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Daily Update: Ric Flair hospitalized, G1 results, Shibata


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The Latest from the F4W Staff



WWE Raw is in Worcester, MA and Smackdown is in Miami, FL and a Progress Wrestling show is in Boston.

Monday has WWE Raw TV tapings in Boston, with Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman appearing, plus Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax with the winner getting a shot at Alexa Bliss' women's title at SummerSlam. There is also a Smackdown brand house show in Springfield, MA on Monday night.

Smackdown and 205 Live will be taped on Tuesday in Providence, RI.

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: Figure Four Weekly 8/7/2017: Looking at Kota Ibushi's G1 reintroduction

As this summer's G1 Climax begins to wind down for New Japan Pro Wrestling, so does a stretch of matches that has further reminded everyone that Kota Ibushi is one of the absolute best professional wrestlers in the world. While that isn't a surprising development, it was a necessary one after Ibushi's relatively quiet last two years in pro wrestling.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: August 14, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Takayama paralyzed, WWE financials examined, tons more

It’s a double issue this week, with extensive coverage of the WWE business, breaking it down in every category, the sad story about the paralysis of Yoshihiro Takayama, G-1 coverage, SummerSlam weekend notes, and even Hall of Fame news.

Our lead story looks at the injury and the new life of Yoshihiro Takayama, going back to the May spot where he became paralyzed, his most famous matches, his career, the Don Frye fight and his big matches during the heyday of Pro Wrestling NOAH.

Our WWE business report looks in more detail than anywhere about the quarterly numbers. Look at how the network did so far this year compared to the past few years and how the different gimmicks played out, the difference in profitability of the network vs. PPV, the exact numbers of cancellations this year as compared to the past, the remaining WWE PPV business, real attendance figures for WrestleMania, social media numbers, sponsorship numbers, where the revenue comes from, and breaking down every single revenue stream.

Look at WrestleMania business, what parts of the business are up or down, the costs and revenues per episode of Total Divas, the reality vs. fantasy of the decline in television ratings, the house show business for WWE and NXT, comparing the last two WrestleManias as well as the movie studio numbers.

There is in-depth coverage of G-1, looking at this year's booking, the updated standings, star ratings and business notes for every show this past week, thoughts on how to change G-1 for the better next year, the Sumo Hall cards, future fall title matches, the injury to Evil and the best matches of the tournament so far.

Inside is an update on SummerSlam and NXT, as well as the ticket situation for SummerSlam weekend, WWE injuries and show length.

Check out Brock Lesnar's post-SummerSlam schedule, the Horsewomen vs. Horsewomen angle, WWE TV deal in South Africa, Rey Mysterio's next contract, SummerSlam viewing parties, Adam Cole & Kyle O'Reilly updates, and a Bruno Sammartino update.

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WON BACK ISSUE: July 17, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WCW Bash at the Beach with big angle reviewed, plus tons of news

It all started in late 1995 at the coffee table of the strength coach of the Cincinnati Bengals, Kim Wood's house. Brian Pillman was 33 years old. His body was breaking down from the years of football and high flying wrestling. His contract was due the next summer. His future was stable in that there was little doubt he'd be able to renew his deal, probably for at about the $250,000 per year on a three-year deal at the level he was at.

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Ric Flair was hospitalized yesterday for what was reported as heart issues and was in ICU. His reps reported saying, "Yes, Ric is checked into a hospital for routine monitoring. No, there is no reason to panic." ICU sounds serious to me.  

Our weekend show covering G-1 & NXT is up on the site right now. We talk about the upcoming direction of NJPW as well as look at a lot of the bouts on Friday's Takeover show.

The G-1 tournament ended up being amazing. Tetsuya Naito beat Kenny Omega in the finals although the highlight was the return of Katsuyori Shibata. The main events all three nights at Sumo Hall were among the best matches of the year, and arguably, of all-time. As far as the Shibata thing went, the only thing I can compare it to was when Magnum T.A. came back at the 1987 Crockett Cup in Baltimore. Much of the audience was in tears. 

Both Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito are said to be fine after all the chances they took in their match this afternoon in Tokyo. There were tons of scary spots, but the worst two were a piledriver off a table to the floor, which was not supposed to happen, and a superplex spot that ended up with Naito being DDT'd on the top of his head on the top of the ring post.

On a lighter note, the stuffed cat, Darryl Takahashi returned and gave Naito a paw bump after he won the tournament. Darryl had a bandage on his hind paw after he was torn limb from limb by Bad Luck Fale, until he was put back together again.   

There was a tragedy at an MMA show last night in Plymouth, MA. There was an amateur fight between Rondel Clark and Ryan Dunn. Clark was 1-0 and won the first two rounds, getting a 10-8 first, while Dunn was 0-2. In the third round, Clark ended up exhausted. Dunn got mount and threw some weak punches. Clark was covering up but exhausted and didn't get much apparent damage when the referee stopped the fight. Clark stayed down and was taken out in a stretcher and rushed to the hospital. Everyone just thought it was exhaustion because he didn't take much punishment. But apparently Clark's kidneys shut down in the fight. He went into surgery today with multiple organ failure and things don't look good. His team said he only cut ten pounds for the fight, so it was not a huge weight cut like sometimes happens.


  • Jinder Mahal will not only be attending the next UFC PPV show on 9/9 in Edmonton, but will be accompanying former Olympic wrestler Arjan Bhullar in his UFC debut that night.
  • Another story on Bruno Sammartino and the statue put up in his home town in Italy.
  • More on Enzo Amore's issues.
  • The WWE and the Brooklyn Cyclones have announced WWE SummerSlam Night on Thursday at MCU Park where WWE performers will be signing autographs before the baseball game. Mark Henry, Charlotte Flair, Apollo Crews and Carmella will be appearing and they will be raising funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


  • Mark Hunt vs. Marcin Tybura will headline the 11/19 show in Sydney, Australia at the Qudos Bank Arena.
  • A story on Mayweather-McGregor piracy. (thanks to John Raad)
  • A Go Fund Me has been set up for 40-year-old Javier Vazquez, a former UFC and Strikeforce fighter who just underwent surgery to have a tumor removed after being diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and needs six months of chemotherapy. 
  • A new UFC gym owned by Alex Rodriguez opened in Miami which got a lot of publicity in the past few days. (thanks to Mike Lano)


  • There are reports that Progress put 1,500 people in the Elmcor Youth Center, which is supposed to hold a lot less, for yesterday's show in Queens. Apparently there were people who passed out from the heat. TK Cooper suffered a dislocated ankle on the show. There were earlier reports of a broken leg or ankle.
  • Stardom from today in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall: Hanan won three-way over Ruaka and AZM, Tam Nakano b Natsuko Tora to earn a spot in the Five Star Grand Prix, Kris Wolf & Hana Kimura won four-way over Yoko Bito & Konami, Hiromi Mimura & Gabby Ortiz and Shiki Shibusawa & Starlight Kid when Wolf pinned Gabby, Toni Storm b Xia Brookside (Robbie's daughter) to keep the SWA title, Mari Apache b Shanna with a swanton to win the High Speed title, Io Shirai & HZK & Viper b Jungle Kyona & Kaori Yoneyama & Hiroyo Matsumoto to win the Artist of Stardom titles. The Grand Prix begins next week. Among the foreigners appearing are Viper, Xia Brookside, Kris Wolf, Toni Storm, Kay Lee Ray and Mandy Leon. It opens on 8/19 at Shinkiba First Ring in Tokyo and ends on 9/18 at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.
  • A book has been written about the lives of Doug & Mike Furnas. Both were pro wrestlers and college football stars. Doug was a name pro wrestler, particularly well known in Japan, but worked in the 90s extensively in the Southeast, as well as WWF and ECW, as part of a tag team with Dan Kroffat, which was among the best tag teams in the world for a number of years during an era with an amazing amount of great team. (thanks to Joe Lancello)
  • There is a Go Fund Me page for Janis Orndorff, the mother of Flip Gordon, whose family was woken up at 1 a.m. on Thursday due to a fire that left extensive damage and no insurance to pay for it. There is structural damage, interior damage, the ceiling needs repaired and there is no front door plus the porch is destroyed and there is smoke damage. 
  • House of Hardcore on Friday night in Freehold, NJ before about 275 fans: Matt Striker b Vik Dalishus, Angelina Love b Katred, Joey Mercury b Bull James, Petey Williams b Alex Reynolds, Jeff Cobb b Nick Aldis (said to be excellent), Bobby Fish b Rhett Titus, Bully Ray b Sami Callihan no holds barred, Sprit Squad b Dan Barry & Bill Carr, MVP won three-way over Tommy Dreamer and Jake Hager. Dreamer on the mic put over Hager and said that he will be like Cody Rhodes and show people that there is life after WWE. (thanks to Matt Cail)
  • Last night in Ottawa before a sold out crowd, C4 held its seventh fund raiser for the Canadian Cancer Society. The main event saw Speedball Mike Bailey beat Tom Lawlor and they raised more than $38,130 at the show. (thanks to Patric Laprade)
  • There will be an eight-man one-night tournament on 9/17 at the Robert Guertin Centre in Gatineau featuring Rob Van Dam, Chris Masters, John Hennigan, Tarver and Tyson Dux.
  • Pro Wrestling All-Stars from Friday night in Melvindale, MI: Soultaker b Unknown, Alex Beardslee & Zach Main b Paul Bowser-DQ, Sean Lawhorn b Don Elliott, Mahabali Shera b John E. Bravo, Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron won over Jay Maynard & Creep, Mysterious Movado & Ridiculoso and Malcolm Monroe III & Maltese Tiger to wni tag titles, Breyer Wellington b Buddy Hanson in a strap match, Atlas Hytower won over Gavin Quinn, Juntai, Jaimy Coxxx, Blake Acumen and Frank Isaac Anderson in a ladder match. (thanks to Leonard Brand)
  • Ultimate Championship Wrestling on 9/16 in Bay City, MI at the Prime Events Center featuring the Brooklyn Brawler and Jimmy Hart.
  • Blue Water Championship Wresetling fromi Friday night in Port Huron, MI: Alex Weir b Billy Ray Daniels, Malia Hosaka b Cody Hawk, N8 Mattson b Chris Harris (former TNA star), El Mano de Diablo b James Alexander, Moxie Mollie b Ingrid Isley, Kef Sweat b Robbie E in a street fight, Buddy the Bulldog b POD & Eric Smalls, Diablo & Masked Grappler b Twinkie Power, Sean Casey b Gideon Malice (thanks to Leonard Brand). Road Warrior Animal was there as well signing autographs. (thanks to Leonard Brand)
  • Devon Moore wrote an apology letter regarding an incident at the Monster Factory. He said he wanted to apologize for it, that drugs are a terrible thing and can turn you into something you're not and make you do things you'd never do in your right mind. He said he would be entering rehab on Monday for a minimum of 30 days. He said he doesn't want to make excuses and will return a better human being, and that this was a blessing in disguise.
  • CRW from Friday night in Montreal: Piranhas b Ol Baker & Amazing Chris, Dexter Haynes b Scott Parker-DQ, TDT over Aces of Eights Quebec, Jeremy Prophet won over Paulie Platinum, Big Magic and Paul Rosenberg, Wes Brisco b Velvet Jones, Hannibal b Tom Lawlor to keep the Canadian title. (thanks to Anthony Ambrose)
  • CWE tonight in Assinibola, Saskatchewan and the Prince of Wales Cultural and Recreation Centre with Tyler Colton vs. Kaito Kiyomiya in the main event plus Silas Young vs. Jacob Creed.
  • CWE results from last night in Regina, Saskatchewan: Jonathan Gresham b Silas Young, Jacob Creed b Kaito Kiyomiya, Tyler Colton (managed by Nikita Koloff) b Big Chief, Tony Kozina won four-way over Ethan Price, Kenji Brea and Alex Anthony, Kelly Klein b Jordynne Grace, Shane Sabre & Phil Atlas won four-way over Danny Duggan & Mercenary, Kaz Karter & K-Dos and Kute Kody & Tasty Travis.

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  • Thursday: Meet at the High Roller for Bowling at the Link; Party at Carnival Court at Hurrah's
  • Friday: Kiss Mini Golf tournament at the Rio; Dinner at Texas de Brazil; Suite party (location TBA)
  • Saturday: Future Stars of Wrestling show featuring Disco Inferno, Stephan Bonnar, Phil Baron, Shotzi Blackheart, and co-main events: 3-way match with Leva Bates vs. Mia Yim vs. Hudson Envy, and "Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs. Thomas Santell (f.k.a. Antonio "The Promise" Thomas); NXT viewing party at the Sci-Fi Center
  • Sunday: SUPER CHINA BUFFET DAY at the Wicked Spoon Buffet at 1pm; SummerSlam viewing party at the Sci-Fi Center
  • Monday: Goodbye lunch at Chen Chen at NY NY
  • All website members will also receive a 15% discount on any purchases from the Las Vegas Fight Shop for the entirety of the convention

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