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Daily Update: WWE Survivor Series preview, UFC decision analysis

WWE Survivor Series - WWE Championship


Semifinals and finals of WWE heavyweight title tournament - Semifinals are Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio and Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose - The expectation is that Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose will be the final and that one of the two will turn, and the one who turns will probably end up as champion.  But not only is it subject to change, but as of this morning, the subject was still being debated and there was so final decision yet made. 

There are arguments in favor of either one.  There is the argument Reigns can get over as a heel and then people want him turned at some point and he can be the babyface champion the company wants.  There is the argument that they've gone so long with pushing him as the heir to the position that they shouldn't delay it another year or so for a heel run.  If Reigns turns, you still have John Cena, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar on the face side for him to work with as top heel. 

Ambrose is lower on that totem poll but if he turns, he can be top heel.  Either way, Owens vs. Ambrose and presumably Ambrose vs. Reigns should be very good and carry the show. 

Undertaker & Kane vs. 2 members of the Wyatt family - Not sure what to say about this one, other than unless they have an angle tied to it, it may not be much of a match. 

Charlotte vs. Paige for Divas title - Not much to say about this one.  The result will be telling in some form.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze - These two have torn it up on house shows, so it should be a good match 

5 vs. 5 elimination match participants to be named

We're looking for your thoughts on tonight's Survivor Series, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports on the NXT shows this weekend if Venice and Fort Pierce, FL at Dave Meltzer


Tournament matches:

Bennett & Taven vs. Evil & Naito

Daniels & Kazarian vs. Tanahashi & Elgin

Goto & Shibata vs. Anderson & Gallows

WWE Raw will be live on Monday night from Nashville.


Tournament matches:

Daniels & Kazarian vs. Fale & Tonga

Bennett & Taven vs. Gallows & Anderson

Nagata & Nakanishi vs. Okada & Yoshi-Hashi

WWE Smackdown and Main Event will be taped on Tuesday in Indianapolis.

Figure Four Weekly:

Figure Four Weekly (11/16/15): Rey Mysterio vs. Low-Ki and The Anatomy of a Dream Match
A road report for Jersey All-Pro Wrestling's 19th Anniversary show takes a deep look at the latest match in Rey Mysterio's dream match tour vs. Low-Ki.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

We have one of the biggest issues of the year, with such a huge news week this past week.  We look at exactly what went into Holly Holm's victory over Ronda Rousey, a story on the life and times of Nick Bockwinkel, the Reid Flair angle and build to Survivor Series, Destination America dropping wrestling, and the 104-year-old attendance record being broken, as well as the story behind the firing of Billy Gunn, an update on The Rock at WrestleMania, La Sombra to WWE, the AAA world title gets decided and a lot more are headline stories in the new double issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter which is on the site right now.

If you have an interest in history, this is a huge issue, as well as a perspective on what happened in the most talked about UFC fight in history.

We look at the fight, the background of Holly Holm, what is going on in Rousey's life, what led to the upset, thoughts on a rematch, what it means for business, the early business notes on the fight including where PPV may come in, previous fights like this, and what happened after the fight. We look at UFC's biggest upsets, the gambling perspective, rematch odds, business notes and match-by-match coverage with poll results.

The life and times of Nick Bockwinkel is one of the best bios we've done, with comments from people whose careers he has touched, my own personal thoughts on Bockwinkel, what current WWE superstar had his career path changed greatly because of a suggestion by Bockwinkel to an independent promoter, a look at his life, his career, some of his most famous matches, his career title history, the controversy over Hulk Hogan not getting the AWA title, his place in the business when it changed and life after wrestling.

We also look at the Reid Fliehr angle, how it was set up, comments by Ric Flair, how ESPN got exposed in its wrestling coverage, the Owen Hart DVD and more.


The Latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter: November 23, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Holm defeats Rousey, Nick Bockwinkel passes away, more

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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight talking Survivor Series as well as taking your e-mail questions to
  • There is a story on the front page regarding precautions live in Atlanta for tonight's show.  There are still anonymous threats going around of ISIS attacks.
  • The show was close to sold out yesterday and is expected to be a sell out.
  • Bob Foster, who is considered one of the greatest light heavyweights in the history of boxing, passed away yesterday at the age of 76.  He had been living in Albuquerque.  Foster won what was considered the real world light heavyweight title from Dick Tiger on May 24, 1968, in Madison Square Garden.  He held the title through 1974, when he retired as champion, although he did come back after that point, and fought for several more years, and never challenged for the title in his comeback.  His most famous fights were as an undersized heavyweight, challenging both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali.  He was knocked out by Frazier in 1970 and by Ali in 1972.
  • There were at last check 1.2 million searches on Google in the U.S. regarding the Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto fight from last night.  That fight and Ohio State football are the only searched terms, sports or otherwise, to top 1 million this weekend.  A number at that level would normally correlate to a good PPV number.  Nothing at all from UFC or Bellator over the weekend, but one wouldn't expect that.  Survivor Series will likely be in the top few today.
  • Regarding the decisions (source on last night's show, in the Valmir Lozaro vs. Michel Prezeres fight that Prezeres won via split decision, a check of ten leading media writers who covered the fight (which included me) had it 10-0 in favor of Lazaro, who lost.  I thought that was a real bad call.  In the Enrique Marin vs. Erick Montano fight, where Montano won the TUF Latin America welterweight finals on a split decision, that could have gone either way, the media was split with six for Marin, three for Montano and one draw.  In Henry Cejudo's split decision win over Jussier Formiga, not only did all 13 including myself have it for Cejudo (who won), but ten of the 13 didn't even give Formiga a round.  In the main event, a split decision win by Neil Magny over Kelvin Gastelum, there were four media members who gave it to Magny, one for Gastelum and 11 (including myself) had it 47-47 a draw due to a 10-8 fourth round for Gastelum.  Notable that 11 of 15 media members scored that round 10-8 but none of the three judges did.  The only bad call was the opener as Marin vs. Montano and Magny vs. Gastelum could have been a win for Marin and draw in the main, but when you have fights that close, any decision is okay.


  • Here is a zap2it article on John Cena's sabbatical. 
  • Goldust is ready to return and is on the road, although that doesn't mean he'll be used.
  • Ric Flair is also at the show today.
  • ESPN will be doing interviews at the show today.
  • A WWE event in North Rhine-Wesetphalia, near Dortmund, Germany, was canceled this past week due to the terrorist attacks in Paris and a bomb threat (which ended up being a hoax) in Hannover.  It was scheduled from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. promoted off the company's Germany language web site and moderated by Sebastian Hackl,the Germany language TV announcer.  Starwatch entertainment was promoting it, which is affiliated with ProSeiben, the WWE's TV partner in the country.  Tobias Koppenhofer of ProSiebenSat.1 said there were no actual threats against the event, but they decided to cancel due to the rising threat of terrorism.  They had only sold 80 tickets but claimed the cancellation was not due to that reason. (thanks to Markus Gronemann)



  • The British band Chasing Cadence will be playing at all three TNA shows in the U.K. on 1/29, 1/30 and 1/31, in Manchester, London and Birmingham.  All three shows will be taped for television in some form.
  • An interview with Jim Duggan
  • Charity Wrestling on 12/5 in Kingston, ONT at the Kingston Gospel Temple.
  • ONE ran a show in Beijing on Mainland China yesterday with Marat Gafinov beating Narantungalag Jadambaa via ref stoppage from a choke at 4:39 of the fourth round to win the featherweight title.  Kairat Akhetov, a Greco-Roman specialist, outwrestled Adriano Moraes to win the flyweight title via split decision.
  • Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling from last night in East Carondelet, IL before 220 fans:  Baracus b Purple Passion, Bubba Troll & Jimmy D b Bobby D & Gunner, Chas Wesson b Iceman, Curtis Wylde b Sean Vincent, Gary Jackson b Ax-DQ, Ironman Ken Kasa b Brandon Espinosa-COR, Kahagas & Chris Hargas won three-way over Ron Powers & Red River Jack (Bob Orton under a mask) and Flash Flanagan & Heath Hatton (thanks to Larry Matysik) 
  • Barry Rose sent this in as far as main event results during the history of the Florida territory for yesterday:

1956 - Ray Stevens beat Harry Smith 2/3 falls (Tampa TV)

1963 - Mark Lewin & Don Curtis beat The Assassins to win the NWA world tag team titles (Jacksonville)

1964 - Tarzan Tyler beat George Grant (Tampa TV)

1967 - Sammy Steamboat drew Hiro Matsuda (Fort Myers)

1967 - Johnny Valentine beat Jose Lothario to keep the Florida title in a no DQ match (Tampa)

1968 - The Gladiator (Ricky Hunter) beat Nick Kozak to win the Florida title (Tampa TV)

1972 - Tim Woods beat Buddy Colt with Big Bad John as ref to win the Southern title (Tampa)

1973 - Dusty Rhodes beat Paul Jones via DQ in a Southern title match (Miami Beach)

1974 - Jack Brisco beat Terry Funk in a world title match, plus Dusty Rhodes & Jerry Brisco beat Dick Slater & Cowboy Bill Watts with Lou Thesz as referee, Bob Armstrong beat Pak Song to retain the North American title, Jos LeDuc beat Toru Tanaka to keep the Southern title and Mongolian Stomper beat Bob Backlund (Jacksonville)

1977 - Lars Anderson beat Steve Keirn to keep the Florida title (West Palm Beach)

1978 - Pak Song & Missouri Mauler & Mr. Uganda (Cyclone Negro) beat Dusty Rhodes & Killer Karl Kox & Sonny Myers, plus Dick Slater beat Mike Graham via DQ for the Southern title and Jack & Jerry Brisco beat Rising Suns (Tampa)

1979 -  Harley Race beat Dusty Rhodes to retain the world title plus Manny Fernandez double count out Super Destroyer in a Florida title match (Miami Beach)

1980 - Dusty Rhodes & Sir Oliver Humperdink beat The Sheik & Lord Al Hayes in a cage match and Harley Race went to a 60:00 draw with Dory Funk Jr. to keep the world title, Baron Von Raschke beat Barry Windham to win the Florida title, Jack Brisco beat Dick Slater via DQ (Hollywood)

1982 - Dusty Rhodes beat Jake Roberts (Orlando)

  • Wrestlemerica TV tapings from last night in Barnesville, GA before 400 fans:  Tyson Dean b Johnny Nixx, Andy Anderson & Pain b Fry Daddy & Iceberg, Glacier (original) b Billy Jack (not original), Corey Hollis b Jaxson James, Razor & Rowdy b The PS Playaz, Ken Anderson b Tommy Too much.  Doc Gallows returns with shows on 12/18 and 12/19 in Griffin and Barnesville in a two-night tournament for their heavyweight title plus 12/19 also has Gallows & Mike Knox reforming their tag team in a cage match.  They also announced A.J. Styles vs. Jimmy Rave on 1/8, a rematch of a great match they recently had (thanks to Kris Zellner)
  • Dynamo Pro Wrestling from last night in Wood River, IL:  Justin D'Air b C.J. Berry, Sean Orleans b Garret Shanks, Brandon Espinosa b Billy McNeil, Jason Khaos b Prince Moses, Kevin Lee Davidson b Bahamt, Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby b Rocket Mapache & Jackal, Mike Outlaw b Curt Stallion (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Lucha Xtreme from last night in Fresno, with a tournament for their U.S. title:  Big Dogg b Al Azar, Skitzo b La Mascara, Skitzo DCOR Big Dogg, so no winner.  (thanks to Jon Southerland)
  • Premier Wrestling from Friday night in Winnipeg:  Jay Walker b Adrian Barton, Mentallo b Alexander Prime, Flex Appeal b Shaun Moore & Antonio Scorpio, Shao Ming b Zack Mercury, Jackie Lee b Mentallo (thanks to Andrew Shallcross)


1955 - Rikidozan beat King Kong in Tokyo to win the All Asia heavyweight title

1975 - Ron Miller & Johnny Gray won a tournament final in Melbourne to win the vacant Austra Asian tag titles

1992 - Scott Norton & Tony Halme beat Rick & Scott Steiner in Tokyo to win the IWGP tag team titles and Ultimo Dragon beat El Samurai to win the IWGP jr. title

1997 - Ulf Hermann & Christian Eckstein beat Rhino Richards (Rhino) & Jean Pierre Lafitte in Bremen to win the CWA tag titles

1998 - Momoe Nakanishi & Nanae Takahashi beat Manami Toyota & Yumiko Hotta in Tokyo to win the All Japan women's annual tag team tournament

2011 - La Mascara beat Averno in Mexico City to win the NWA middleweight title