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Daily Update: Triller, A&E-WWE, Ultimate Fighter


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JOB LISTING: Web/UI Developer(s)

  • Experience with OnLamp (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)
  • GITHUB and Linux command line experience while be helpful as well.
  • CMS - Drupal and Wordpress. vBulletin
  • Possible experience with AWS (s3 specifically), Dreamhost, UI development
  • Cloud based hosting experience a plus
  • Javascript also a huge plus

While this is a diverse request this doesn't have to be just one person! If you fit any part of this please feel free to inquire.

This is not just for projects related to F4WOnline.

  • Send all inquiries to with title WEB DEVELOPER.
  • If you have inquired before, please send your information again. 

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WON NEWSLETTER: April 19, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WrestleMania 37 review, WWE releases

Our annual WrestleMania issue of the Observer is out this week with full coverage of pro wrestling's biggest event.

We go through all the news of the show, including the booking, the title changes, the finishes, the direction, what did and didn't work, the difference between the two nights, after four examples how does two shows work vs one, the big money WrestleMania main events, the returns, the celebrities and business notes on the show. We also look at next year.

Also in this issue:

Match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results from both nights of WrestleMania and both nights of Takeover, to see how people saw all four of the WWE's big events.

Stone Cold Broken Skull Sessions with Chris Jericho.  We talk about the stories told, Jericho's career, what they did talk about and what was avoided, how this went against usual McMahon policy and why we probably won't be seeing another show like this very soon.  We look at what was said about AEW, New Japan, WWE, some of Jericho's frustrations with WWE that he talked about, the formation of AEW and much more.

The sale of FITE TV to Triller and why it happened this week.

Anthem Entertainment's purchase of Invicta, plans for Invicta on AXS, and a sale that was talked about for Invicta that didn't happen.

WWE cuts, person by person, their strengths and weaknesses and where they would fit in.

WWE international plans, hiring of Adnan Vink as an announcer, new members of the WWE Board of Directors, how much WWE's top executives earned in 2020 and where it came from, Edge and Paul Heyman building Mania, changes in WWE announcing, WWE International numbers and where Raw & Smackdown rank with sports shows of the past week.  We also look at WWE's most-watched streaming clips and a star about to return, as well as the current market value of WWE.

Coverage of Saturday's UFC show, comments on the winning fighters and upcoming booking, along with business notes on the show.

A feature on John Da Silva, who was the biggest babyface and a national hero in New Zealand in the 70s. 

More on Ethel Johnson and sister Babs Wingo, who integrated women's pro wrestling in the Billy Wolfe stable in 1951.  

More detail on ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

Results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

ORDERING INFO: Order the print Wrestling Observer right now and get it delivered via mail, by sending your name, address, Visa or Master Card number and an expiration date to or by going to directing funds to

Rates in the United States are $14.50 for 4 issues, $35.50 for 12, $70 for 24, $116 for 40 and $149.50 for 52.

In Canada and Mexico, the rates are $16 for 4, $27 for 8, $38.50 for 12, $76 for 24, $126 for 40 and $162.50 for 52.

For the rest of the world, rates are $18 for 4, $48.50 for 12, $93 for 24, $155 for 40 and $201.50 for 52.

If you order by mail with a check, cash or money order to P.O. Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228, you can get $1 off in every price range.


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Our weekend show with Bryan Alvarez and I is up on the site right now covering last night's Triller show, the UFC, Smackdown and WWE cuts. Garrett Gonzalez and I also have a Friday night show talking about the news of the last week.

The Triller show was ridiculously popular, even as totally unprofessional as it was. Right now it appears there were 7.2 million searches on Google, which is gigantic, basically that beats anything in combat sports except for Ronda Rousey's biggest fights or something like McGregor-Mayweather. Both days of WrestleMania combined did 750,000. AEW Revolution did 200,000 as a comparison. The UFC show last night head-to-head had 200,000 last night with Robert Whittaker, Tracy Cortez and Jeremy Stephens all cracking the top 20.  For the rest of the week, WWE releases had 20,000 searches on Friday.  Bad Bunny causing a Ticketmaster crash had 1 million searches on Thursday. Jake Paul had 100,000 searches on Tuesday.

A&E is airing two WWE-themed shows tonight. At 8 p.m. will be the first of the eight weeks of WWE profiles, covering Steve Austin. At 10 p.m. will be the new show starring Paul Levesque and Stephanie McMahon covering looking for WWE treasures. The Andre the Giant HBO documentary was the lead-in. Jason Hehir, who did The Last Dance and the Andre HBO documentary did the Austin show.

The Ultimate Fighter returns after a few years on ESPN+ on Tuesday nights starting 6/1.  Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega will coach, to build to a featherweight title match. These are the cast of fighters:

Men's bantamweights:

  • Daniel Argueta (5-0)
  • Brady Hiestand (4-1)
  • Dustin Lampros (5-0)
  • Vince Murdock (11-6)
  • Mitch Raposo (5-0)
  • Joshua Rettinghous (16-5)
  • Liudvik Sholinian (9-1)
  • Ricky Turcios (10-2)

Men's middleweights:

  • Aaron Phillips (5-1)
  • Andre Petroski (5-1)
  • Bryan Battle (4-1)
  • Ryder Newman (3-1)
  • Tresean Gore (3-0)
  • Miles Hunsinger (7-0)
  • Kemran Lachinov (10-3)
  • Gilbert Urbina (6-1)

Greg Schimizzi, a longtime Michigan area timekeeper, passed away on Friday after battling a chronic illness. He had worked on area shows for decades.

Regarding the close scores in a number of last night's UFC fights, here are media scores:

  • Tracy Cortez got 54% of media scores to 38% for Justine Kish and 8% even. Cortez won via split decision.
  • Luis Pena got 31 percent of the media scores to 69 percent for Alexander Munoz, however Pena won the split decision
  • Alexander Romanov got 0% of judges' scores even though he won a split decision over Juan Espino.  Espino got 75 percent and 25 percent had it as a draw.
  • Jessica Penne won a split decision over Loopy Godinez. Media scores had 35 percent for Pena and 65 percent for Godinez.


  • SWE Fury April 17th house show results: SWE Fury had a small card after a charity rodeo event April 17th in Belton TX at the Bad Dog Rodeo Arena, SWE Fury TV Champion Rodney Mac and Texas Champion The Blood Hunter fought to a no contest in a bunkhouse match when Blood Hunters manger Salina De La Renta started lighting hay bails on fire with kerosene fluid referee James Beard threw the match out, Rudy Gonzalez won a 20 man Battle Royal and Moonshine Mantell defeated a local.  Blood Hunter also rode a bull to open the rodeo. The next SWE event is a FITE TV PPV and SWE Fury TV taping this Friday at Southern Junction in Irving TX featuring Sabu, Big Cass, Melina, Gangrel, The Boogeyman, Mark Henry among other stars.  More info at
  • A story on the C.M. Punk movie "Girl on the Third Floor". (thanks to Chuck Langerman)
  • EPW from last night in Perth, Western Australia: Aaron hawk b Davis Storm to win EPW Coastal title, Julian War b Kaz Jordan, Del Cano & Zenith won over Stella Nyx & Chadwick Johnson, Casey Johns & James Hartness  and Dan Moore & Jesse Lambert, Damian Slater b Bruno Nitro, Marcius Pitt b Gavin McGavin, Kiel Steria b Tyler Jacobs, Mikey Nicholls b Robbie Eagles to retain EPW title.  Was told this show was tremendos and Pitt vs. McGavin was a great match.  Next show is 6/12 with Slater vs. Mchael Morleone in a submission match and Edith Night vs. Casey Johns in a street fight.
  • Deathmatch Downunder from last night in Melbourne, Australia: JXT & FOX b Kid Valiant & Zane Zodiac, Aysha & Murdoch b Mitchell Wright & Hector Jones, Jake Navara b Magnificent Mitchell, Caveman Ugg b Tommy Knight, Joel Bateman b Atlas Whittaker in a light tube death match, Callen Butcher & Michael Weaver & Zuzu the Clown b Gweedo & York & Mike Kaos in a fans bring the blocks death match, Tyson Baxter b Shazza McKenzie, Gore b Ritchie Taylor, Aysha & Murdoch b JXT & FOX to become the first tag team champions in tournament final (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • Pro Wrestling Diana from today in Kanagawa:  Dash Chisako & Hanako Nakamori b Nanami & Nagisa Nozaki, Madeline & Asuka (Venny) b Andras Miyagi & Ami Miura, Jaguar Yokota & Shinobu Kandori b Kaoru Ito & Takako Inoue, Haruka Umesaki & Miyuki Takase b Ayame Saasamura & Rina Shingaki to win the Diana tag team titles, Kyoko Inoue b Ayako to to win the Diana title.  Bull Nakano made a surprise appearance to put the belt around Inoue's waist.
  • Tokyo Joshi Pro from yesterday in Tokyo at Korakuen Hall:  Marika Kobashi & Seana Shiori b Moka Miyamoto & Arisu Endo, Miu Watanabe & Raku & Pom Harajuku b Yuna Manase & Mahiro Kiryu & Haruna Neiko, Miyu Yamashita b Hikari Noa, Mirai Maiumi & Suzume won three-way over Yuka Sakazaki & Mizuki and Shoko Nakajima & Hyper Misao, Yuki Kamifuku b Nao Kakua to keep International Princess title, Sakisama & Mei Saint-Michel b Nodoka Tenma & Yuki Aino to win the Princess tag team title, Rika Tatsumi b Maki Itoh to retain Princess of Princess championship
  • Stardom from yesterday in Takazaki: Mina Shirakawa b Lady C, Tam Nakano & Unagki Sayaka b Konami & Rina, Maika & Himeka & Natsupoi b Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani & Hina, Giulia & Syuri d Momo Watanabe & AZM 15:00, Fukigen Death & Natsuko Tora & Ruaka b Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid & Hanan (thanks to Shannon Walsh)

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Jumbo Tsuruta becomes first AJPW Triple Crown Champion