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Daily Update: Royal Rumble, Alamodome issues, Cena's win


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We're looking for reports on these WWE weekend shows:

  • Raw brand Saturday night in Abilene, TX
  • Smackdown brand Saturday night in San Angelo, TX

We're also looking for reports tonight from Raw in Laredo, TX for what is likely to be one of the highest rated episodes of the show this year. Brock Lesnar is advertised. Bill Goldberg is not advertised for the show and as of last night was still not booked on the show. 

We're also looking for reports on tonight's Smackdown show in Hidalgo, TX, which is headlined by John Cena vs. A.J. Styles vs. Baron Corbin for the WWE title.

Smackdown and 205 Live will be taped on Tuesday in Corpus Christi, TX.

There will also be another NXT TV taping at Full Sail University on Wednesday, starting the build for the WrestleMania show in Orlando.

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: 1/23/2017: Previewing the unpredictable Royal Rumble

Whatever your feelings are on WWE inevitably using part-timers to boost another WrestleMania season, it's undeniable that their inclusion has added intrigue to the 2017 Royal Rumble. Suggesting otherwise would be presenting alternative facts. Even with their limited presence on television, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, and The Undertaker have added a level of unpredictably -- even if it's only perceived -- to next Sunday's show at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas that hasn't been matched in recent years... Subscribers click here to continue.

WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: January 30, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Royal Rumble preview, part 2 of Jimmy Snuka bio, plus tons of news

A look at WWE plans that are locked in place, and other plans up in the air, related to WrestleMania, and how the Royal Rumble, Fast Lane and Elimination Chamber fit in is the lead story in the new double-sized of the Wrestling Observer.

There is also a major feature on the life of Jimmy Snuka, his growing up, full career, career records, the Nancy Argentino death case and reaction to his death. Plus, check out the 2016 win/loss records of all WWE talent, why Tito Ortiz is so important in MMA history, and Fantastica Mania coverage as well as notes on future major events around the world.

A look at the most loaded Royal Rumble match in years, and how all the top names figure into WrestleMania leads the news. Read about what the Mania matches say, ticket sale news from the Rumble and NXT Takeover, and where things go from there.

Have a look at Pentagon Jr., Daga and Garza Jr. leaving AAA and how many questions that asks. This includes the situation with Sexy Star, big questions facing Lucha Underground, the attempt to build The Crash promotion into a force in Mexico, notes on Lucha Underground contracts, exactly where this all stemmed from and why talent was unhappy with AAA, the Lucha Underground move that makes everything even more questionable, and how this relates to the bigger picture of wrestling all over the world right now.

Click here for full preview.

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WON BACK ISSUE: January 3, 2000 Goldberg injured after car window stunt goes wrong, tons of news

It appears that Bill Goldberg will be out of the ring somewhere in the neighborhood of ten to 15 weeks as the word going around within the company but others are optimistically saying it'll be closer to six weeks. The actual blow which cut up Goldberg's arm did air on television which was an elbow shot into the window of the limo that didn't break the first few times... Subscribers click here to continue.


Bryan and I will be back late tonight covering Raw. You can also send questions for tonight's show to

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We pretty much have the road to Mania and the key matches on the card as well as the main events for the next three PPV's on last nigh's audio show. We have a more detailed look at the Mania card in the Observer issue that came out on Wednesday.

Not really a lot of major news that wasn't discussed last night as far as the Rumble is concerned. John Cena and A.J. Styles are official for the Elimination Chamber, and I'd think most of that card will be obvious after Tuesday's Smackdown show. The only thing pushed for tonight's Raw show is a confrontation with Stephanie McMahon and Seth Rollins. As noted, expect a huge up tick in ratings for tonight's show, or it would be a huge disappointment.

Regarding last night, the odds shifted greatly two hours before the show started to Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson beating Cesaro & Sheamus, to where they were immediately 15-to-1 favorites after being slight underdogs an hour earlier. So smart money did come in on every match last night and all the favorites won. 

There were a lot of issues last night regarding the show. We had more complaints about buffering issues than in a long time. There was a glitch at one point where you couldn't get a replay of the Rumble with the idea is was blacked out due to restrictions. That's the case in India due to the contract, but somehow people in the U.S. for a period of time due to some issue were believed to be in India and couldn't watch the replay.

There were also complaints regarding people getting their seats moved and problems with seating which we've gotten a few of and were making their way around social media. The complaints included the usual disabled parking lot being shut down by the building as WWE made it exclusive for talent, so disabled veterans and handicapped people who are used to parking there and were directed there by unknowing people working at the entrance had to park elsewhere. The WWE said they were not aware of that issue.

Below is an e-mail we got about the issues at the building:

"As best I can explain, this is what happened to some fans in the 300 Level of the Alamodome at the Royal Rumble last night. We had cheap seats up on the 300 Level of the Alamodome, behind camera side. A friend has purchased a group block of tickets so we could all watch together and I had purchased 2 seats of this block from him. My companion and I got in line early and were at our section entrance at 3:45pm or so, (doors opened at 3:30). All of the entrances to the seats on this half of the upper deck were blocked off. Eventually some Alamodome employees explained that part of this section (which included our seats) was closed off for "cameras and sound" and we would be provided with new tickets. The section was covered with black curtains as WWE normally does to make the building look full. This occurred at about 4:00pm. There were literally hundreds and hundreds of people in the hallway, unable to be seated. 

The crowd became increasingly unhappy for obvious reasons and then several San Antonio Police officers were brought in to maintain order. The Police officers were admittedly very professional, if as unhelpful as the Alamodome staff. We were told by some members of the Alamodome staff to go to the first floor. Then by others the second floor, and ultimately back up to the upper section.We ran around the Alamodome for almost an hour being sent on one fruitless pursuit after another just to ultimately return to the section of our tickets, where our seats were no longer available.  

We were told multiple times over the next 80-90 minutes that we would be given new seats, but no time-table was provided. We missed both the Tag Title pre-show match (I missed a damn title change) and the Smackdown Women's 3v3 tag match completely. Eventually, an official from the Alamodome brought up a bundle of tickets and started exchanging them with the crowd of people waiting. There was a massive rush to the table of people just trying to sit down and enjoy the event. It was a borderline mob environment. We received these replacement tickets at about 5:20pm, more than 90 minutes after arriving at our section of seating,  

We got tickets for the lower section behind all of WWE's production rigs. Our view was obscured by both the scaffolding they set the main static camera's on and the "snake" of control wires for the overhead lighting and sound rigs. These seats are the ones normally blacked over because they are an obscured view. Ultimately, because we were relatively early in moving down to this section, we moved to better seats that were less obscured and hoped for the best in terms of not being asked to move because our seats didn't match the replacement tickets.

The Alamodome staff were uninformed and unhelpful for the entirety of this debacle. I called their customer service line from in the building and was told they could not help me. We even sent an email to their customer service last night and the response was to contact someone at WWE. It was a mess on the part of everyone involved and could have been easily prevented by making the decision to cover those sections long before the event started. "

The WWE did make a statement regarding this, saying:

“As with any major live event, not to mention one with more than 52,000 attendees, you can expect to receive some number of complaints. The 20 complaints we received is much less than any event of its size. Nonetheless, WWE will, as always, do everything possible to accommodate our fans.


  • After Raw will be a WWE 24 documentary on last year's WrestleMania on the WWE Network. The preview talks about the emotional journeys of HHH, Charlotte Flair, Shane McMahon and others behind the scenes at Mania in Dallas.
  • There was a plan to make a bigger deal of John Cena tying Ric Flair's record but it was rewritten out of the show. I think so many people know it's not a real number (16) for Flair's titles, plus from a history perspective, as great as last night's match was, a short title reign is kind of weak for the record setter which may be why it's being downplayed. That also could be an argument not to have done it, but that was the long-term plan when it was supposed to be a big deal.

  • Chris Jericho suffered a minor ankle injury last night when he and everyone else was being thrown around by Brock Lesnar.

  • The 4/10 Raw TV taping will be at the Nassau Coliseum, the first event in the new renovated arena. That will thrill the talent to no end, since Nassau isn't exactly the favorite city to do television in because of a history of bad crowd reactions.
  • WrestleMania Fan Axxess tickets are on sale today using the code WWEAPP
  • Moana was No. 13 at the U.S. box office and No. 6 at the Australian Box Office this past weekend. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone was No. 28.
  • Pete Dunne, Trent Seven and Mark Andrews both ended up working for Progress on Sunday in London.  Andrews won a multiple person match over Marty Scurll, Trent Seven, Jack Sexsmith, Sebastian, Dave Mastiff and Nathan Cruz to get a title shot. Dunne retained his Progress title losing via DQ to Jimmy Havoc in the main event. So the only guys brought over were Wolfgang and Tyler Bate, who both worked on Saturday night's show in San Antonio in matches taped for NXT this week.


  • Jimi Manuwa vs. Corey Anderson will headline the 3/18 show at the O2 Arena in London, which will be a Fight Pass exclusive show.
  • Aisling Daly, a strawweight best known for being very likeable during the strawweight title tournament on Ultimate Fighter, announced her retirement today citing an abnormality on a brain scan.
  • Bellator on Friday night did an above average 720,000 viewers.


  • Lucha Libre vs. Kaiju Big Battel on 3/5 in Toronto at Lee's Palace.
  • PWA Live Pro Wrestling on 2/11 in Kitchener, ONT at the Alpine Club with Josh Alexander vs. Speedball Mike Bailey.
  • Gouge from Saturday night in Fuquay  Varina, NC: Moose Czerwinski won Rumble, Head Rush b Snooty Fox, Jakob Hammermeir b Seymour Snott to win the Scientific trophy, Otto Schwanz b Dirty Deeds & Metalico, Waylon Maze & Juan Jeremi  b Ryan Miller & Encore, Jimmy Jack Funk Jr. b Chet Sterling, Timmy Lou Retton b Moose Czerwinski.
  • Blue Water Championship Wrestling in Port Huron, MI on Saturday night: Sean Casey won Battle Royal, Ingris Isley b Shawna Reed, El Diablo & Masked Grappler b Mr Fitness & Frank Stein, Leah Vaughn b Thunderkitty, Cody Hawk b N8 Mattson, Justin Mane d James Alexander, Malia Hosaka b Ingrid Isley, Caleb Stills & Alex Weir b Cory Lyon & Kat Sweat, Sean Casey b Atlas Hytower, Ken Anderson b Buff Bagwell. (thanks to Leonard Brand)
  • NWA Smoky Mountain Wrestling on 2/11 in Kingsport, TN at the Civic Auditorium with the final battle with Chase Owens vs. Jason Kincaid.
  • Northern Wrestling Experience on 2/11 at the CWF Training Facility at 20 Hartzel Rd., in St. Catharines, ONT.
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  • The Empire bus to WrestleMania will cost $50.00 and will be round trip from Rosen Inn at 9000 International Drive 32819 (a few blocks away from Wrestlcon).
  • The bus will leave at 4pm (time subject to change) for WrestleMania and will leave WrestleMania no later then one hour after the show. If you would like a seat email Ed at or message him on the BOARD~! for Paypal payment instructions


  • WHAT: Dinner at Texas de Brazil
  • WHEN: Friday March 31st
  • WHERE: 5259 International Dr Ste F1, Orlando, FL 32819 at 5 p.m. (they may open at 4:30 for us)
  • WHO: All your best empire buddies
  • DETAILS: The cost of the dinner will be $68.00 which includes the dinner, salad bar, soft drinks and tea, and dessert, tax and tip. This is a pre pay dinner and you can send payment to paypal at (please send as a gift to a friend). Payments must be made by March 24th (if you wait until after that, Ed will charge an extra $5.00 for being a pain).