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Daily Update: WWE stock, Drew McIntyre, Sean Waltman


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  • Possible experience with AWS (s3 specifically), Dreamhost, UI development
  • Cloud based hosting experience a plus
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While this is a diverse request this doesn't have to be just one person! If you fit any part of this please feel free to inquire.

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WON NEWSLETTER: January 25, 2021 Observer Newsletter: Why a quarantine policy could affect wrestling & MMA

We've got a double issue of the Observer out this week with notes on how President Biden's new policies on international travel will affect wrestlers and fighters from different countries.

Also in this issue:

The new WrestleMania plans, including how the Super Bowl plays into it, the time frame for the shows for both nights, the inside hopes for attendance and how the dynamic is different this year as to what gets announced.  We also look at the decision making in regards to Dallas and Los Angeles, update the Royal Rumble and also have notes on match plans.

Coverage of Impact Hard to Kill, with notes on the key angles, the departure of Madison Rayne, Taya Valkyrie and Ethan Page, Page's scathing words after his departure, plus match-by-match coverage with star ratings and poll results.

Dwayne Johnson's new TV show about his life, new WWE signees, Dusty Rhodes men's and women's tournament, Kofi Kingston talks his injury, WWE television personality gets an ESPN TV show, A.J. Styles talks retirement, lawsuit update, where wrestling shows ranked with network sports, who is looking for new entrance music, what aspect of WWE's major events are they trying to sell, why Raw will have two very tough dates for competition soon, as well as the most-watched shows of the past week on the WWE Network.

Coverage of both UFC shows over the past week and the story behind Max Holloway's setting records.

A story on the life of Paul Varelans, an early star of UFC and MMA around the world, as well as his different forays with four different pro wrestling companies as well as his infamous angle with Taz in ECW. For the first time, Missy Hyatt talks publicly about the situation plus comments from all involved. We look at the tournament days of UFC, crazy street fights, and much more.

A story on the life of Guy Hauray, the voice of WWF in France for a generation. 

A story on famous carnival shooter and pro wrestler Dick Cardinal, who was the oldest living pro wrestler at the time of his death. 

History of the biggest draws in pro wrestling each year from 1916 to 2020, including what wrestlers were No. 1 for the most years. 

Win-loss record of every WWE talent in 2020 including who wrestled the most dates, who never lost, who never won and more.

Television ratings of the past week, segment-by-segment numbers for the past two weeks on Wednesday, who was watching in different age groups, how different segments did on Raw & Smackdown.

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  • WWE stock was up more than six percent today, closing the day at $57.46 per share. Wrestlenomics tweeted: "WWE stock closed on the day up 6% following some upgrades from stock analysts. Yesterday the stock fell by a few percent on the day of the Peacock news. Today it jumped higher."
  • During his show-opening promo on last night’s Raw, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre said he’s dedicating his match against Goldberg at the Royal Rumble to everyone who’s dealing with COVID-19. McIntyre thanked everyone for the outpouring of support he received after he tested positive for COVID-19. McIntyre said he got so lucky that he only had a little bit of fatigue and lost his sense of smell while he had the virus. McIntyre said he was training by day four and is 100 percent for his title match against Goldberg for Sunday’s PPV. Last night was McIntyre’s in-person return to Raw after missing the previous two weeks due to testing positive for COVID-19.
  • In an interview with Sportskeeda, McIntyre said a cinematic match against “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship isn’t something he’s interested in right now: “Maybe eventually, not right now. I'm WWE Champion and I think, in fact I know, like the way I've been building the title, it's about the honor and respect and about wrestling. And there's room on the show for everything, a little bit something for everybody, different characters. It'd be boring if everyone was the same and The Fiend's unique character is so incredible, so out there, but I don't think that's something I think I want to mix the WWE title with. Like that's for, you know that portion of the audience and for me as a fan to watch and be blown away by the spectacle. But when it comes to the WWE Championship, I expect it to be in a wrestling match. You know, like man-on-man, fighting over the title with respect and honor. And that's what I'm all about, that's how I've tried to represent the title and that's how I think it should be represented. Not in a comedic fashion or an outlanding fashion, but a realistic wrestling environment."
  • Edge tweeted on his one-year anniversary of returning to the ring at the 2020 Royal Rumble: “One year ago. Feels like a decade doesn’t it? Last years story was once in a lifetime. No sense trying to recreate that. Impossible. I don’t have you there. This year my journey is different. I’m not just happy to be back. I want back what I never lost and it starts this Sunday.”
  • Paul “Triple H” Levesque told Sports Illustrated about John Cena’s status for WrestleMania: “I won’t put words in John’s mouth, but I can speak to his passion, and it’s WWE and WrestleMania. Once you do this at a high level, and John does it at the highest, it’s very hard to put down. If there is a way for him to be there, he will be there.”
  • TMZ Sports asked Stephanie McMahon about Ronda Rousey’s future with WWE: “Ronda's been very public that she’d like to start her own family. Once she does that, our doors are absolutely open, our arms are open, we are very hopeful that Ronda will come back home to WWE.”
  • While speaking with The Wrap, Stephanie discussed how Sasha Banks being in The Mandalorian has made her a better pro wrestler: “Sasha’s star only continues to rise. I think that experience for her gave her a different set of confidence that maybe she didn’t have before.” Stephanie also said: “Sasha is one of our biggest stars with some of the best charisma and potential. And on top of her athleticism and her storytelling abilities, she just shines. When she walks out, you pay attention. I love her attitude and just everything about her. So I think Sasha is really just getting started.”
  • Today is Banks’ 29th birthday. She’s a guest on today’s episode of the Complex Sports Podcast.
  • Big E appeared on today’s edition of Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast.
  • The New York Post has an interview with WWE president and chief revenue officer Nick Khan.
  • Kavita Devi wasn’t able to participate in WWE’s Superstar Spectacle India special due to personal reasons.
  • Charlotte Flair, Santino Marella, Tegan Nox, Barstool Sports’ Brandon Walker, and RJ City will appear on WWE’s The Bump tomorrow morning.
  • WWE’s YouTube channel uploaded AJ Styles vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship from Royal Rumble 2017 and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. Daniel Bryan in a strap match for the Universal Championship from last year’s Royal Rumble.

Other Wrestling

  • AEW uploaded this week’s Road To episode building up tomorrow’s Dynamite.
  • Dave Meltzer tweeted about the Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood match that will air on Dynamite tomorrow: “While not a surprise, I was told Jungle Boy vs. Dax Harwood is one people internally can't wait for people to see.” The match has a stipulation where Cash Wheeler and Tully Blanchard will both be handcuffed to Luchasaurus at ringside.
  • Sean “X-Pac” Waltman tweeted yesterday that he’s undergoing knee surgery today: “Surgery tomorrow. ACL, MCL, & Meniscus. I've needed it since 2007 or 08 (Dont feel like looking up the exact date). Somehow I managed to still have some good matches, but it really limited me. Looking fwd to trying the new knee out when I'm done rehabbing it.” Waltman also posted a video on Instagram today ahead of having surgery.
  • Chris Hero has joined Conrad Thompson’s Ad Free Shows with a podcast called “Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?” Hero wrote: “Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling? That's the plan! Excited to sit down w/ @HeyHeyItsConrad each week to remind everyone just how fascinating & fulfilling pro wrestling can be. This podcast is for anyone who LOVES pro wrestling! Debuts Tuesday for FREE only at”
  • Matt Cardona spoke to WrestleZone about his contract status with Impact Wrestling: “So, I am not under a contract right now. We’re just seeing what happens, but so far, so good. I had a really good time this week. Whether it’s being in the locker room or being in the ring, I just really needed it. I needed to be in the ring—the Major Pod is awesome and it’s a creative outlet for sure—but I need to be designing gear or thinking about things for my matches. Wrestling is my first love and it’s something that I always grew up loving and being obsessed with. I had a pay-per-view debut and I wrestle on IMPACT this week, OK, so now I need more gear because I don’t like wearing the same gear over and over again. I’m already thinking for the future, and IMPACT definitely seems like my future for now.”
  • Cardona and Brian Myers have launched the Major Pod Network.
  • ROH uploaded the latest episode of ROH Week By Week.
  • As part of Knockouts Month on Impact Plus, a Knockouts roundtable with Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Christy Hemme, ODB, Brooke Adams, and Taryn Terrell will premiere this week.

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