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First decade Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame issues special

Observer Hall of Fame Special
The first decade of recognizing the
 Greats of the Business

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$89.95*** USD for International destinations
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The 10 issues included in this special are the ones covering
the first decade of issues covering the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Inductees. One of the most anticipated issues of the year. Catch up on previous winners prior to this year’s winners being announced:

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Aug 19 ’96, Sept 1 ’97, Aug 24 ’98, Aug 16 ’99, Aug 28 ’00,
Aug 20 ’01, Sept 2 ’02, Aug 25 ’03, Aug 23 ’04, Aug 24 ‘05

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Aug 19 (24)**        Jushin Liger to undergo brain surgery to remove tumor
Double issue  price        Ahmed Johnson has emergency kidney surgery
1996            WCW Hog Wild 8/10 card coverage-Hogan wins WCW belt from The Giant
            Observer Hall of Fame Inductees-inaugural edition
            ECW in conjunction with IWA runs two shows in Japan
            FMW 8/1 Shiodome card coverage
            AJ women 8/4 Korakuen Hall card coverage
            AJ women follow up with two shows at Budokan Hall 8/12 & 8/13   

Sept 1 (12)            Arn Anderson announces the end of his wrestling career-quick career recap
1997            Steve Austin to miss minimum of two months
            Hall of Fame inductees – 6 new additions
            Future of AJ women promotion comes into serious question
            WCW Clash of Champions XXXV 8/21 card coverage-the last Clash
            24th anniversary of Capitol Sports in Puerto Rico celebrated
            Eric Bischoff, Konnan & Paco Alonso meet to discuss working together
            Jeep Swenson passes away

Aug 24 (16)        Jim Hellwig returns as The Warrior to WCW
1998            Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Inductees-Dos Caras inducted
            Wrestlers no showing sees industry do things out of character
            USWF has become without question, the 4th biggest company in US
            Bret Hart regains US title from Lex Luger
            Kurt Angle attends WWF camp

Aug 16 (18)        Hall of Fame inductees for 1999-Liger, Asuka, Muto & Jim Ross inducted
1999            A look into the WWFE going public
            Jackie Sato passes away
            Chris Jericho debuts in WWF
            ECW debut on TNN brings mainstream press

Aug 28 (18)        Hall of Fame inductees-Hashimoto, Austin, Foley, Hokuto voted in
2000                 Longston, Sexton, Szabo inducted
            Report on the murky future of WCW
            Tony Parisi passes away
            Shinjiro Otani leaving to train in Calgary for 6 months
            Dos Caras Jr debuts

Aug 20 (18)        Hall of Fame Issue-Lizmark, El Satanico & Bull Nakano inducted
2001            World Wildlife Fund files lawsuit vs WWF
            Yugi Nagata wins G-1 Climax tournament
            Dean Malenko announces retirement at Pillman show
            Multi Channel News reports on WWF purchase of WCW
            MECW has somewhat of a success on free show at ECW arena
            Eric Bischoff named Chief Operating Officer of Battle Management
            K-1 3rd foray into the US a success-Stephan Leko knocks out Peter Aerts

Sept 2 (18)            Hall of Fame issue-Kobashi, Toyota & McDaniel voted in
2002            Summerslam 8/28 card coverage-Brock Lesnar becomes youngest champ,
                Shawn Michaels the show stealer again, RVD wins IC title
            WWE finance review
            Tiger Ali Singh files lawsuit vs WWE
            Jacques Rougeau 8/24 card will feature the return of Bret Hart to Montreal

Aug 25 (24)        Hall of Fame issue-Michaels & Benoit voted in, Caddock & Flores inducted
2003            K-1 8/15 Las Vegas card coverage
Double issue  price        Hiroyoshi Tenzan wins NJPW G-1 Climax tournament
            Sean Waltman responds to “Celebrity Justice’ episode
            Canek fired by AAA
            More on the Hogan lawsuit
            Ray Webbe Jr & Bob Closson pass away

Aug 23 (24)    Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame issue-Sakuraba, Undertaker, Backlund, Chono, Ultimo Dragon    Angle voted in, Tarzan Lopez inducted
2004    Marvel Comics files suit vs WWE in reference to Hulk Hogan name
Double issue  price        One more addition to last week’s Olympian story
            Bruno Sammartino interview causes controversy
            Article on JBL in Baltimore Sun

Aug 24 (18)    Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame issue-Freebirds, HHH, Paul Heyman voted in
2005    Observer MMA Hall of Fame-Sakuraba, Gracie, Shamrock, Couture inducted
    IWA Puerto Rico presses charges against Shane Sewell
    LA Times writes article of the sale of the Olympic Auditorium
    Newspaper article on auto accident involving Iron Sheik
            UFC strips Frank Mir of title and awards it to Andrei Arlovsky