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Daily Update: WWE notes, Rush-Shane Taylor, Trey Miguel


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While this is a diverse request this doesn't have to be just one person! If you fit any part of this please feel free to inquire.

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WON NEWSLETTER: February 8, 2021 Observer Newsletter: WWE breaks revenue records, AEW/NJPW deal

Our lead story in this week's Observer covers WWE finances.  We look at the direct numbers of WWE, revenue, profits, value of the company on Wall Street,  what was up and why, what was down and why, exactly how much WWE took in on TV rights, network and merchandise.  We look at what the company's top priorities are for 2021, why the stock price is down, plus Vince McMahon, WWE President Nick Khan, CBO Stephanie McMahon and CFO Kristina Salen comment on the company.

They talk the Peacock deal, the Indian and Latin American markets, new television products, how much COVID cost the company in revenue and costs of the Thunderdome set-up as compared to the old way of doing things.  

The issue also covers:

Ratings, as well as what USA would be doing without WWE, and WWE's declines as compared to cable and network TV as a whole, how much money WWE has taken in and profited, or lost, every year since 1994.

Update the New Japan/AEW relationship, the different steps over the past few years from New Japan blowing off AEW to them doing business with the KENTA vs. Jon Moxley program, why it happened and where things stand now.

Royal Rumble, including how everyone did, stories behind the matches, age of men's talent in WWE vs AEW and the message loud and clear, two of the main events scheduled for WrestleMania, match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

New Japan deal with Roku and what this means both short and long-term, as well as other people who had interest.  We look at the keys to the deal decision going the way it did.

Viewing experience for fans from Peacock, John Cena WrestleMania notes, NXT Takeover card, update on the Dusty Classic shows, two top WWE stars talk their recent positive tests for COVID, details behind the firings of Lars Sullivan and Steve Cutler, update on Vince McMahon/Oliver Luck lawsuit, Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley talk Undertaker remarks, International TV ratings, how wrestling does in comparison to other sports in the ratings, Bill Goldberg talks MMA, background of Reginald, Cesar update, new WWE signing and most watched shows of the past week on the WWE Network.

NJPW New Beginning in Nagoya, with match-by-match coverage, poll results, and where things are going next.

Giant Baba Memorial show.

Television ratings of the past week, including segment-by-segment numbers for the past two weeks on Wednesday, who was watching in different age groups, how different segments did on Raw & Smackdown and more.

ORDERING INFO: Order the print Wrestling Observer right now and get it delivered via mail, by sending your name, address, Visa or Master Card number and an expiration date to or by going to directing funds to

Rates in the United States are $14.50 for 4 issues, $35.50 for 12, $70 for 24, $116 for 40 and $149.50 for 52.

In Canada and Mexico, the rates are $16 for 4, $27 for 8, $38.50 for 12, $76 for 24, $126 for 40 and $162.50 for 52.

For the rest of the world, rates are $18 for 4, $48.50 for 12, $93 for 24, $155 for 40 and $201.50 for 52.

If you order by mail with a check, cash or money order to P.O. Box 1228, Campbell, CA 95009-1228, you can get $1 off in every price range.


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  • On Instagram, Bianca Belair posted some behind-the-scenes pictures from after her Royal Rumble win. Belair wrote: “The love backstage was MAD REAL! #RoyalRumble I love y’all so much! And to all my virtual best friends I love y’all too! This has been a wild fun ride! @rhearipley_wwe ‘We are The FUTURE! And The FUTURE is NOW.' Our picture is worth a thousand words! forreal FORREAL! My Husband @montezfordwwe When I came through the curtain you were the first person I came to... I couldn’t find my words, I had no idea what to do or say so I looked at you and said ‘can we pray?’ You prayed for me, on me, and over me in this moment. I love you. @tripleh I finally got my ‘point’ picture!!!! Why it sound like I just did my award acceptance speech”
  • Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports have interviews with Belar.
  • While speaking with the Sporting News, Edge revealed when he found out Christian would be in the Royal Rumble: “I was one of the few that was privy to the fact that he got cleared a few months ago. We didn't know he was going to be in the Rumble until Friday, though. I was in the midst of driving down to his house from North Carolina to stay for the weekend. And then we found out and we're like ‘OK, well, we'll drive over to the Rumble together then.’”
  • Edge posted on Instagram today: “Finally home! What a week. 1500 miles driven. Royal Rumble. Raw. NXT. Smackdown. 80 minutes in the ring in 2 days. Feel like I went 12 rounds against a tag team of a grizzly bear and a silverback, but somehow still I feel better than I thought I would. WrestleMania main event, here I come.”
  • Edge was the guest on Thursday’s episode of Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast.
  • Damian Priest spoke to Sportskeeda about Triple H being the one to tell him when his main roster call-up was official: “He wanted to tell me face to face and shake my hand and congratulate me. I appreciate that he was the one just cause he's helped me so much, and he believed in me. That's the main thing. Like he's actually believed in me and helped me to believe that it's okay to be myself. So I was really appreciative that he was the one and the words he said to me, you know like, as far as like going forward and it was super cool."
  • Sasha Banks will be the honorary starter for this year's Daytona 500.
  • Jey Uso appeared on SmackDown last night for the first time since January 15. Uso, who wasn’t medically cleared for the Royal Rumble, didn’t wrestle on last night’s show.
  • Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode debuted new entrance music on last night's SmackDown.
  • Shawn Michaels told Sports Illustrated about understanding where Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is at this point in his career: “Your age, that number, it drives you. Before that match, Undertaker and I acknowledged that people on the card were younger, faster and even better, so we tapped into our strength. We harnessed experience, 20 years of a backstory, and focused on what we did best. I know the two worlds are very different, but we knew how to tell the story and Brady knows how to win the game. If Brady is great on Sunday, it’s not going to be because of his scrambling ability or long runs. He’s going to have to play to the best of his ability, doing what he does best. That was the same premise behind what I did, which wasn’t X’s and O’s like football. I knew, in order to be great, I had to play into the storytelling aspect of wrestling.”
  • Johnny Gargano appeared on the latest episode of This Week in Marvel.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena from the February 13, 2003 episode of SmackDown, Roman Reigns vs. Samoa Joe from the February 6, 2017 episode of Raw, and the Tag Team title Elimination Chamber match from Elimination Chamber 2015.

Other Wrestling

  • On Tuesday’s episode of ROH Week By Week, ROH will announce the date for when Shane Taylor is getting his shot at Rush’s ROH World Championship.
  • While appearing on Taylor Wilde’s Wilde On podcast, Trey Miguel discussed why he didn’t join NXT with his Rascalz stablemates Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz: “Zach’s married and Dez is engaged now and they just need wrestling in a different way than I do right now, if that makes sense. They need it to do different things for them than I do, and I also think that -- I don’t mean to sound like I’m speaking bad about Impact, but I feel like they ran out of things to do with The Rascalz, you know what I mean? And there’s no need in just staying if there’s nothing to do and I have ideas for Impact and I have things I wanna do and things I haven’t gotten done yet and I don’t want to leave without having that done. And Impact also affords me the luxury of being able to stay home, which is like super duper important to me because we have a wrestling school here and I’m one of the head trainers there and I’m there every single day and I’m so close to the kids we have there and the other trainers too and I have a lot of family here and wrestling has my heart more than anything in the world, but I’ve just been through so much personally that I can’t pull myself from my family right now. I just really can’t, I can’t do that, and especially, I have a brother that passed away in 2013 and -- it’s life. But my oldest brother just had my most recent nephew and he was born premature because his mother felt ill so they actually induced her, and he’s actually -- he’s home now but he was in isolated care for two months and they named him after my late brother and it’s just like I couldn’t imagine moving to f*cking Orlando, Florida a month after this little miracle, you know what I mean? That’s not it for me, and it’s not like if I don’t go to Orlando, I don’t get to wrestle anymore. I still get to wrestle more than anyone at NXT. I train whenever I want.”
  • Britt Baker will be getting her first AEW action figure.

Daily Pro Wrestling History: Harley Race defeats Terry Funk for NWA title