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History of Starrcacde: the complete Observer collection covering every Starrcade from the first to the last

Starrcade Special
Before there was Wrestlemania, there was Starcade
Re-live WCW’s biggest event before the “Death of WCW”

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18 great Observers covering Starrcade events and other great news stories that occurred in those issues.

January’84, January’85, December 9’85, December 8’86, December 7’87, January 2’89, December 26’89, December 24’90, January 6’92,
January 4’93, January 3’94, January 2’95, January 8’96, January 6’97, January 5’98, January 4’99, December 28’99, December 25’00

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January (20)        NWA Starrcade ’83-A Flair for the Gold 11/24 card coverage
Ric Flair cover    Wrestling notebook coverage of all the territories news and champions, including
            -opening of All Japan tag tourney
            -Inoki voted back in as president of New Japan
            -Brody & Murdoch appear in Southwest
            -World Class draws 19,200 to Thanksgiving show headlined by Kerry vs Hayes
            -Jesse Ventura leaves CWA/Jarrett promotions; Lawler “wins” Southern title

Jan. 10 (52)**        1984 Observer Awards Winners
($18)            1984 in Review
Dynamite Kid cover        1984 Wrestling Ratings
            Champions of 1984
NWA Starrcade ’84-The Million Dollar Challenge 11/22 card coverage
            Inside Japan Wrestling
            Wrestling notebook covering all the territories news and champions including
            -Sgt Slaughter wants to renegotiate contract, Vince dismisses Sarge from WWF
            -Tsuruta & Tenryu win annual All Japan tournament
            -Atsushi Onita announces retirement
            -Kevin Sullivan wins Southwest title
            -Flair retains belt vs Kerry Von Erich in Dallas Christmas card
            -Brad Armstrong wins North American title from Ernie Ladd
            -Michael Hayes now booking Florida

Dec.9 (8)            NWA Starrcade ’85-The Gathering 11/28 card coverage
Magnum TA wins U.S. title from Tully Blanchard
            WWF & AWA go head to head in St Paul
            WWF & NWA go head to head in St Louis
            NJPW & Mid South reach talent agreement
            Crush Girls to wrestle in Madison Square Gardens

Dec. 8 (10)        John Tatum injured in 11/26 car accident
            NWA Starrcade ’86 Night of the Skywalkers card coverage
            Bruiser Brody walks out on New Japan
            UWF Superdome Thanksgiving card coverage

Dec. 7 (10)        Survivor Series 11/26 & Starrcade ‘87 Chi-Town Heat 11/26 card coverage
            The best & worst of above
            Ric Flair regains NWA belt from Ron Garvin
            NWA debut card at Nassau Coliseum
            Greg Gagne apparently wins AWA title from Curt Henning

Jan.2 (8)            NWA Starrcade ’88 True Gritt 12/26 card coverage
            Michael Hayes, Butch Reed & Brian Pillman headed to NWA
            2 other big names rumored to be NWA bound
            A look back to reflect and a look ahead at the state of pro wrestling

Dec. 26 (10)        NWA Starrcade ‘89 Future Shock 12/13 card coverage & poll results   
            The future of Flair & the NWA title
            Tully Blanchard, cocaine and wrestling
            ESPN may drop AWA
            Haystacks Calhoun passes away
            Jarrett concerned about CWA

Dec. 24 (10)        “The Grinch That Stole Wrestling” by James E Cornette
        NWA Starrcade ’90-Collision Course 12/16 card coverage
        Iron Mike Mazurki passes away
        Lou Thesz to wrestle 12/26-will have competed in 6 different decades
        El Canek wins UWA title from Vader
            Tokyo Sports awards   

Jan 6 (10)            Steroid Update-Inside Edition story
            WCW Starrcade ‘91-The Lethal Lottery 12/29 card coverage
            Wilbur Snyder passes away
            Couple of big changes going into NJPW/WCW Tokyo Egg Dome show
            Dave’s review of the 12/12 SWS/WWF/PWF/EMLL Egg Dome show
            Details of the proposed bill to regulate pro wrestling in Florida

Jan 4 (10)            Starrcade ’92 12/28 card coverage
            Jesse Ventura interview by Mike Tenay
            Motoshi Okuma passes away
            Status of Flair in WWF subject of lots of speculation
            Jeff Jarrett wins Southern title from Brian Christopher

Jan 3 (10)            Flair wins WCW title from Vader-Ric Flair career history
            Starrcade 12/27/93 card coverage
            Canek regains UWA title from Vampiro Casanova 12/19
            Hurricane Castillo Sr passes away
            Antonia Pena heading to Japan to negotiate talent deal for AAA

Jan 2 (12)            Starrcade ‘94 12/27card coverage – Honky Tonk Man quits prior to match
            Who draws money? A list of all 10,000 + crowds of 1994 and analysis
            Jean Paul Levesque future in WCW up in the air
            WWF rehires Jim Ross to work in booking and producing TV           
            Kama debuts in WWF as a UFC fighter character
            Rogeau situation turning into a family feud

Jan 8 (12)            Starrcade ‘95 12.27 card coverage-Flair wins WCW title from Savage-
            WWF announces Vader for the Royal Rumble
            WCW reinstates blading after Bret Hart juice job done 10 days earlier
            ECW draws sellout in their New York City debut

Jan 6 (12)            ECW to debut on PPV
            Starrcade 12/29/96 card coverage
            AAA possibly in trouble of losing TV
            Jerry Jarrett’s selling of his 50% of USWA confirmed
            Omar Marchessault passes away
            Some notes on Steve Nelson’s Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation

Jan 5* (16)            Rumor of Antonio Inoki retirement announcement
(cover date error)        Starrcade ‘97 12/28 card coverage- Sting wins WCW title vs Hogan, DDP wins US title vs Henning
            Royce Gracie injury ends up in Pride 2 card being postponed
            NHB rules, credibility, promotion methods & matchmaking called into question
            1997 final match quality ratings
            Old USWA territory turns into hotbed outside the ring
            Davey Boy Smith agrees to WCW deal
            Terry Funk debuts in WWF as Chainsaw Charlie

Jan 4 (18)            Mankind wins WWF title from The Rock 12/29
            Obstacles of the promotions this year
            WCW Starrcade ‘98 12/27 card coverage-Nash wins WCW belt from Goldberg
            Jaguar Yokota & Cuty Suzuki retire
            Pancrase 12/19 card coverage
            UFC 1/8 card preview
            Benoit, Malenko & Guerrero agree to terms with WCW

Dec 27 (18)        WCW’s idea to turn things around is same as it was 3 ½ years ago, NWO angle
            Masato Tanaka wins ECW title from Mike Awesome
            Starrcade 12/19 card coverage-Madusa wins cruiserweight title
            Vince Russo lashes out at criticism of his booking
            Tokyo Sports awards
            E!Channel’s True Hollywood Story focuses on Hulk Hogan
            Chris Candito, Tammy Sytch & Axl Rotten fired by ECW

Dec 25 (18)        Blue Demon passes away-career retrospect
Problems backstage at Nitro-fight between Steiner & Page, wrestlers walk off   
Detailed analysis of the state of WCW & ECW
Starrcade card 12/17 coverage
NJPW in major surprise announces Chosu vs Hashimoto for 1/4 Tokyo Dome News not bright in ECW-paychecks don’t come       
            Japanese Sports media awards
            UFC XIX Defence of the Belts 12/16 card coverage
            EMLL Sin Piedad 12/15 Arena Mexico Spectacular card coverage
            New Jack’s status in ECW up in the air