CARAS vs. GINO / TULLY - November 20, 1981
  • TONY ATLAS vs. PAK SONG - May 30, 1980
  • NICK BOCKWINKEL vs. TONY ATLAS - November 20, 1981



  • ROH’s Field of Honor show is available to purchase on-demand.
  • Here’s a video look at EVOLVE's Darby Allin.
  • In a post on his Facebook and Instagram accounts, Will Ospreay stated his intention to take more time to rest in the immediate future.
  • According to a report from TMZ Sports, Scott Hall was kicked out of an airport bar in Atlanta after getting in an argument with a bartender and her father. TMZ has video of a portion of the incident.
  • Citing disagreements with Ring of Honor that included ROH running a date in Liverpool on the same day they had a show in the city and ROH failing to properly promote their shows, Preston City Wrestling announced that they wouldn’t be collaborating with ROH for their previously announced shows on November 25th and 26th. Instead, PCW will run three shows in association with wXw, CZW, and Beyond Wrestling. The shows will feature openweight and cruiserweight tournaments with wrestlers from the promotions.
  • In a new interview, Lanny Poffo spoke candidly about his life, how the late Mr. Fuji was kind to his parents and his decision to have his deceased brother the "Macho Man" Randy Savage go into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015.
  • NORTH Wrestling NCL / UK recently had their debut show which featured WWE CWC's Jack Gallagher, PWG BOLA 2016 competitor Pete Dunne, former PROGRESS Tag Champion El Ligero, and WCPW favourite Martin Kirby. It’s up for free here.
  • Former PROGRESS champion Pastor William Eaver appeared on TV show “Dara O'Briain goes 8 bit" this past Monday night. He wasn’t a wrestler but as a Zangief cosplayer from Street Fighter. (Thanks to Ian Hamilton)
  • Great North Wrestling's full over 1 hour shoot interview with "WWE Hall of Famer" Stan Hansen is now posted at this link.
  • Dave Meltzer addresses the rumors that the Montreal Screwjob was a work.
  • Dave Meltzer gives his opinion on the long standing allegations that WWE Hall of Famer Bill Watts is racist.
  • Quebecer Pierre goes into great detail on "The Quebecer"s WWE run and the WWE title match that almost happened between Pierre and Bob Backlund at Montreal's Olympic stadium before Vince McMahon ultimately nixed the idea due to having to make Kevin Nash the champion when Macho Man suddenly left the company.


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  • In an interview with MMAJunkie, Cris Cyborg said a fight against Ronda Rousey is something that still needs to happen.
  • Photographer Ryan Loco chronicled CM Punk’s journey to the Octagon in a feature for FloCombat.
  • Stephen Thompson returned to Submission Radio. While Thompson doesn't regret not coming back at Tyron Woodley with a response after he rejected his fight offer during a post-fight show for UFC 201 he explained to Submission Radio what he would have done if he could go back in time "If I could have gone back, or if I could have gotten him in a room with closed doors, I would definitely let him know at that time, you’re crazy. When you were a few months ago preaching how you deserve that fight, you deserve the fight, give it to you when you were ranked number FOUR and they still gave it to you. And now you’re doing this to me? It sounds like you’re a hypocrite, man. That’s just crazy talk. It sounds like to me you’re scared. You’re scared to fight me.”
  • Nate Diaz's boxing coach Richard Perez appeared on an episode of Submission Radio: On a UFC 202 rematch "If there would have been another 30 seconds, (Diaz) he would have tapped him out". On USADA Vaping Investigation, “I don’t feel like they should suspend him."
  • From the Hollywood Reporter: Sony Pictures Networks India will be acquiring Ten Sports, which is the station that WWE airs on in the country, for $385 Million.
  • Bas Rutten came on Submission Radio this week and spoke about if there's a scenario McGregor could hold on to his title and fight Alvarez next at UFC 205 “No, they cannot do it – well they can do it if they want, but that’s not going to be well received. I would say what you said, give up the title, then step away from it and go for the title shot at 155. That I can see happening. But both? No. I think there’s going to be a backlash. I think people are gonna speak up.”

Daily Pro Wrestling History (09/06): Lesnar vs. Triple H in battle of Raw & SmackDown champions