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Legends of Wrestling June 7 live report: RVD vs. Scott Steiner, Evan Bourne vs. Doc Gallows

Submitted by Geoffrey Gillott

They had some indy guys wrestling during the pre show, but it was hard to tell what was going on unless you had seats on the field. Matt Stryker and Ashley Massaro did live commentary during the show, after intermission Massaro was replaced by Brodus Clay. Dave Penzer was the ring announcer. 

Results for the matches that mattered:

  • Jim Duggan beat Robbie E
  • Curt Hawkins beat Brodus Clay
  • Nasty Boys beat Ken Anderson and Mike Knox
  • Tommy Dreamer beat Wes Brisco
  • Evan Bourne beat Doc Gallows
  • RVD beat Scott Steiner. After RVD beat Steiner, Doc Gallows and Steiner double-teamed RVD until Goldberg came out and made the save.

Overall the show was terrible, one of the worst I've ever seen. Brian Knobbs was scary out of shape, he looked like death. It did eventually move over to so bad it's good territory however. Tommy Dreamer was tweeting out about 8000 people in Attendance, but he must have some serious vision problems, there was 1500 people there at the most, which is still good for an indy show.