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Get the full collection of 1986 Wrestling Observers

Observers of ’86 Special
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The special is for the 43 issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published in 1986 that hi-light the continuation of Vince’s national expansion of the business. 382 pages of history.
A must have for your collection.

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Issue Date (pages)    Lead Story
Jan. 13 (8)        Stan Hansen wins AWA title 12/29 from Rick Martel
            Coverage of the 12/29 Meadowlands Crockett/Gagne card
            WTBS to air its first prime time wrestling special
            Baby Doll leaves Tully Blanchard for Dusty Rhodes
            Lawler loses loser laves town match to Bill Dundee in Memphis
            Dynamite  & Davey Boy Smith cancel AJPW tour-expected to get WWF belts

Feb. 3 (8)        AWA renews ESPN deal
            Scott Hall & Curt Henning win AWA tag belts
            Jesse Barr wins Southern title from Lex Luger

Feb.17 (8)        Death of Gino Hernandez
            Second women’s promotion being formed in Japan
            Lifetime ban on Bruiser Brody lifted in AWA-Brody to return
            Sheepherders leave town after losing match vs The Fantastics

Feb. 24 (8)        Update on Gino Hernandez death
            Update on upcoming Wrestlemania II
Jake Roberts signs with WWF as do Dory Funk & Alexis Smirnoff
            WWF headed to Baton Rouge

March 3 (8)        Rick Rood new World Champ in World Class
            World Class leaves NWA
            Battle of the Belts card coverage
            Titan sends message to Japan asking for Crush Girls at Wrestlemania
            World Class runs Chris Adams blinding angle

March 17 (8)        Jerry Lawler returns to Memphis
Wrestlemania update
Von Erichs on Dallas talk show
Dick Slater new North American champ

March 24 (8)        Updates on 4/19 Crockett Superdome & WWF Wrestlemania cards
            Satoru Sayama to compete in a sambo tournament
            Ken Mantell leaves World Class for Mid South
            WWF going after Ted DiBiase in a big way

April 4 (8)        Update on upcoming Wrestlemania II
            International Wrestling in Montreal and WWF have blow up and seperation
            All three Mid South titles change hands

April 15 (8)        Update on this summer Great American Bash
            Jerry Blackwell in hospital suffering kidney failure
            Crockett & McMahon settle lawsuit our of court

April 22 (8)        Complete coverage of Wrestlemania II
            All eyes on Jim Crockett tag tournament at the Superdome
            Roddy Piper & Jesse Ventura both off six weeks to film movies
            Lawler wins Southern title from Dundee in a cage
            Top 15 Single, Top 10 Tag Team ratings

April 28 (8)        Road warriors win NWA tag titles
            Complete coverage of the Crockett Cup
            Freebirds, John Tatum, Rick Rude & Steve Regal give Fritz their notice
            AWA Wrestle-Rock Rumble coverage

May 8 (8)        Card rundown of combined NWA/AWA 4/28 Meadowlands show
            1986 Observer awards leading candidates
            Sgt Slaughter missing all advertised dates in AWA
            Jesse Barr, Kevin Sullivan, Blackjack Mulligan, Mark Lewin leave Florida

May 12 (8)        Coverage of World Class 5/4 Texas Stadium show
            Harley Race joins WWF
            Andre/Akira Maeda 4/29 turns into a shoot

May 29 (8)        Bill Watts out of retirement tour
            Buddy Rose & Doug Somers win AWA belts from Hall & Henning
            Bob Orton Jr arrested for assault
            Backlund wanting to return to WWF
            AWA cancelling a lot of shows

June 10 (8)        Billy Jack joins WWF/Leaves Portland amidst controversy
            Terry Gordy crowned first UWF champion
            Fritz thinking of invading New Orleans
            Rumors of Piper quitting WWF
            Lawler replaces Dundee as Memphis booker

June 16 (8)        Kerry Von Erich in motorcycle accident 6/4
            Talk of Antonio Inoki vs Miichael Spinks match
            Billy Jack update
            Seiji Sakaguchi beats Inoki for first time

June 28 (8)        Update on Kerry Von Erich/Rumors of Gagne  AWA sale to WWF
Rumors of Gagne AWA sale to WWF
            Major topic of conversation within the business is the state of the business itself
            World Class office in total disarray
            Road Warriors score pinfall win over Tsuruta & Tenryu in Japan
            Superstar Graham to return to WWF in the fall

July 7 (8)        Antonio Inoki wins IWGP tournament
            WWF booker George Scott demoted/Hogan & Tito Santana get job
            Blackjack Mulligan fired in World Class
            Yoshiaki Yatsu starts training for 1988 Olympics
            Nick Bockwinkle new AWA champ
            Bill Watts in feud with the Freebirds

July 14 (8)        Coverage of Great American Bash 7/1 Philadelphia card
            Chris Adams wins World Class World title 7/4 from Rick Rood
            Terry Gordy arrested in Dallas
            Nick Bockwinkle wins AWA title 6/29 in Denver by forfeit

July 21 (10)        Coverage of Great American Bash 7/5 Charlotte card
            Stan Hansen takes AWA title with him to Japan
            Midnight Rockers win AWA tag belts 7/13 in St. Paul
            Vince replaces George Scott as booker in WWF

July 28 (8)        Chris Adams arrested in Dallas
            Stan Hansen in Japan with AWA belt
            Butch Reed & Slick sign with WWF
            Buddy Landel & Dutch Mantell sign with Crockett
            Dick Slater arrives to WWF
            Roddy Piper telling people he has retired

Aug.3 (8)        Dusty Rhodes wins NWA title 7/26 from Flair in Greensboro
            Complete 7/26 Great American Bash show coverage           
            New Japan announces Korauken Stadium Show
            Giant Baba recognizing Hansen as AWA champ

Aug. 10 (10)        World Class & Mid South Sports file lawsuits vs each other
            Koko Ware/Kimala & Wayne Ferris join WWF

Aug. 18 (8)        Flair regains NWA title 8/9 in St. Louis vs Rhodes
            Harley Race crowned King of the Ring
            AWA title situation remains a mess
            Scott Irwin returns to Montreal
            Lex Luger regains Florida’s Southern title

Aug. 25 (10)        Rock’n’Roll Express win NWA titles 8/16 in Philadelphia
            John Tenta leaves sumo & signs with All Japan
            Lioness Asuka to retire shortly
            Tonga Kid returning to WWF
            Kabuki walks out on World Class to join Memphis

Sept.2 (10)        WWF 8/28 Toronto show to set attendance record
            George Scott hired as booker in World Class
            Baby Doll turns heel in Flair vs Rhodes match

Sept. 9 (10)        Complete coverage of first NWA Crockett show in L.A. 8/28
            Jim Crockett takes over Central States
            Jesse Ventura returns to WWF
            New Japan announces Brody to return in late September

Sept. 15 (10)        Complete coverage of the 8/28 Toronto show record setter
            Brody & Inoki patch up differences
            More details of Crockett taking over Central States
            Bill Irwin joins UWF
            Who’s the Toughest?

Sept. 22 (10)        Coverage of 9/13 WWF Saturday Night Main Event taping
            Dusty Rhodes wins TV title from Arn Anderson
            Rick Rude & Brad Armstrong headed into Crockett
            Some unhappiness in WWF due to paychecks after big business week
            Eddie Gilbert/John Tatum split up
            TNT in danger of being cancelled by USA network

Sept. 29 (10)        Chris Adams Dallas trial continues/Black Bart “wins” title match
            UWF to run bi-weekly cards in Dallas market
            Nord the Barbarian walks out on AWA

Oct. 6 (10)        WWF sending Rick Steamboat to work World Class 10/12 Cotton Bowl show                 WWF fire Lou Albano & Adrian Adonis
            Barry Windham regains Florida belt from Ron Bass
            Top 20 Singles, Top 15 Tag Team rankings

Oct. 13 (10)        Update on last week’s news headlines
            Saturday Night Main Event coverage
            Ivan Koloff & Krusher Kruschev win US belts
            Fantastics win UWF belts from Eddie Gilbert & Sting

Oct. 20 (10)        Jim Duggan leaving Bill Watts for WWF
            USA All Star Wrestling folds
            Buddy Landell either quit or was fired
            Sheepherders win belts in Florida

Oct. 27 (10)        Magnum TA seriously injured in car accident 10/14
            WWF signs Dino Bravo/Rick Martel/Tom Zenk & Steve DiSalvo
            Inoki pins Leon Spinks
            Buddy Landell debuts in UWF
            Ron Simmons to debut in Florida

  Nov. 3 (10)        Chris Adams sentenced to prison
            Magnum TA update
            Yosiaki Yatsu denied Olympic eligibility due to pro status
            Superstar Graham disappears
            Missy Hyatt/Eddie Gilbert/John Tatum split up complete

Nov. 10 (10)        Magnum TA update
            Announcement of Starcade ‘86 card
            Tatsumi Fujinami suffers broken jaw
            Brian Adias turns heel in World Class

Nov. 17 (10)        Road Warrior Hawk breaks leg in Japan
            Hiroji Wajima to debut 11/1 in Nanao
            Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to come down hard on blading
            WWF locks up exclusive lease in AWA’s St Paul Civic Center

Nov. 24 (10)        All three UWF belts change hands - One Man Gang, Savannah Jack,                    Bill Irwin & Leroy Brown new champs
            Dump Matsumoto loses hair in 11/7 Osaka show
            Slick breaks arm
            Adrian Adonis to return soon
            Hawk going to work Starcade with broken leg

Dec. 1 (10)        New Japan tag tournament opens
            Ron Bass, Barry & Kendall Windham leave Florida
            Rick Steamboat/Randy Savage angle comes off better than expected       

Dec. 8 (10)        John Tatum injured in 11/26 car accident
            Complete Starcade card coverage
            Bruiser Brody walks out on New Japan
            UWF Superdome Thanksgiving card coverage

Dec. 15 (10)        Jim Cornette injured at Starcade
            Manny Fernandez & Ric Rude win NWA tag belts 12/6 in Atlanta
            Brody making news in Japan by staying home
            Bob Roop fired as Florida booker, replaced by Mike Graham

Dec. 22 (10)        Outlook for the big three promotions for 1987
            Barry Windham & Ron Garvin win US belts
            Dynamite Kid suffers fractured spine

Dec. 29 (10)        Dynamite Kid collapses on 12/13 in Hamilton
            Looking ahead to Wrestlemania
            Lex Luger to head to Crockett in February
            Bam Bam Bigelow headed to UWF
            Jumbo Tsuruta & Tenryu win All Japan tag tournament
Tommy Rich turns heel in Memphis