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Daily Update: Tanahashi injury, Strowman, Twitter feuds


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We're looking for your thoughts on Friday night's ROH War of the Worlds PPV and Saturday night's UFC 211 PPV, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to

Smackdown will be taped on Tuesday in Manchester, NH for the go-home show for the Backlash PPV.


  • ACH vs. Bushi
  • Kushida vs. Desperado
  • Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  • Tiger Mask vs. Volador Jr.
  • Jushin Liger vs. Taka Michinoku
  • Ricochet vs. Taichi
  • Dragon Lee vs. Hiromu Takahashi
  • Will Ospreay vs. Marty Scurll

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: 5/8/2017: Thinking outside the long talking segment

While it wasn't entirely revolutionary, the two-part "Who is Roderick Strong?" series that aired on NXT television over the past couple of weeks again proved how effective WWE's video profiles can be in getting characters over. Similar videos have aired in the past (with a series that focused on Finn Balor in NXT standing out as a highlight), but the profiles on Strong may have been the best that WWE has ever done. They made him feel like a fully formed character in a way that he never really has before.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: May 15, 2017: WWE financials breakdown, Braun Strowman injured, tons more

It’s another double issue of the Observer out this week, with more of a look at the WWE business in every category, how the Braun Strowman injury affects booking, the death of one of pro wrestling's leading historians J Michael Kenyon, New Japan's direction, the life of Gran Apache, UFC business, indies and the WWE ratings declines.

Look at the current WWE finances, WWE network subscriptions, television revenue, how much WWE takes in for Total Divas, comparing this year's WrestleMania to last year when it comes to network subscription growth, how many people added and canceled subscriptions to the network in the first quarter, revenue and expenses regarding adding new events on the network, what categories is the company losing money in, and the interesting stats regarding social media users and where they are from and where the money for WWE comes from.

Read about the realities of WWE attendance, merchandise sales, ticket sales, the value of the band extension, and a chart showing where the actual profits have come from in WWE over the past five years.

Examine the Strowman situation, the next couple of PPV shows and how the planned Raw main event scene has been changed.

Check out New Japan's big shows over the next month, including a major storyline that starts next week, the full lineups for the Best of the Super Junior shows, what shows will be in English, a rundown of the Dontaku show in Fukuoka, and more thoughts on the Long Beach shows.

There is an update on the Hardys situation, Dwayne Johnson's first movie with a pro wrestling backdrop, Johnson for President, WWE announcing for new shows, plans for the women's tournament and the highlights of the first U.K. shows. 

Also, look at the WWE injury updates, how ratings for other sports and their drops are comparing with WWE, a major new WWE sieging, and details on two lawsuits against WWE including one that has potential major implications for current wrestlers.

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WON BACK ISSUE: April 17, 2000: Mike Awesome jumps ship to WCW, Russo/Bischoff era of Nitro begins, more

At press time, exactly what is going on between WCW and ECW regarding current ECW heavyweight champion Mike Awesome is apparently up in the air. In a strange series of circumstances, it appeared that Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, in their attempt to re-create the debuting impact of Nitro in 1995 with Lex Luger's surprising walking on the set, combined with the incident where Madusa threw the WWF womens title belt in the garbage can, since they were unable to secure any WWF talent, made a huge pitch to garner ECW's heavyweight champion.

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Bryan and I will be back tonight on Wrestling Observer radio. We'll be talking Raw, more UFC fallout, Braun Strowman, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Rip Rogers, Randy Orton, Bully Ray, Young Bucks, Joey Ryan and if there's anyone else we should talk about, let me know. You can also send questions to

Hiroshi Tanahashi was injured last night in Philadelphia. We don't know anything more than the doctor at the building was examining his biceps. The hope and feeling was that it wasn't a full tear, which would be a major injury. A partial tear people work through although it hurts and doesn't get better quickly unless you take a long rest. 

The WWE reported today that Braun Strowman underwent surgery on Thursday in Birmingham with Dr. Jeffrey Dugas. The WWE claimed his elbow was shattered and he will be out up to six months, but that timetable is a work.

So there was a bunch of Twitter stuff going on the past two days. It started when Rip Rogers shared something about too many dives in pro wrestling. Then Bully Ray, who is in ROH, sent a photo of him coming off the top rope. The Young Bucks wrote something about the match described in the Rogers post with a ton of superkicks, dives and this is awesome spots and joked it sounded like a great match. Then Randy Orton, who doesn't like Bully Ray and was in Copenhagen, Denmark on the last night of his tour, wrote a tweet about indy mark, indy guys and old-timers, and bragging about the Smackdown tour doing $5 million in gates over the past 11 shows (I'd think that's a very low estimate and would be closer to $7-8 million) and kind of ran down indy guys. Then Orton apologized.

The reality is that guys looking to make names are always going to do too much for a veteran who has already made their name. And that the style has changed. And that guys in the past who have all kinds of injuries working safer want to warn the young guys for fear of them messing up their bodies. It's really a constant subject behind-the-scenes as far as risks in the ring that is very real. But it's easier to simplify this as bitter veterans or disrespectful young guys rather than address there are two sides to the story. Some guys would like to keep the profession safer, which is a noble goal, and some who aren't gifted with size and look or a promoter who likes them for that reason, want to make themselves stars and have realized through different experiences what works for them and what fans want to see from them. 


  • Raw goes against game seven of the Boston Celtics vs. Washington Wizards series tonight. The rating this week is more interesting than most because they are coming off two record seasonal lows, with last week's number being terrible. So will they do a shakeup, plus what happens with Roman Reigns now that Braun Strowman looks to be out of the picture? Dean Ambrose vs The Miz for the IC title and Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy are advertised, as well as Jack Gallagher & Austin Aries vs. TJP & Neville. In the New York market they've advertised Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins vs. Samoa Joe, but what they advertise and what they deliver aren't always the same. Cedric Alexander is backstage so he may be on the show, and his return is imminent.
  • After Raw on the WWE Network will be the debut of a WWE 24 documentary on Finn Balor fighting his way back after all of his injuries last year.
  • John Cena has announced a speaking tour in Australia, called "The Untold Story, In His Words" with shows on 7/7 at The Star Theater at the Gold Coast of Australia, 7/8 in Melbourne at the Convention Centre and 7/9 in Sydney at the Star Event Centre. Tickets go on sale on Wednesday morning for all three dates. It looks like Fast Track Events are promoting this. They must be paying him a ton because getting dates on Cena for anything is expensive, let alone in Australia.
  • John Cena and Nikki Bella are representing WWE as well as Total Divas and Total Bellas at the NBC Upfronts (advertisers convention where they start selling spots for the fall season) today in New York. WWE has also sent Sin Cara to the Telemundo Upfronts.
  • The Wall, starring John Cena, which opened this weekend, won't open until 8/3 in Australia. (thanks to James Stanios)
  • Randy Orton vs. A.J. Styles for the WWE title and Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn are being advertised in the Manchester, NH market for Smackdown tomorrow night. That doesn't mean they'll happen that way.
  • An interview with Samoa Joe is here.


  • There was a mistake in the translation and the New Japan U.S. title tournament that will take place on 7/1 and 7/2 in Long Beach will be a single elimination tournament, not a round-robin tournament.
  • A.J. Brooks-Mendez (A.J. Lee) will be appearing on Last Call with Carson Daily tonight at 1:35 a.m.Eastern time. This is her first TV appearance since leaving WWE. (thanks to Bernard O'Neill)
  • New Japan World has put up last year's Ricochet vs. Will Ospreay match for free to build for the start of the Best of the Super Juniors tournament on Wednesday.
  • Scott Hall was hospitalized last night with bad chest pain and was very agitated while in Norwich, England. He was appearing for the Knight Family's WAW promotion. He was discharged at 4 a.m. and flew back home after the word first being that he probably shouldn't be traveling. He had a big entourage with him and the ward at the hospital was shut down to accommodate him.
  • Today is the 25th anniversary of the first AAA show, held on May 15, 1992 in Veracruz as a TV taping.
  • Mephisto vs. Negro Casas for the CMLL welterweight title headlines tonight's CMLL show at Arena Puebla, plus Rush & Mistico & Valiente vs. Euforia & Ultimo Guerrero & Mr. Niebla.
  • had a story today that prosecutors on Staten Island have yet to present a case before the grand jury on child porn charges against James "Rude Boy" Riley, who was arrested at his family's home with images of children under the age of 16 in sexual acts according tot he new York Police Department. Riley was in court today and due back on 8/1.
  • Northeast Wrestling Spring Slam on 5/26 in Newburgh, NY at the Ice Time Sports Complex with Cody Rhodes vs. Adam Cole, plus Dijak vs. Ryback, JT Dunn vs. Vinny Marseglia, Deonna Purroazo vs Mandy Leon, a cage match for the tag titles with The Battle Brothers vs. The NOW and Booker T will be there.
  • The former Simon Gotch was backstage again yesterday at the ROH TV tapings in Philadelphia. Kushida beat Marty Scurll to win the TV title.
  • NWA Mid South Wrestling on 5/20 in Dyresburg, TN at the Herb Welch Wrestle Plex for Matt Riviera's birthday bash, where he faces Matt Taylor.
  • XICW has announced a return of wrestling to the Cobo Center in Detroit with a convention on 10/7 from Noon to 6 p.m. with ICP, Abyss, Bobby Heenan, PJ Black, Jim Cornette and more.
  • Pure Wrestling Association from Friday night in Guelph, ONT: Jimmy King b Joey Allen, Andrew Davis & Brandon Jacobs b Aiden Rayne & Lenny Lilac, Mike Becherer b Eric Cairnie, Reggie Marley b Tracy Smothers, Josh Alexander b Ethan Page (thanks to Steven Ashe)
  • Best in the West TV from last night in Fresno: Brandon Pinion b Alexander G. Bernard, Big B b Amish Johnson, Kadin Anthony won over Greg Hernandez, Ricky Ruffin and Wild Horse, JR Kratos b Mustafa Saed (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • House of Hardcore on Friday night in St. James, NY at the Sports Arena with Tommy Dreamer vs. Cody Rhodes, Spirit Squad vs. Team Tremendous, Moose vs Dan Maff, Bull James, Velvet Sky, Rhett Titus, Sandman, Little Guido and more. Bully Ray will also do an open challenge.
  • AIW's annual 24-man J.T. Lightning Invitational tournament takes place 5/26 and 5/27 in Cleveland at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Names include tom Lawlor, Tracy Williams, Ethan Page, Joey Janela, Steve Pain, Little Guido, Dominic Garrini, Alex Daniels, Swoggle, Shawn Shultz, Eddie Kingston, Mike Tolar (who was a high school wrestling teammate of Dolph Ziggler and Gray Maynard), Laredo Kid, Britt Baker, Gringo Loco, Matt Cross Colin Delaney, Mordekai, Facade, Matt Justice, Super Crazy, Jimmy Rave, Space Monkey and Colt Cabana. Adam Cole will appear on the 5/27 show. First round is Swoggle vs. Mordekai, Cross vs. Crazy, Lawlor vs. Rave, Williams vs. Kingston, Garrini vs. Guido, Laredo Kid vs Janela, Tolar vs. Baker, Delaney vs. Gringo Loco, and Justice vs. Facade.
  • All Star Wrestling from Saturday night in Pearisburg, VA: Nate Diamond & The Wolf b Joe Briggs & Austin Mitchell, Beau James b Daniel Richards, Misty James b Rebecca Lynn, Jimmy Valiant & Iron Cross & Frank Parker b Drake Tungston & Stan Lee & Sexy Kavina, Daniel Hallen b Sgt. Long. (thanks to Brian Stanley)
  • FEW from Saturday night in Miami: Johann Remzes NC Johnny Velvet, Jack Kelley b Human Tornado, Hardhittas b Guadeloupe Brothers, Headbangers b Spirit Squad, Pope Elijah Burke b Jaxen Blade, Lea Nox b Angelina Love, MDK & Reggie Rhythm & Ace Mayhem b Johnny Velvet & JB Cool & Moose.
  • Silas Young will be appearing for Canadian Wrestling Elite from 8/1 to 8/20 on shows throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario.
  • International Big Time Wrestling from last night in Westland, MI: Frank Isaac Anderson b Caleb Stills, CJ Anderson b Maltese Tiger, Amazing Maria b Ingrid Isley, Chuck Wagon b Rev. Ronnie Roberts, Kef Sweat b Drew Jacobs,. Mosh Pit Mike b Madman Pondo, DBA & Malcolm Monroe III b Revenge of the Nerds and Fat World Order, Bobby Fulton b Greg Valentine, Alcatraz 187 b Ruff Crossing, Mysterious Movado b Shawn Daivari. (thanks to Leonard Brand)
  • Blue Water Championship Wrestling from Saturday night in Port Huron, MI: Mr Fitness & Frank Stein & Rob Clooney b Diablo & Grappler & Shadow, Justin Mane b James Alexander, POD b Eric Smalls, Chris Masters & Tiana Riger b Cody Hawk & Shawna Reed, Kef Sweat won over Alex Weir and Billy Ray Daniels, Chris Harris b Caleb Stills, Bomb, Malia Hosaka over Ingrid Isley and Thunderkitty, Sean Casey b Bobby Fulton.
  • The trailer for the new GLOW series on Netflix is here.
  • There's a trailer out for a new Kayfabe Commentaries 'Supercard' DVD series, featuring a Honky Tonk Man interview and it's actually really interesting and worth a watch. The trailer features Honky talking about how he found out about Vince's plan for him to drop the IC belt to Savage in 1988, how and why he refused, and his conversations with Jim Barnett about jumping to WCW, which enraged Vince. Basically, Honky was aggrieved that Savage and Liz had been at Dick Ebersol's house discussing the planned match without him, and how when he, Jimmy Hart, Savage and Liz met in Stamford to discuss the planned match, Vince basically considered him an afterthought and essentially told Honky that he was going to be done once he dropped the IC belt to Savage. (thanks to Stephen Lyon)
  • This week's pro wrestling quiz is on the WWE Network.
  • A story on Kazuchika Okada is here
  • Adam Cole on his future is here.
  • Cody Rhodes talks his year since leaving the WWE.
  • Bully Ray responded to Randy Orton’s tweets on the show today and commented further on the #dive discussion. It’s a lengthier clip but very interesting including this quote: “Some people want to invest in sports entertainment, and some people want to invest in an entertaining sport.” This is from Busted Open radio which can be heard weekdays from 2p-4p ET only on SiriusXM Rush Channel 93 and any time on the SiriusXM app.

Today in Professional Wrestling History (5/15): AJ Styles wins NWA title at Hard Justice 2005

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