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Daily Update: Sin Cara, 205 Live, WrestleMania on-sale party


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Raw is from Manchester, UK. The only thing announced is Kurt Angle on Miz TV and Jason Jordan vs. Elias in a guitar on a pole match. There will also be a Smackdown house show in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tuesday has Smackdown and 205 Live from Manchester, UK with Jinder Mahal vs. A.J. Styles for the WWE title and Usos vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin for the tag titles. There will also be a Raw house show in Birmingham, UK.

Also on Tuesday, Fathom Entertainment will be presenting a Ted DiBiase documentary at movie theaters for a 7:35 p.m. showing across the country. ESPN 30 for 30 will do the Ric Flair story.

Wednesday has Raw in Dortmund, Germany and Smackdown in Leeds, UK.

Also on Wednesday will be the one-day release of the Conor McGregor documentary at theaters around the U.S. 

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY:Figure Four Weekly 10/30/2017: Looking at WWE's recent releases

At a time when WWE releases aren't as common as they used to be, it was surprising to see three wrestlers let go this week. That WWE broke the news on a Sunday morning only made things more odd. The names who were released weren't exactly shocking, with Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae no longer with the company. Of those, Emma was the only one currently on television. 

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER:November 6, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWE quarter financials, Manami Toyota retiring, more

The most complete look anywhere at WWE business over the summer and fall is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, plus a look at three major documentaries out next week, two Hall of Famer retirements and Survivor Series and WWE booking updates.

Look at WWE's positive financial reports at a time when some of the usual base categories are disappointing and what led to them. Read actual numbers in detail, how the stock is doing, how this quarter compared historically, as well as financial projections for the rest of the year and into next year.

Check out the TV rights situation, how the UFC negotiations look to tell the story for WWE and what the UFC negotiations say, what happens when WWE's biggest TV deals expire as well as when the company expects to finalize deals in all of those markets going forward.

Read why the network is more profitable even with slower growth than projected, including different projections, exactly how many people signed up and canceled the WWE network in recent months and how it compares to last year. There are notes on WWE plans going forward for different changes with WWE network, the arena business, the changes in the pro wrestling business as well as looking at the Jinder Mahal question, has he helped, has he hurt and what the numbers say.

Plus, read about U.K. revenue, why YouTube views seem to mean nothing as far as driving revenue, the China experiment, as well as where WWE money comes from as far as what country over he past four years.

Find out if stronger marquee PPVs effects the network, as well as the remnants of the PPV business, how much WWE spends on tapings, the home video business, the digital media business, as well as the live event business and merchandise figures. Also, look at NXT numbers, Performance Center costs and other businesses the company has stake in.

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WON BACK ISSUE: October 23, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The fates of WCW and ECW

It's come down to the finish line in the story of how the wrestling industry is going to shake down. Exactly what the future of World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling will end up being is up in the air, and it has never been a more harrowing time to be a full-time pro wrestler in the United States.

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  • Sin Cara didn’t end up wrestling at SmackDown’s house show in Lisbon, Portugal today after suffering a knee injury in a match against Baron Corbin and Sami Zayn in Spain on Sunday. He had been scheduled to be evaluated before the show. After it, he sent out a tweet apologizing to the fans for not being able to wrestle.
  • Triple H faced Rusev at the show in Lisbon. Rusev was also Triple H’s opponent when he wrestled in Santiago, Chile last month.
  • This week’s episode of 205 Live will feature WWE’s UK division appearing on the show. Much of the cruiserweight roster wasn’t flown to the UK for this week’s TV.
  • PWInsider reported that Josh Bredl, the men’s winner of the last season of Tough Enough, was released in this round of WWE roster cuts. Bredl used the name Bronson Mathews in WWE but never debuted on NXT TV. He only worked a few house show matches and hasn’t wrestled in over a year due to concussion issues.
  • This year’s WrestleMania on-sale party will take place at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on November 16th. The Hardys, Mickie James, Heath Slater, Rhyno, and Mark Henry will be there signing autographs, Charlotte Flair will make an appearance, and there will be some matches from NXT. Hideo Itami vs. No Way Jose has been announced as the main event.
  • WWE presented a customized title to Manchester Arena staff members, recognizing the courage the staff and first responders showed during May’s terrorist attack at the arena.
  • Kurt Angle, Cesaro, and Sheamus paid a visit to the Manchester City soccer team ahead of Raw in Manchester tonight.
  • The Mirror interviewed Nia Jax about her recent time off from WWE and being on Total Divas.
  • The Nottingham Posts spoke to Chad Gable about American Alpha being split up and his time at the Performance Center.
  • Triple H and Stephanie McMahon sent a gift basket to Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella’s daughter.

Pro Wrestling

  • Sami Callihan and Jimmy Jacobs debuted for Impact Wrestling at last night’s Bound for Glory PPV. Callihan helped OVE in their street fight against LAX, with Jacobs teasing that he'll be working more for Impact in the future.
  • Chris Jericho announced a new project that he’s working on with the Travel Channel. A 30-minute special focusing on finding the hidden treasure of Butch Cassidy will air on the channel on November 17th.
  • The NWA released episode four of their “Ten Pounds of Gold” series, focusing on the different roads Tim Storm and Nick Aldis have taken to their title match.
  • Jazzy Gabert posted an inspirational message about all that she’s overcome in her life.
  • The first show of NJPW’s World Tag League tour will air for free on NJPW World on November 18th.


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