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Daily Update: Starrcade, Ultima Lucha Tres, UFC notes


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FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY:Figure Four Weekly 9/25/2017: Recapping WWE No Mercy

While No Mercy may have been the biggest brand-exclusive pay-per-view that WWE has put on since the roster split, it was clear coming out of the show that the company's focus is on building to one future match. Whether it's at WrestleMania in New Orleans next year or at some point before then, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are on a collision course towards an inevitable meeting.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER:September 25, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The deaths of Bobby Heenan and Otto Wanz

It’s a double issue this week of the Observer with major stories on Bobby Heenan and his career as well as Heenan behind the scenes, a story on the WWE Network and behind the different ideas they've talked about, as well as lengthy pieces on historical figures Otto Wanz and Ruben Juarez.

Look at Henan’s different roles in wrestling, how he got started, the WCW era, the AWA years, leaving WWE and why he may have never been brought back by WWE full-time.

Find out all the different ideas thrown out in the recent WWE Network survey, as well as the viability of some of them.

With Otto Wanz, look at his AWA title, his biggest career matches, how he got started in boxing and wrestling, a story regarding he and Arnold Schwarzenegger, the heyday of the CWA and how it was different from every other promotion in the world and what made it such a great territory to learn in, and what made him famous as a celebrity in Austria.

This issue contains details on the Vince McMahon/Kevin Owens angle, WWE bringing back the Starrcade name, the sale of WCW to WWF in 2001, the legacy of Starrcade, the first Starrcade, how Vince McMahon destroyed Starrcade and helped drive Jim Crockett Promotions out of business, the new Starrcade show, the next NXT Takeover show, more on Ric Flair, Ronda Rousey in WWE notes, Nikki Bella on Dancing With the Stars, Chris Jericho's cruise idea in detail, and a Shayna Baszler update

Get an update on the Impact promotion and its move of TV to Ottawa, looking at the plans, the GFW name, the building they are going to, the pros and cons of moving, the situation with Jim Cornette, what happens to the ATT angle, and much more.

This issues runs down of the CMLL 84th anniversary show, the two mask vs. mask matches and match-by-match coverage with star ratings.

Also look at the New Japan Destruction in Hiroshima show, the angles, why King of Pro Wrestling looks like one of the best shows of the year, new lineup for Destruction in Kobe and match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

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WON BACK ISSUE: September 4, 2000: Fantastic WWE Summerslam reviewed, big ECW weekend, more

As the bar raises once again, the question becomes when does the bar hit the breaking point. SummerSlam was a spectacular show, with a great main event storyline going in, and even with a little tweaking of the main event itself due to Kurt Angle's injury, a strong storyline paid off at the end while leaving the viewers still wanting more. But the match that stole the show was the tables, ladders and chairs match with Christian & Edge, The Dudleys and the Hardys.

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Pro Wrestling

  • With the future of Lucha Underground still uncertain, part one of Ultima Lucha Tres airs on the El Rey Network tonight. There will be four parts in total and tonight has Dante Fox vs. Killshot (which has gotten some praise) and Famous B vs. Texano.
  • ESPN ran a story on AR Fox (Dante Fox in Lucha Underground) ahead of his match airing tonight.
  • Terry Funk spoke to Sports Illustrated about his return to the ring last weekend: “I felt very old, naturally, walking into that ring. But how did I feel inside the ring? I felt elated.” He added that he felt like he was back home and that it meant a lot to him to be back with the people he loves and the profession he grew up in.
  • The Young Bucks took part in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit today.


Today in Professional Wrestling History: Shinsuke Nakamura wins IWGP Heavyweight title


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