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Daily Update: Super J-Cup, Jon Moxley/Killer Kross, John Lineker


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F4W NEWSLETTER: Figure Four Weekly: Recapping WWE Stomping Grounds

After a lack of interest heading into the pay-per-view, Stomping Grounds was a show that exceeded expectations.

Given that there weren't really any surprises at the PPV, that's probably mostly due to expectations being set too low. Nothing on the show was dramatically better than it should have been. The PPV succeeded where most good WWE shows do. Even if the build was underwhelming, a talented roster was able to go out to the ring and have good matches throughout much of the card.

WON NEWSLETTER: July 8, 2019 Observer Newsletter: The life and death of Perro Aguayo

With a gigantic week of news, we've got a double issue of the Observer this week, leading off with a look at the career of Perro Aguayo, one of the biggest drawing cards in pro wrestling history.

We look at his career highlights, the feud that made him a superstar, the big rivalries and big business booms he was part of, his most famous matches, the formation of AAA and his biggest career wins.

We also have more on Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman leading brands going forward.  We look at the angles on Raw and whose fingerprints were on what, the level of power they look to have, why this move was made, Wall Street's reaction to the move, how AEW fits into the picture, the audience they are trying to get back the Raw ratings increase that didn't hold for Smackdown, Heyman and Bischoff talk about their new positions, when Bischoff starts and an analysis of Heyman's first moves.

We also look at AEW's Fyter Fest, the chair shot, the preshow, the business numbers, comparisons with WWE and UFC programming, match by match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

We also look at why the U.K. November tour is being rapidly changed, the Evolve special on WWE Network, Stomping Grounds business update, the story behind David Starr stomping on WWE tile belt and WWE reaction, Performance Center news, most-watched shows on the WWE Network and a rundown with business notes on all the WWE arena events this past week.

We also look at the career of Jacques Rougeau Sr, one of the biggest stars in Montreal wrestling history.  We look at the history of the Rougeau family, how Jacques got into wrestling, why he quit at first, what brought him back, how role in making the career of Ivan Koloff, his sons getting into wrestling, his biggest matches, his Jarry Stadium main event, the first $100,000 gate in Canada, and the Rougeaus feud with the Garvins.

We also look at WWE's tour of Japan this past week, with notes on both shows and business notes as well.

We run through New Japan's tour of Australia, with business notes , Southern Showdown match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results and the Ospreay-Eagles match.

We also update Extreme Rules with matches announced and others that could be added.

We've also got full coverage of UFC in Minneapolis including detailed business notes.

We've got a rundown on ROH Bet in the World from Baltimore, with business notes, match-by-match coverage and star ratings.

We also look at the changing television situation in the U.K. with the WWE's new deal with BT Sports and AEW's new deal.

We look at the TripleMania card and the unique team of Cody & Psycho Clown & Cain Velasquez.  There's also notes from Killer Kross, who is training Velasquez.

We also look at the wrestling career of Yoshiaki Yatsu, who had his leg amputated over the past week.  We look at his 1980s heyday when he was one of the best in the world, why he was important in history, his amateur background and his famous Pride match with Gary Goodridge.

We also look at the death of Jerry Seltzer, the famed Roller Derby promoter, how that game worked, how it exploded in popularity, why it died off, and Seltzer's later role in the ticketing business.

We also run down the ratings of all the major TV shows, along with detailed demo info for the WWE shows.

We also have the results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week.

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  • Vince McMahon paid tribute to his father on what would have been Vince Sr.’s 105th birthday: “I loved my dad. He would have been 105 years old today. Happy birthday.”
  • Lacey Evans reflected on the four-year anniversary of her father’s passing: “4 years ago today my dad took his last breath. Overdose. He left 7 kids and a wife crushed with holes to this day we try and fill. He was broken, addicted and depressed but had so much life left to live. He lost. He let it win. A battle so many fight but dont want to talk about Until the kids are left crying, wives lonely and parents heart broken. If you or someone you know are dealing with addiction or depression get help. Dont ignore the issue no matter how small it may seem. Work on it. Get the help and wake up every day knowing people love you. Life is short and it will get better. The sun will shine again, those good days will return and you are worth it. Dont let it win. Don't lose. Don't give up. #BreakTheCycle #Depression #Addiction #GetHelp”
  • Tegan Nox, who’s been out of action since being injured in the Mae Young Classic in August 2018, wrote on Instagram today: “Put me in coach, I’m ready to play! #FasterStrongerShinier”
  • WWE posted a video today with past clips of The Undertaker and Sting, captioning it with “TOMORROW. #WWEReimagined.” They also sent out a photoshopped picture of Undertaker and Sting in a WCW ring yesterday. Given the way WWE is teasing things, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to have to do with the current product.

Pro Wrestling

  • Though the entrants for the tournament have yet to be announced, advertising for this year’s Super J-Cup lists Will Ospreay, Dragon Lee, Caristico, El Phantasmo, SHO, and YOH. Jushin Thunder Liger is also listed as the producer of the tournament. The Super J-Cup is taking place in Tacoma, Washington on August 22, San Francisco, California on August 24, and will conclude in Long Beach, California on August 25.
  • Jon Moxley made a surprise appearance at Future Stars of Wrestling’s Natural Born Killers show in Las Vegas last night. He went to a no contest with Killer Kross, then Moxley and Kross beat down officials who came to the ring after.
  • Jack Sexsmith announced his retirement from pro wrestling due to knee injuries.
  • Impact Wrestling uploaded an 11-minute documentary on Tessa Blanchard ahead of Slammiversary XVII. Blanchard is facing Sami Callihan at the PPV.
  • The North (Josh Alexander & Ethan Page) cut their first promo since winning the Impact Tag Team titles from LAX at last night’s Bash at the Brewery event.
  • Impact released the opening video for Sunday’s PPV.
  • In the finals of the King of Indies, Dragon Lee defeated Jake Atlas to win this year’s tournament.


  • Episode six of Embedded for tonight’s PPV is now available.
  • Dana White spoke about the release of John Lineker: “I think it was because he hasn’t made weight a few times. And I just know that the matchmakers were super frustrated with him. The guy wasn’t being professional.”
  • Daniel Cormier said a third fight against Jon Jones can always happen: “So this is the thing about a fight with Jones and I. It can always happen. It can happen whether it’s here, whether it’s in an Octagon. It may happen in the back when I’m leaving the building. It just always happens. Neither him nor I ever shy away from the opportunity to punch each other in the face. So when I’m done with Stipe and Dana opens up the book and goes this is what you guys are getting paid, then you guys may get a third fight. But ultimately that’s what’s gonna determine it.”
  • Jones said he thinks Anderson Silva is the best MMA fighter ever. Jones explained why he doesn’t think of himself as the best: “I don’t feel like I’m the best ever. I don’t. I feel like I have a lot to prove, and I feel like if I can retire doing the right things and continuing to win fights, then maybe I’ll allow other people to call me that.”
  • Rashad Evans was briefly interrupted by an earthquake during his UFC Hall of Fame speech.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Goldberg defeats Hogan to win WCW title