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Dan Spivey, Billy Jack Haynes and Bryan Clarke have been going back-and-forth on social media

Dan Spivey, Billy Jack Haynes and Bryan Clarke went at it on Facebook over the last day. 

First one is from Dan Spivey at 10:00 a.m. PST yesterday

You know I can’t keep my opinion to myself…and Billy Jack has once again put up a post which is bullshit. He talks about breaking into the business and being trained by Stu Hart. I can say that Stu Hart was one tough SOB and put his trainees, including his son’s thru hell! So talk about where concussions could have started, but you can’t sue Stu Hart, God rest his soul. Billy talks about his pill addiction and quitting the WWE because of that. Well I remember it as Billy taking to many pills on a flight and they had to make an emergency landing in Charlotte because he overdosed, and I believe Vince fired him because of it. Again Vince’s fault or Billy’s? Talk about putting everyone on the flight in harm’s way!

Billy constantly talks about Dynamite Kids and how he broke his back, literally for WWF/E. We all did Billy, because we loved the business and even more the pay day. Dynamite had a choice not to wrestle in WrestleMania 3, but back then in the wrestling business we got paid off the house (arena attendance) and the PPV buys, we all knew to be a part of WrestleMania meant a HUGE pay day. So did guys work hurt? Sure they did because there was no way they were going to miss out on that pay day! It wasn’t Vince demanding anyone to work. Also with Dynamite, again I spoke to his brother and Dynamite has no idea about this lawsuit and wants nothing to do with it. In fact Vince wanted to send him money, but Tommy refused as it would mess up his medical insurance in England. So because of you, Billy and your lawyers telling Vince’s lawyers that Dynamite is involved in the law suit, Vince’s lawyers are counter suing , which puts Dynamite in a worse position
– so who’s at fault now? AND Lex Luger, spoke with him the other day and he also has no idea about the lawsuit and wants nothing to do with it, and among the walking dead, as you claim, Lex is not among the walking dead!

Now onto the Hart family – Davey Boy, trust me Vince did not introduce him to his own doctors, no way. And no way did Vince introduce Davey to liquid morphine. As any good addict, as Davey Boy was, he found his own drugs and in good supply. Is it sad that Davey Boy passed away of a drug over dose? It sure is, and let’s hope his good attributes as a wrestler lives on in his son Harry, who is doing very well in Japan and whom I am in touch with. A good kid, and a good worker.

Bret Hart and his brutal concussion, yes he received it from Goldberg, but not in 2001, Bret wasn’t wrestling at that time. It was in 1999 when Bret was with WCW. So where is Ted Turner in all of this, a man who did nothing for the business but use it as a tax write off. Anyway, the Hart Family. Jim Neidhart, a man who has been in and out of the WWE Rehab program for 6 years! Fact. He has never taken it seriously. Fact. He stole pain pills from a neighbor – look it up it was all over the news – but then again I guess we can all use the memory loss card on that one.

Owen Hart…a very sad situation, one that haunts all of us. All I will say is that WWE did pay 18 million dollars, but then went after Lewmar the company who made the harness, the company that Martha dropped from the lawsuit – also in the news. The WWE was awarded 9 million dollars from Lewmar, which they should have. Vince paid his dues and respect to Owen.

Chris Benoit, another tragedy, and one you use very loosely, as your You-tube rant disgraced Chris and his family after their deaths, making un-true accusations especially about Nancy. Nothing was pushed under the rug, in fact because of this tragedy more medical research has been done as well as the WWE responded with a tougher wellness program and testing in regards to head trauma.
So let’s look at when this all started…hhhmmmm 1986 in Stu Hart’s dungeon, and it was called the dungeon for a reason. Or was it with Ted Turner when he owned WCW and truly did not give a damn about us, or the business. So give you my honest unbiased opinion? You’re full of it Billy. 2 years in the WWE cannot be the cause of you ailments. I have to say your own poor choices have gotten you there. You took the pain pills and became an addict. You took even more one day and almost overdosed on that flight. Oh yea another bad choice was taking part in a drug smuggling operation, which you skimmed off the top and got your ass beat. Maybe that’s where your head trauma started.

I wrestled for 14 years, 8 of them in Japan where chair shots were used every night and NEVER had a concussion, maybe that’s due to the fact that I knew what I was doing and my partner in the ring respected me enough to protect me.

By the way this is all my unbiased opinion

Here is Billy's post.......
I broke into the pro-wrestling business at age 29 in August of 1982, I was invited to the toughest and greatest pro wrestling school in the world the Stu Hart Dungeon in Calgary Alberta Canada. I was trained by Dynamite Kid, Duke Myers, and Davey Boy Smith. In 1986 I would end up at the highest level of pro wrestling in the WWF-World Wrestling Federation, just at the Stu Hart dungeon alone in 1986 was with myself was Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid (The British Bulldogs), Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart (The Hart Foundation), and also at the Stu Hart Dungeon was a couple of teenagers watching and helping me closely, the youngest son of Stu Hart Owen Hart, and his friend a young up and comer named Chris Benoit both 16 years old. Now if you heard of every name above you should have, because this is how sick and corrupt the old WWF was then in 1986 to this very date July 19th, 2015. First after WrestleMania 3 where every name would appear but Owen and Chris (then) on March 29th, 1987! First I quit the WWF in Dec 1987 after becoming a CHRONIC PAINPILL abuser all given to me after an ER flight landing, several injuries and having to work through them with no time off, 27+ years later I got clean and along with many other former WWF/E wrestlers are in court with VKM, Dynamite Kid who literally broke his back for VKM had to wrestle in WrestleMania 3 1987 or not get paid, and now has been in a wheelchair paralyzed for 2 decades and concussioned out barely speaking a sentence at age 57, his partner of the former WWF tag team champion British Bulldogs Davey Boy Smith through VKM's own doctors got Davey hooked on painkillers like myself, but VKM introduced Davey to liquid morphine injections, a brutal habit,but Vince still gave Davey 5-6 chances with WWF cause he drew money, Davey DEAD May 18th, 2002 of a drug Overdose, Bret Hart who if honest will tell you the best there was, is, and ever will be is the DYNAMITE KID,
Bret Hart a great wrestler was forced to quit with a brutal CONCUSSION in 2001 from Goldberg, Jim Neidhart who like 90% was drug addicted, in fact was just tossed out of drug rehab a week or so ago in the now WWE wellness program, rehab does not work for concussion and or memory loss VKM, and let us not forget the 2 teenagers who in 1982 at the Stu Hart Dungeon were having their dreams of becoming a pro wrestler imagined for the future! Well the future in the WWF for Owen Hart was to fall 70-80ft to his DEATH May 23rd, 1999 VKM settled out of court for $18Million, and on June 24th, 2007 Chris Benoit allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself, and killing his wife and 7 year old son, I do not buy it for it was swept under the rug to fast without a proper investibation. Well anyhow you look and decide for yourself where, what. when, and why all this BS happened to the best ever trained at the STU HART DUNGEON! Give me your honest unbias opinion, then comment to what you think, what do you think VKM?????? Billy

Next one is from Bryan Clark on Billy Jack Haynes wall 5 hours later

I'm going to tell everyone I think Spivey is talking shit way above his head if he thinks he is speaking for everyone..guess what dip shit spivey, I was injured on more than 3 serious occasions in Vince's ring and once so bad I ripped my shoulder out of socket and damaged everything , could not raise my arm over my head, had to walk into Vince's office after I sat outside like a kid, finally got to the the sorry ass, had to beg to go have surgery, finally he let me go after working another week on it..I went home , had the surgery out of my pocket,18,000$. ( yeah, only his favorites had insurance) this broke my account, I know its hard to believe a wwf star with a weak bank account, but remember Vince was fighting and trying to avoid prison for all his steroid issues... We were working 280 plus days, I should have been out 8 months, I was back in 4 because Vince was starving my family out, so DAN SPIVEY , do not speak for me ever , and there are hundreds

and of more of the boys who were injured and suffered, and still carry those injuries for ever ..CARRY ON BJH...and you damn right Bryan Clark said it !!!! Check the records and doctors !

There is a response from Spivey on this on the post

Dan Spivey Brian, I invite you to man up, if you have something to say to me, and post it on my face book page. Better yet send me a personal message and I will give you my phone number so we can talk man to man. Otherwise my response to your rhetoric will be on my FB page
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Bryan Clark Spivey I have manned up my entire life , I know enough about you from Brian Adams and others, I really have to say I don't want to be friends with someone who does Vince's bs work. You need to let all the boys who were injured on vkm watch to have their say. AND I will have my say. You are one person with one view. We do not need you as our mouthpiece! Many wrestlers were injured before and after you and never even offered the basic medical needs. This will be our last "talk"as I don't feel the need to discuss something you know nothing about! Bryan Clark, and yes I said it.

Last post is from Dan Spivey less than an hour ago

In response to Brian Clark and his less than stellar post on Billy Jacks FB page.
First Brian I don’t not speak for everyone and I have never spoken for you or about you, I speak for myself and only give my opinions and lay out the facts. I am sorry you received those injuries, such as I have but again I do not blame one man. AGAIN we all knew what we were getting into with wrestling. I too have had many injuries in the ring. My knee, back and neck. I had my neck fused while working for Vince and he didn’t pay for my surgery either, which was over $100,000, I paid that. He was kind enough at that time to pay me $500 a week while I was off to heal, which did not come close to paying that bill. Vince didn’t have to pay me as I was well aware, as an INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR, you know that contract we all signed that stated we were responsible for our own health insurance and travel expenses with the exception of flights, we signed it!. We knew what we were getting into, we wanted to be in wrestling and with the top company which was
the WWF. The blame seems to fall on one man, Vince and on one else, not Ted Turner, Japan, ECW or any other wrestling promoters, and we incurred injuries from them as well.
My questions to you is this….If you were injured, why did you continue working for another week? And after your surgery why did you come back earlier than you should have? These were your choices, you could have said no to working that extra week, stay home and properly heal yourself after surgery, but you didn’t. I know you say Vince was “starving you and your family”, so you HAD to come back – I am sure with a doctor’s release to say you could work. Brian, it was up to me to be wise enough and prepared for such instances that would take me away from my work, my career and to be sure that I was able to provide for myself and my family. And yes Vince had the federal court case regarding steroids, I am well aware of this as I testified and in my testimony, as well as many of the other boyz testified, Vince never told us to take steroids or drugs. And this case did cost Vince a lot of money, and by the way many people who worked in the offices
at that time lost their jobs as well, so it wasn’t just the boyz who were “affected” by this. With the steroids and drugs, as I have stated many times, I chose to take them, as an addict I wanted them and no one had to tell me twice to take them. And like many of the boyz, whom I worked with and were/are addicts, just like me, they didn’t need anyone telling them to take them either. Addiction is deadly in and out of wrestling, I have seen many of my friends die from this disease.
In regards to Billy Jack, and now you, there is information that is clearly wrong, such as Bret Harts “brutal” concussion, which he sustained in WCW not WWF/E. Billy’s accusations on the Benoit family and what he accused Nancy of, this is simply a disgrace. Dynamite Kid and Lex Luger, they are NOT a part of the lawsuit, they are not, I speak to them I know. Addiction, again a scientific fact that we are all pre-disposed with the addiction gene, which is not called the “once you work for Vince you will become an addict” gene. Most of us were addicts before we walked into the Wrestling world, wrestling just gave us the excuse to use. Injuries, yes we sustained them, but not all from one promoter, which for most of us was over 20 years ago.
Brian, from what I have read and heard about you, you like to play the blame game. Such as your return to the WWF/E in 2001, for your 21 day stint. You are put into a major story line against Undertaker and Kane, two of the top superstars in the business, you all work at a few house shows and then right into a PPV and you stunk up the place, so bad in fact that Undertaker ripped you apart backstage after the match. And you blame everyone…because you and Brian had “ring rust, Kane had a staph infection, Undertaker had been off for a while” blame, blame blame, why don’t you just admit that you, YOU, were not good enough at that time, not that you were set up for failure. And for a man who is so bitter towards Vince, its funny how last year, LAST YEAR I SAID, you had an interview with WGD Weekly with Steve and the Scum stating how you wanted to return to the WWE 2014 Royal Rumble – yes I said 2014 – here is what you said

Highlights of Clark’s interview with Steve and the Scum included:
Waiting for a call for the 2014 Royal Rumble: “…he is doing some acting…Bryan Clark…is also in phenomenal shape and he is waiting for a call for the Royal Rumble…There’s a lot of guys saying like, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall and these guys, I’ve never stopped training…Adam Bomb could definitely come back at the Royal Rumble in Pittsburgh in 2014 in January, these other guys are not ready, they are not physically ready, and I am, just throwing it out there and we’ll see…have the ‘Creation of Devasation make an appearance, come in , acouple of ‘Meltdowns’ on some people, you know, get it over…just a proper send off, you know…I’m definitely capable of it…”
Need I say more.