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On this day in pro wrestling history: Sting & RVD win TNA title

By Brian Hoops

1954 - The Great Bolo and Tom Rice defeated Wilbur Snyder and Sandor
Szabo for the NWA International Television Tag Team Title in Hollywood,

1956 - Bobo Brazil defeated Gene Stanlee for the Ohio Heavyweight Title
in Springfield, Ohio.

1957 - Don Leo Jonathan defeated Pepper Gomez for the NWA Texas
Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas

1960 - Mike DiBiase defeated Eddie Graham to win the NWA Florida Brass
Knuckles Title in Tampa, Florida.

1962 - Mike Clancy and Lester Welch defeated Dante and Mephisto for the
Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Chattanooga, Tennessee

1963 - Tarzan Tyler defeated Eddie Graham to win the Georgia World
Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1966 - Eddie Graham and Bob Orton defeated The Medics for the Florida
NWA World Tag Team Title in Tampa, Florida.

1974 - The Original Mr. Wrestling (George Barnes) and Bobby Shane
defeated Pat Barrett and Tony Kontellis to win the NWA Austra-Asian Tag
Team Title in Sydney, Australia.

1975 - Bobo Brazil defeated Abdullah the Butcher for the Detroit NWA
United States Heavyweight Title in Detroit, Michigan, beginning his
eighth reign.

1975 - Rusher Kimura defeated Mad Dog Vachon for the International Pro
Wrestling World Heavyweight Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1980 - Ric Flair defeated Jimmy Snuka in Greensboro, North Carolina to
win the NWA United States Heavyweight Title.

1982 - Tommy Rich defeated Ron Bass for the NWA National Heavyweight
Title in Augusta, Georgia

1982 - The Dream Machine defeated Dutch Mantel for the NWA Mid-America
Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee.

1984 - Luke Graham won the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title from
Buzz Tyler in Kansas City, Kansas

1993 - Sherri Martel defeated Miss Texas for the USWA Women's Title in
Memphis, Tennessee, but the decision was later reversed.

1993 - Brian Lee defeated Bobby Eaton in Barbourville, Kentucky to win
the SMW Television Title.

1993 - Steve Gatorwolf defeated Navajo Kid for the American Wrestling
Federation Heavyweight Title in Kayenta, Arizona

1997 - Toshiaki Kawada defeated Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa in a
three-way round-robin match to win the annual AJPW Champion's Carnival

1997 - The Truth Commission (Recon and The Interrogator) defeated The
Shooting Stars (Jerry Faith and Troy Haste) for the USWA Tag Team Title
in Memphis, Tennessee

1998 - Raven defeated WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Diamond
Dallas Page in a Raven's Rules match, to win the title. At the same
show, Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) pinned WCW World Heavyweight
Champion Sting in a no-disqualification match to win the title at the
WCW Spring Stampede PPV in Denver, Colorado.

1999 - Psychosis defeated Blitzkrieg, Juventud Guerrera and WCW
Cruiserweight Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. to win the title in
Gainesville, Florida.

2002 - Colt Cabana defeated champion CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero in a
three-way match in Dayton, Ohio to win the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight
Title. At the same event, Vic Capri defeated Ace Steel for the IWA
Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title.

2004 - World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and Edge defeated World
Tag Team Champions Batista and Ric Flair, to win the titles in Calgary,
Alberta, Canada.

2009 - At the TNA PPV Lockdown in Philadelphia, PA, Mick Foley won the
TNA title from Sting

2010 - During a live edition of Impact that went head to head with Raw; Rob
Van Dam defeated AJ Styles to win the TNA Title.