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Daily Update: WrestleMania fallout, taping notes, Tom Dempsey


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Tonight's WrestleMania starting at about 6:30 p.m. with the pre-show match:

  • Natalya vs. Liv Morgan (preshow)
  • Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler
  • Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley'
  • Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Austin Theory for tag titles
  • Bayley vs. Naomi vs. Lacey Evans vs. Tamina for Smackdown women's title
  • Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair for NXT women's title
  • John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House match
  • Edge vs Randy Orton last man standing 
  • Brock Lesnar vs. Drew McIntyre for WWE title

There are no odds since these matches were taped a week ago and there are people who know the finishes. They did not tape multiple finishes, and it would have been a waste to do so since Raw for tomorrow was taped and was built around discussion of the aftermath so everyone involved with that show had to know their finishes. Like last night, it looks like about a three-and-a-half hour show, which is very manageable and worked last night as well if not better than could be hoped for given the lack of fans. There are still the issues with doing the show, calling it WrestleMania, and all.  But you have to credit the talent last night for working very hard without the adrenaline of an audience, and the production people for putting the Undertaker-Styles thing together.

With editing, the matches should be enhanced in the sense any moves missed can be covered up or were redone, which was an advantage over life empty arena shows, but it's still empty arena wrestling.

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WON NEWSLETTER: April 6, 2020 Observer Newsletter: Florida lockdown, WrestleMania preview

A look at plans for AEW and WWE tapings, the guidelines set forth by Donald Trump, how both companies violated them, and why UFC simply can't adhere to them is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

It's a news-packed issue giving the full background of WrestleMania including the dollars lost by WWE in doing the show the way they did, why the reasons for doing it now make no sense, who was taken off the show and why, what key thing that relates to both fighting and pro wrestling that makes certain people higher risk that everyone is ignoring, where the WWE medical staff failed at their jobs with Roman Reigns and others, the WWE's false advertising, Reigns speaks on why he didn't do the show, Brie Bella talks on why she had mixed feelings on Daniel Bryan doing the show, plus a match-by-match rundown with thoughts on everything.

The new issue also covers:

The changes in WrestleMania business, why what seems to make no sense has a long-term thought process but where it may be flawed, why WWE flooded television with product this week and why it's dangerous not to keep this up.

The falling apart of the Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight, what Nurmagomedov and Dana White said this week as well  Tony Ferguson's demands ad who else was in contention for top spots on the show.  Joe Rogan also talks why he's not doing the show no matter what, as well as the reaction of the other leading groups while UFC insists on going forward.

The hidden story that nobody has talked about regarding a pro wrestling event where the coronavirus has already spread.

New WWE television deals, a major WWE deal ends and why. What WWE stars head the most popular YouTube shows, Canadian TV ratings, U.K. TV ratings, Drew McIntyre talks WrestleMania, Seth Rollins talks operating a small business during these times, Edge talks about how he's improved his promos, WWE market value plus the most-watched shows of the past week on the WWE network.

The Japanese scene, who is still running, who isn't, what shows were canceled last minute as well as the state of sports in Japan and South Korea.

Six months from now or longer, when people are allowed to go to live entertainment events who things may change greatly and who is hurts the most. 

Live attendance, television numbers the future of television and streaming and how it also affects the smaller groups.

DAZN's decision to withhold payments to sorts leagues and what that says about its future.

Update the arrest of Jon Jones, with details on his plea bargain, what happened when he was stopped, the government's reaction to Jones, both officers and their report as well as Jones' reaction to what happened.

A look back at the 2019 Wrestling Observer awards with comments on a number of categories, who was and wasn't deserving, the closest categories, and more on winners and close placings.

A feature on the life and career of Dean Silverstone, a former promoter and historian who was one of the key people in keeping wrestlers from the past in touch with each other through the Cauliflower Alley Club.  We look at his role in wrestling, how he first got into wrestling, his promotion, his book, life after wrestling and how he got back into wrestling through his wife and ripper Collins.

Full coverage of all the WWE and AEW television shows from the past week.

In-depth looks at the ratings of all the major shows, the key demos and quarters for AEW and WWE, what happened head-to-head and what can be learned from them.

Results of all the major pro wrestling events around the world over the past week. 

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Bryan and I will be back tonight talking the second night of WrestleMania, as well as any other news.  You can send questions to the show to We're looking for your thoughts on both nights of WrestleMania. We have polls for last night show and another for tonight's show, thumbs up, down or in the middle, best and worst match to

Dana White and Vince McMahon were on the call with President Trump yesterday. The key was telling the major heads of sports that he wanted sports back as soon as possible and talked August, which would be right before the Republican convention is scheduled, and in particular wanted to start the NFL season on time.  He also wanted to create tax incentives to get fans to buy tickets again if they are leery. Gavin Newsom, the Governor of California was very skeptical of that timetable and noted that they would be listening to what the doctors and scientists say before allowing anything in that state.

Regarding last night's A.J. Styles vs. Undertaker match, Michael Hayes was the producer of the show and Paul Levesque was also very hands on with it. This was considered a huge success and I would expect more things like this going forward. This also would lead to the idea of Matt Hardy doing similar since he pioneered the concept with Impact several years ago.

There was very much a thing regarding finishes that as much as possible, due to the times we are living in, they wanted babyfaces going over. 

The first day of WrestleMania had 1 million searches on Google. That's a very low number as you would expect closer to 2-3 million. So prelim indicators are that the idea that with no sports, people would flock to WrestleMania right now doesn't look to have been the case. Other combat sports related searches yesterday were Yaya Mayweather, Floyd's daughter, at 1 million for her allegedly stabbing someone; Joe Rogan at 50,000 for saying he would vote for Donald Trump over Joe Biden, and Ric Flair at 50,000 for doing p.r. work saying that WrestleMania should have gone on.

Regarding WWE attempting to tape this week in Orange County, FL (Orlando or Winter Park), Mayor Jerry Demings is expected to toughen up his stay at home order and extend it past 4/9.  Smackdown, the first show they don't have in the can, would be a day later. In theory, that would mean it is shut down. From a WWE source, when it comes to this shut-down, the term was in theory and in reality are two different things. We know the plan was to do a new Smackdown show from an empty arena on Friday. Regarding UFC, there is no new word, other than the plan was 4/18 somewhere in Florida. 


  • Becky Lynch was on SportsCenter this morning and it was brought up she had beaten two of the Four Horsewomen, with Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler  She said two down and two to go. The other two, Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke, are in NXT, but haven't been focused on as of late. She put over Baszler as an MMA pioneer and longest reigning champion. Lynch vs. Baszler is not meant to be over. It may not be Lynch's next match, but it is something right now they are planning on going back to.
  • The security guards last night in the Goldberg open were Chico Adams, who did a squash for Jake Hager on Dynamite recently, and Alex Pax aka Alejandro Sanchez.


  • Ray Longo, whose camp includes one of the experts on COVID-19, explains why UFC should be canceling events and how he has to train Chris Weidman through Facetime.


  • The No. 1 searched topic so far today is the death of Tom Dempsey, who passed away due to the coronavirus at the age of 73. He lived in a retirement community where the disease spread and there have been multiple deaths. Dempsey was an NFL place kicker born without toes and part of his right foot, nor fingers on his right hand, and for decades held the NFL record with a 63-yard field goal in 1970. It was one of the most memorable sports moments of that period.  Dempsey, who also suffered from dementia, used to claim he was a former pro wrestler in California in the 70s, but he was a very well known celebrity and it's simply impossible in that era that him doing pro wrestling would not have been a huge story at the time. In 2013 the New York Times in a story on him published that he was a former pro wrestler, and when told by people in wrestling that wasn't the case, said they had no reason not to believe Dempsey.
  • Inside Edition had a feature on the new Bruno Sammartino movie. (thanks to Chris Cruise)
  • Ted DiBiase and Jim Duggan are guests on the new "Drinks with Johnny," with Johnny Christ of the band Avenged Sevenfold. The episode was taped at the beginning of February in Los Angeles.
  • Mike Mooneyham did a story on the rivalry between Jack Brisco and Dory Funk Jr. over the NWA world title from 1970-75 which was one of the classic programs in pro wrestling history.

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