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Daily Update: UFC notes, Scott Steiner, Eita


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WON NEWSLETTER: August 3, 2020 Observer Newsletter: WWE has most profitable quarter ever

The most in-depth look at WWE business is the focal point of this week's double issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

WWE set an all-time record for profits even while having no revenue from arena shows or live event merchandise. We go through the key places the cost savings came from and how reliant the company is now on television money.  We also have notes on investors grilling Vince McMahon about the declining ratings and the firing of Paul Heyman and his responses.

The new issue also covers:

Huge growth in June of the WWE Network, the reasons it happened, and whether or not it's sustainable. We give a realistic reason for the growth as well as a WWE-speak version. We look at the change in marketing strategy and the early returns from this change; We look at where analysts were wrong about profitability, how the stock price rose, and why the rising level wasn't that much because of many analysts long-term concern and why.

The difference in tax rate, current market value of the company, why the big talent cuts played no part in these profits and how the profits should go once that talent that was let go is no longer being paid.

What the company is now talking about doing with all the extra cash on hand because the pandemic greatly helped short-term business.

Where the stock price really should be based on the sure-fire profits through 2024, and why it's still much lower. We also look at the Raw and Smackdown numbers for quarter two, how they compare to last year, and break through  just the numbers to look at the impact of wrestling on the USA Network both last year and this year.

More changes in the WWE Network strategy, updates on WrestleMania in Los Angeles, how soon Vince McMahon thinks before ratings turn around, building new stars, Vince's reason why AEW numbers are holding up better than Raw or Smackdown, safety measures, and even the WWE Hall of Fame.

The health of Antonio Inoki and look at his disease.

The merger of several Japanese companies and what it really means.

We also look at long-term WWE stock analysis.

Update on Rey Mysterio and WWE, WWE hires a new major executive from NBC, Update on people furloughed, departure of Kairi Sane, constant booking plan changes, Randy Orton talks philosophy of wrestling, Lance Storm talks his own status, Xavier Woods wants non-wrestling gig, Kurt Angle talks his retirement, where wrestlnig stands in sports ratings, update on U.K. ratings, strange Bruce Prichard/Nick Aldis story, return of Kyle O'Reilly as well as the most watched shows on the WWE Network.

A feature on Regis Philbin and his long association with pro wrestling. We look at where it started, where it didn't take place, how Philbin started using WWF talent and what segment nearly ended it.

New Japan's Sengoku Lord show with match-by-match coverage, business notes, poll results and star ratigns. We also look at the history of pro wrestling at Jingu Stadium, why New Japan booked a stadium show with such little advance time, the creation of the new KOPW title, and the famous world champion vs world champion match at the stadium in 1994.

This past week's UFC show, the final event of the Abu Dhabi Fight Island series.

The career of Zoltan Boscik, one of the great technical wrestlers of the 60s and 70s and a television regular. Despite being less than 150 pounds and having nothing of an impressive look, Boscik was a two-time British lightweight champion and a regular world title contender.

Ratings of all the major shows, the key demos and quarters for AEW and WWE, what happened head-to-head and what can be learned from them.

Results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

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Our weekend show is on the site right now, talking about Rollerball Mark Rocco, WWE financials, different tournaments, WWE draft and Eric Bischoff. We will have a new show after Raw tomorrow night.

Both Japan and Australia who seemed to have a handle on COVID-19 and started easing restrictions, have had recent outbreaks. Since their recovery was far ahead of ours, this is not a good sign. Here is a story on Japan.

The famed Shoney's in Acworth, GA that Scott Steiner owned announced today that it is closing, with COVID-19's effect on business being the cause.

Trevin Giles, who collapsed backstage prior to his scheduled fight with Kevin Holland on the UFC show, at first thought to be due to nerves, was diagnosed with a heart irregularity. Joanne Calderwood, who was also hospitalized after collapsing backstage after her loss to Jennifer Maia, was released from the hospital and is resting at home. Apparently when she collapsed, her coach/fiance John Wood was right there and caught her before she hit the floor or she could have been injured from the fall.

Dana White said that Maia, with her win, will get a shot at flyweight world champion Valentina Shevchenko.

Eita captured the Open the Dream Gate title beating Naruki Doi in 31:46 on today's show in Wakayama that is up on the Dragon Gate Network. The tag titles also changed hands with Kota Minoura & Jason Lee winning the titles from Kazma Sakamoto & BxB Hulk.   


  • Roman Reigns will be appearing on The R-Truth Game show on the WWE Network.  So if you read people teasing Roman Reigns return to WWE television is imminent, it's misleading clickbait.
  • During last night's Montreal Canadiens vs. Pittsburgh Penguins NHL game, the league paid tribute to local heroes in each of the Eastern Conference cities. For Tampa Bay,one of the names listed was Thaddeus Bullard, which is the real name of Titus O'Neil. O'Neil noted that this was done due to his work and support of "We Skate for Black Lives," a local campaign he was involved with.


  • Nick Diaz, who is still on the roster but hasn't fought in forever, turned 37 today.  In 13 years he may look back and realize the opportunity was there to be set for life and then some, and then again, maybe he won't care about that at all.
  • Mike Perry, after all his issues, tweeted this last night:  "I want to be a better role model for my family.  First for my unborn son. My Queen and for myself, so I can earn the respect I deserve. To my sponsors and my bosses at UFC, I want to apologize for how my actions have impacted our relationships. I will be better all around."    
  • Tanner Boser, who has won two fights by stoppage in the last few weeks, is slated to face Andrei Arlovski on the 10/3 UFC show. 


  • PWInsider has reported that Chris Jericho has applied for a trademark for the term "Demo God".
  • The AEW women's tag team tournament starts tomorrow on a YouTube show that will be released at 7 p.m.


  • One of the U.K.'s top heavyweights of the last 30 years, Tony St. Clair went through a horrible 24 hour period.  His wife, who had been battling cancer for two decades, passed away, and then Rollerball Rocco, his best friend since before they both started in wrestling, passed away.
  • Nothing this past week made Google searches. This would be the first UFC show since the pandemic to have not cracked the list so it likely had the least interest.  Nothing in pro wrestling, MMA or boxing over the past week was of any significant mainstream interest.
  • ROH has put up a job listing for a Graphic Designer
  • IPW results from last night in Auckland, New Zealand: Charlie Roberts b Hours, Vinny Dunn b Sam Black, Will Stone b Zac Hyde, Falcon Kidd b Marcus Kool, Sir Mr. Burns won four-way over Matty Short, Liger and T-Rex, Candy Lee b Frankie Quinn to keep women's title, Jake Sheehan b Jamie Tagataese to win the New Zealand heavyweight title in a fans bring the weapons match.
  • FS1 tonight at midnight (9 p.m. Pacific) is airing Roller Games with the Los Angeles T-Birds. I believe this is the 1990 Alligator Pit season as opposed to the popular version from the 60s and 70s but i'm not sure of that. But FS2 aired it last night as well.  
  • Adelaide Championship Wrestling returns on 8/22 (thanks to Kevin Chiat)
  • A story on George Kittle's garage and that he has WrestleMania chairs. (thanks to Mike Kuzmuk)

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Ron Simmons wins WCW World title