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Daily Update: UFC 214 fallout, Hell in a Cell, G1 results


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We're looking for your thoughts on last night's UFC 214 and the G-1 show yesterday in Nagoya, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to

We're looking for reports on last night's ROH show in Concord, NC as well as today's WWE shows with WWE Raw in Youngstown, OH and Smackdown in Saginaw, MI to

WWE Raw is in Youngstown, OH and Smackdown in Saginaw, MI.


  • David Finlay & Katsuya Kitamura & Tetsuhiro Yagi vs. Bad Luck Fale & Yujiro Takahashi & Chase Owens
  • Togi Makabe & Shota Umino vs. Zack Sabre Jr. & Desperado
  • Yuji Nagata & Tomoyuki Oka vs. Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshi-Hashi
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi & Ryusuke Taguchi vs. Kota Ibushi & Hirai Kawato
  • Hirooki Goto & Jado vs. Tetsuya Naito & Hiromu Takahashi
  • Toru Yano vs. Evil
  • Minoru Suzuki vs Tama Tonga
  • Michael Elgin vs. Seiya Sanada
  • Kenny Omega vs. Satoshi Kojima
  • Kazuchika Okada vs. Juice Robinson  

Monday has Raw in Pittsburgh featuring Samoa Joe vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns plus The Miz interviews Jason Jordan. Smackdown has a house show in Fort Wayne, IN on Monday.


  • Michael Elgin & Jushin Liger vs. Toru Yano & Jado
  • Satoshi Kojima & Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Hirai Kawato vs. Minoru Suzuki & Taichi & Desperado
  • David Finlay & Juice Robinson vs. Seiya Sanada & Bushi
  • Kenny Omega & Chase Owens vs. Evil & Hiromu Takahashi
  • Kazuchika Okada & Gedo vs. Tama Tonga & Yujiro Takahashi
  • Yoshi-Hashi vs. Bad Luck Fale
  • Togi Makabe vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Tomohiro Ishii vs. Yuji Nagata
  • Tetsuya Naito vs. Hirooki Goto
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kota Ibushi

Smackdown and 205 Live will be taped Tuesday in Cleveland, with John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, winner faces Jinder Mahal at SummerSlam, and A.J. Styles vs. Kevin Owens.  

FIGURE FOUR WEEKLY: Figure Four Weekly 7/24/2017: Battleground brings Smackdown to lowest point since brand split

Only days after the one-year anniversary of WWE's most recent attempt at a brand split, SmackDown hit its lowest point since last summer with Battleground. It wouldn't be much of an issue if this were an outlier. Bad pay-per-views are bound to happen and there will always be excuses for them. Stipulations marred things at Battleground, dragging down both John Cena vs. Rusev and the main event.

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WRESTLING OBSERVER NEWSLETTER: July 31, 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Status of rights fees, WWE Battleground review, more

What in many ways is the biggest business news story in sports, the changes in television and future of huge rights fees, in looking at UFC's opening up negotiations for its 2019 TV deal, is the lead story in the current issue, because it also is the first in a new era of declining cable and perhaps money coming from other places, and will probably indicate how WWE's negotiations go a year later.

The new issue is a double issue including a feature on the first MMA events ever held in the U.S. that have been forgotten over time, and what pro wrestling star was part of the catalyst for the organizers in coming up with the idea.

Look at what is being said publicly vs. privately regarding what UFC is hoping for out of its new deal, the aspect of timing, what it means to the overall value of UFC as well as WWE going forward, the value of UFC to FS 1 and FS 2, how Fight Pass fits in, the future of PPV for UFC, where ESPN stands and other networks and interest levels.

Read about WWE heading into SummerSlam, with the new matches, new matches being teased, matches announced and current storylines. Explore the situation with Brock Lesnar, the U.S. title match at Battleground with the unique finish, the schedule of Chris Jericho, as well as full coverage of Battleground with match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

This issue updates the G-1 Climax tournament, including a look at how the style has changed over three years, the tournament quality, the good and the bad of the business and physical demands, who is killing it, standings, schedule and a look at all the key matches.

Check out how TV ratings are going to be changing and have changed, talk of a second Superstar shakeup coming soon, a study of what characters are most popular on YouTube videos, why the pyro cutback was made, Ric Flair 30 for 30 piece, Dwayne Johnson once again talks like he was thinking of going into UFC ten years ago, notes on newcomers headed to WWE, new action figure line, new TV shows  notes, Bruno Sammartino update, and The Broken Hardys update in detail with claims.

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WON BACK ISSUE: July 3, 2000 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: WWF wins lawsuit to go to Viacom, King of the Ring review, more

Delaware Chancery Court Judge William Chandler ruled in favor of the World Wrestling Federation and Viacom on 6/27 in the lawsuit filed by the USA Network, which will result, officially, in September, for all WWF cable programming moving to Viacom stations TNN and MTV. Chandler ruled against USA Network's claim that their right of first refusal in the contract, which expires in September, only pertains to the four wrestling shows on the network and not to an overall marketing deal between Viacom and the WWFE as a company.

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In last night's Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier fight, two judges had it even at 19-19 going into the third and one had it 20-18 for Jones. A lot of people had it 20-18 for Cormier as both rounds were close.

To the surprise of almost nobody, the Royal Rumble sold out instantaneously at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

For the first time in history, betting odds have been put up for a TV match, Tuesday's John Cena vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match. Cena is the -160 favorite and Nakamura is +120.  At those odds, there's no smart money involved.

The Hell in a Cell PPV takes place this year on 10/8 in Detroit at the new Little Caesar's Arena.

We'll have coverage on the front page soon, but the results for today's G-1 show in Gifu were:

  • Evil (4-1) beat Toru Yano (1-4)
  • Minoru Suzuki (3-2) beat Tama Tonga (2-3)
  • Seiya Sanada (3-2) beat Michael Elgin (2-3)
  • Kenny Omega (4-1) beat Satoshi Kojima (0-5)
  • Kazuchika Okada (5-0) beat. Juice Robinson (0-5) Yano, Kojima, and Robinson have been mathematically eliminated from winning.


  • John Cena will be on the 9/24 Raw PPV show, No Mercy at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Cena is also announced for an 8/27 Raw house show in Tupelo, MS against Samoa Joe. The rest of the Raw show is the same as they are doing everywhere. 
  • WWE has trademarked the term Taboo Tuesday.
  • Brock Lesnar will be on the 8/7 Raw TV show from Toronto and the 8/14 show in Boston. At least at this point he's not advertised for 8/21 at the Barclays Center. He's usually on shows the day after the big PPVs.
  • There wasn't a lot of TV news coverage for WWE's final show at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit last night. The NBC station did close the newscast with footage of Tye Dillinger at the arena looking at Detroit Red Wings history and memorabilia since he's a big hockey fan. (thanks to Jake Koch). Here is a story on the show.
  • Xavier Woods and Brennan Williams were at ConBravo, a gaming/anime/YouTube convention in Hamilton, ONT on Friday. They did autographs and were part of a gaming competition called "Super Feud," facing with other groups of gaming comedian YouTubers. They were playing Mario Party 2. Woods and Williams played under the name Kawaiii Muscles. They did some entrances and promos and a member of Team Four Star told Woods he's got a favorite wrestler and then took off his shirt, revealing a Kenny Omega six star shirt. Williams tried to lead fans in chanting "Muscles, Muscles." 
  • Ric Flair was on SportsCenter on Friday night since he threw out the first pitch at the Cincinnati Reds game. They showed old WCW interview clips and had him doing his "whoo."  
  • Chris Jericho publicly noted he celebrated his 17th wedding anniversary this weekend. 
  • I'm still not sure what this is about and nothing was said about it last night, but Cris Cyborg and Becky Lynch are working a program with each other on Twitter.
  • Today would have been the 84th birthday of Captain Lou Albano. 


  • There were 2.8 million searches on Google over the weekend relating to the UFC PPV, which is a huge number. Dana White claimed last night it was tracking at 1 million buys, which, well, we'll see. Adrien Broner vs. Mickey Garcia's fight had 200,000. Nothing besides UFC was more than 500,000.
  • Last night's show was strong, maybe the best of the year with the exception of the Tyron Woodley vs. Demian Maia fight. Dana White blasted Woodley and said with the way he fought that he's not getting a match with Georges St-Pierre next. St-Pierre and Michael Bisping have been wanting to face each other anyway. White said that Bisping will defend the middleweight title against St-Pierre (Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times and Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting listed that as taking place on 11/4 in Madison Square Garden) and the winner of that fight will face Robert Whittaker to unify the belts in 2018. White said Whittaker has a knee injury. He said he made that decision in the fifth round of Woodley vs. Maia after saying it would be GSP vs Woodley earlier.
  • UFC is be doing its first show in mainland China on 11/25 in Shanghai at the Mercedes Benz Arena, the same arena WWE has already played. Tickets will go on sale on 8/1 for 3,000 presale tickets at 10 percent off before the regular arena goes on sale at regular prices on 8/17. UFC will also be sending fighters regularly to Shanghai for meet and greets, with Max Holloway the first to go on 8/3 and 8/4.
  • Picks for last night 5-0:  Tom Lawlor 4-1:  Mike Sempervive, Josh Nason, Mike Sawyer, Me, John Pollock, Steve Juon, Front Row Brian and Paul Fontaine 3-2:  David Bixenspan, Ryan Frederck


  • We had a report that Mike Mondo was injured at a show last night. They stopped the show and he was taken out. We're looking for more details.
  • Fight Club Pro on Friday night in Wolverhampton, England before 700 fans: Mark Andrews b Elijah, Mark Haskins b Kyle Fletcher, Jordan Devlin won three-way over Spud 2002 and Mark Davis, Chris Brookes & Mondaui Lykos b Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow, Omari b Keith Lee, Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae b Shay Purser & Session Moth Martina, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven & Pete Dunne b Travis Banks & Low Ki & Jeff Cobb. Omari vs. Lee got great reviews, saying it was comparable to if Tomohiro Ishii faced Hirai Kawato. The main event went 37 minutes with a lot of good stuff but not all of it clicking, and Cobb looked really impressive.
  • Eita vs. Bate & Seven & Dunne and Sami Callihan & Dave & Jake Crist vs. Bate & Seven & Dunne on 9/23. (thanks to Jan Buxton)
  • Donald Nemeth, the brother of Dolph Ziggler, pleaded guilty on Friday to charges of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 34-year-old Joseph Mascot, who was shot three times. Prosecutors claimed that Nemeth had tried to rob Mascot in a drug deal gone bad, they started fighting and Nemeth pulled out a gun and shot him. A trial was to start on Monday. Nemeth and another suspect, Jack King, had blamed each other and were set to go on trial together. They were facing possible life in prison if they went to trial on charges of aggravated murder. 
  • Update on some Evolve shows: 8/11 in Joppa, MD on Flo Slam at 8 p.m. has Walter defending the Progress Atlas title against Fred Yehi, Lio Rush vs. Matt Riddle in a non-title match, Keith Lee vs. Timothy Thatcher, Chris Dickinson & Jaka vs. ACH & Ethan Page, Anthony Henry & James Drake to defend the tag titles and more. 8/12 in Queens, NY at 4 p.m. has Riddle defending the WWN title in a four-way against Keith Lee, Tracy Williams and Walter, plus Mark Haskins vs. Austin Theory, Thatcher vs Darby Allin and Page vs ACH. More stars from Progress are to be announced.
  • Shimmer will be doing tapings on 11/11 and 11/12 in Berwyn, IL at the Eagles Club.
  • GWF is doing something with the local media as two DJS from radio station FM 96.9 The Game will be in opposite corners betting a steak dinner in a match that will air on the 8/17 Destination X live show. Brandon Kravitz will manage Kongo Kong against Mike Bianchi, the local sports columnist in the Orlando Sentinel, who will manage Kong's opponent, who has yet to be named.
  • Style Battle on 8/4 on Flo Slam has Fred Yehi vs. Jarek 1:20, Caleb Konley vs. Barrett Brown, John Skyler vs. Thomas Sharp and Chip Day vs. Ethan Case.
  • Insane Championship Wrestling from last night in Glasgow, Scotland: Grado said he couldn't compete on the show due to other commitments. He was there. Mikey Whiplash b Stevie Boy in a dog collar match, Kid Fite b Bull James, Super Crazy b Jody Fleisch, Kasey b Kay Lee Ray to win the womens' title, Joe Hendry b Lion Heart, Kenny Williams b Zack Gibson in a ladder match to win the Zero G title, Dickie Divers b Thomas Kearins, Pete Dunne won over BT Gunn, Trent Seven and Wolfgang to keep the WWE UK title, Noam Dar & Sha Samuels b Joe Coffey & Bram. 
  • Alternative Wrestling show from last night in South Gate, CA: Pizza Cat b Human Tornado, B-Boy b Jake Atlas, Buggy Nova & Crystal White & Hudson Envy b Shotzi Blackheart & Delilah Doom & Amale Winchester, Hernandez b Che Cabrera, SoCal Crazy b Peter Avalon, Bestia 666 b Lil Cholo, Timothy Thatcher b Tristan Archer, Nicole Savoy b Sage Sin Supreme, Super Beast & Body King & Tyler Bateman NC Ray Rosas & Tito Escondido & Rico Dynamite, Ruby Raze b Taya in a no DQ bloodbath. Raze bled like crazy and this was said to be the best non-WWE women's match in Southern California this year. (thanks to Steve Bryant)
  • Best in the West TV from yesterday in Fresno: Nurse Ratchett b Desi DeRata, Manny Feberino b Alexander Bernard, Virgil Flynn & Funnybone b Wiseguy & Niko. (thanks to Jon Southerland) 
  • IPW UK from yesterday in Croydon, UK: Muscles Mansfield won seven man scrum, Sammy Smooth b Rayman, Marc Lloyd b Hakan, Keith Lee b Cieran Donnelly, Sid Scala b Fentos Mike Broly b Jonathan Windsor, Danny Duggan b Josh Shooter, TJ Hurley won Battle Royal. Lee vs. 190 pound Donnelly tore the house down.
  • Scott Teal has reprinted his programs from the 1975-80. A full 28 years before Crowbar Press came into existence, Scott Teal introduced his first mainstream publication -- SLAM-O-GRAM -- a program sold at the wrestling matches in Tennessee, Alabama & Kentucky. The first issue was produced and sold on October 10, 1975, and 244 issues were published during the almost five years they were sold in arenas. The programs weren't the slick, mass-produced programs you find in arenas today. They were simply photos and articles put together and printed on 11x17 sheets of paper that gave fans the information about their favorites wrestlers and storylines that they needed and wanted.
  • A story on the Mulkey Brothers.
  • Nathan Orton, Randy's brother, is working as a comedian.

Today in Pro Wrestling History: Stan Hansen wins PWF World title

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