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"Fantastic" Tommy Rogers passes away

By Dave Meltzer

Thomas Couch, best known as Tommy Rogers from the 80s and 80s tag team of The Fantastics, passed away this morning in Honolulu, where he has been living since 2006.

Couch, who just turned 54, had been having legal troubles in recent years stemming from fighting.  He was scheduled for a court date tomorrow over a fight with police officers and feared a long prison stay. 

At this moment, the cause of his death is pending.  He had been in good spirits in recent days.  He was found at about 3 a.m. by his roommate in a chair in front of a computer, gurgling.  The roommate called 911, but he was unable to be revived.

Tommy Rogers always finished high in lists of the most underrated pro wrestler of the 80s and 90s.  He was small, but was as solid a worker as there was in wrestling, with a great physique.  He and tag team partner Bobby Fulton were best known for their matches with The Midnight Express and The Sheepherders that were among the best matches of the late 80s.  

The team held the UWF and World Class world tag team titles as well as the NWA U.S. tag team titles.