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Feedback to ROH & CMLL shows

 Thumbs up

Worst: women's match...not terrible, but the other matches were better.

Best: Atlantis vs sombra...f'ing phenomenal match...I watch very little cmll, like just the anniversaries & fantasticamania stuff, but this was the most dramatic match I think I've ever seen...more dramatic than last year's due to the far superior match quality & family involvement.

Ross Blair


Thumbs Up.

Best Match: Tag Title Match
Worst Match: Silas vs. Dalton (by default, I still enjoyed it).

Enjoyable show as always. I enjoyed the booking of the main event. It's not something ROH does constantly and the way it played out makes sense.  Looking forward to Final Battle.

Mark Doyle
Saratoga Springs, NY

Heya Dave!

Thumbs way up for the CMLL Show!!! First iPPV this antiquated fan has ever bought, and the best $10.00 I have spent toward any PPV. No glitches, no complaints, no way! After having feed issues from the days, I am pleasantly shocked!

Best Match: ATLANTIS vs SOMBRA - Somebody should compile a DVD charting the feud from beginning to tonight for students entering the biz... THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE! Atlantis, Sombra AND Rush all delivered in making this a match that set me on the edge of my seat like I was a kid again. And Sombra and Rush --- these cats put over Atlantis like he's on the level of El Santo, and in polished fashion! La Sombra was already a great rudo, he has now become a super heel.

Worst Match: There was no worst match, though Ultimo Guerrero should score an award for working best he could with Thunder.

Best yet--- this show was so bitchin' that the L.A. Park & Wagner situation became a complete non-issue after tonight.

Oh--- I am just a tad disappointed the mascots didn't scrap it out a bit more. C'mon, I gotta bitch & moan about something!

---Kurt Brown

Thumbs middle

Best match: Sombra vs Atlantis

Worst match: Dark Angel vs Princess Sugehit

There's a reason CMLL is in the place they are right now - draw big houses two times a year for big shows, and occasionally do well with an older, established star. Meanwhile, there's a sea of mid-carders whose legs have been cut out from underneath them or have never been pushed.

Booking of Rush/Volador was great. Match wasn't that good. I guess that is the 83rd Aniversario main event, with the hair on-the-line? 

Long-term, Sombra should have won. He's their most promising young wrestler and by far the most-charismatic guy they have. I look at Universo 2000 as an example of putting over a guy and making him into a draw. They could have done that with Sombra - except instead of being 35 with Universo 2000, Sombra is 25. But, it's CMLL. 

Marcus Origer

It's gonna be tough for WWE to surpass the number of fuck finishes on
the show tonight.

Thumbs down show
Best match: ROH Tag Title - Young Bucks/Kingdom/Addiction
Worst Match: World Title match  - Jay Lethal vs. Kyle O'Reilly.

Half the card ended with interference or fuck finishes. It was totally
fucked over Lethal (and what the hell did he do with his tights) who
should have gotten an actual win on his first night defending both
titles. Not the rollup with the tights or the fuck finish that was the
main match

TV Title - Lethal/Fish was good, but the finish was bad.

Castle/Young was not as good as their Best of Both Worlds match, and any
time a wrestler decides to get DQ'd in front of a ref when they have a
stip for losing totally loses me.

Briscos/ANX was good, but Cole/Detmer on commentary really were
distracting for me. Great to see they didn't bury King on his return
from TNA, but it felt like they were trying to promote too many feuds at

Moose/Alexander - Moose needs to stop doing anything that takes him
above the middle rope. Ending was good, rest of the match sucked. Lot of
cringeworthy unprotected headshots with a chair as well.

ACH/Sydal - Pretty Good match, shouldn't have been on PPV. It was a 3rd
match in a best of 5, with them tied at 1-1. Corino tried playing up the
2-1 advantage, but it really didn't matter. Matches 4 and 5 should be on
PPV as potential feud ending ones....not a non deciding match.

Tag Title Match: Addiction/Young Bucks/Kingdom Great match. Even if
ended on interference, it brought good closure on the KDR angle that
gave Addiction the title win in Austin to begin with. Interesting to see
where this goes, especially after the ME. Great action, everyone did
well, and I didn't mind that it was the 4th fuck finish on a 7 match card.

#1 Contenders Match - Styles/Elgin/Cole/Strong
Kind of shocked that Nigel made no mention of the interference in the
previous match, given that was his reasoning for making it a 3 way to
begin with on the TV tapings. It was a good match, but honestly, Elgin
and Strong should not have been in this position. Elgin was in a much
better position after his G-1 performance, but not close for a world
title shot. Strong already had 2 shots against Lethal and couldn't win.
Cole was my favorite to win, and I didn't think AJ would win as a part
time guy. Glad to see we're getting AJ/Lethal or Fish/Lethal soon, but I
was more happy that this match didn't end in a fuck finish after we've
had 3 or 4 already.

World Title match:
WWE is going to have a hard time fucking it up more than ROH. You eject
the interference and start a conga line of interference instead. Match
never really got going before the fuck finish. Lethal needed to be
booked stronger than he was. Two fuck finish victories for your True ROH
Champion on a PPV? Fuck. I at least expect that WWE is going to drop a
title off of Rollins, which is the right call.

- Greg Valko

Thumbs up.

Best match: Atlantis vs Sombra
Worst: Maximo/et al vs Polvora/Dragon Rojo/Rey Escorpion

Almost all matches had good moments, even the mostly inconsequential ones. Good showing by Disturbio in opener. Young guys good, but Virus is great as cagey veteran. Second match was fine; told Maximo had great heat live. women's match was okay, but too slow paced and lost the crowd. May have better to have Dark Angel wrestle a ruda like Amapola or Zeuxis. Dragon Lee could've stole the show if the main event was not so good. Shame Niebla got a spot that could have gone to Cavernario or Hechicero. semi-main had good action, but a horrible finish. Main was great even if my prediction was wrong. Not quite the twilight of the 80s Luchadors, as Dr. lucha wrote in the lucha issue of our new magazine.  Were they already setting up hair vs Mask with Rush and Atlantis for next year?

Almost no problems with the stream. Lost audio a couple times, but no video issues or buffering. Over 10,000 viewers on youtube, thought 9,000 or more likely did not pay. Certainly worth $10.

Mark Coale
Odessa Steps Magazine