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A look at the year that changed pro wrestling forever, The War of 84 Wrestling Observer Newsletters

Relive the War of ’84 Special
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The special is for the 15 issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published in 1984 that hi-light Vince’s national expansion. 400 pages of history, which also include the 1983 Observer Awards.
A must have for your collection.

1984-January (20); February (36); March (30); April (26); May (28); June (28); July (28); July 9 (22); July 30 (26); August (24); September 10 (24); September 30 (28); October 22 (26); November 12 (28); December 3 (26)   

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Issue Date (pages)    Lead Story
January (20)        Full Coverage of Starcade ’83-The Event of the Year
Ric Flair cover    Wrestling notebook coverage of all the territories news and champions, including:
            -opening of All Japan tag tourney
            -Inoki voted back in as president of New Japan
            -Brody & Murdoch appear in Southwest
            -World Class draws 19,200 to Thanksgiving show headlined by Kerry vs Hayes
            -Jesse Ventura leaves CWA/Jarrett promotions, Lawler “wins” Southern title

February (36)**        1983 Observer Awards Winners-Flair wins wrestler of the year
($18)            1983 in Review-detailed by day and month of the major news
Michael Hayes cover    No Prisoners-the wrestling war has begun
    Champions of 1983
A totally packed         Wrestling notebook including
Issue with lots of news    -Iron Sheik Upsets Backlund for WWF title
The awards detail     makes    -Hogan & Piper sign with WWF
It a collectors issue for     -Vince Sr finalizes deal with Adonis in Japan, buries hatchet with Murdoch
sure            -Hansen & Brody win All Japan tag tournament
            -Inoki & Hogan win New Japan tag tournament
            -World Class breaks another attendance record, 19,675 for Christmas Star Wars
            -JYD wins North American title
            -Billy Jack loses loser leaves down match to Rip Oliver-goes to Florida
            -Sawyers win National belts from Road Warriors
            -Rick Steamboat announces retirement

March (30)        In Memoir of David Von Erich 1958-1984
David Von Erich cover    The world at war and other assorted items
            Month by Month-The best matches Dave saw in ‘83
            Wrestling notebook including
            -Hulk Hogan wins WWF title from Iron Sheik
            -WWF to have first live St Louis card
            -Greg Valentine and Brian Blair debut
            -Hishashi Shinma now managing Satoura Sayama after previous bad blood
            -Mr Wrestling II & Magnum TA win Mid South tag belts
            -Harley Race in AWA as regular
            -Tully Blanchard wins Central States belt from Buzz Tyler
            -Mongolian Stomper wins North American belt from Bad News Allen
            -Road Warriors National champs again-Buzz sawyer awol
            -Dick Slater wins US title from Greg Valanetine

April (26)        More on the death of David Von Erich
Hulk Hogan cover    El Santo dies in Mexico
            Wrestling notebook including
            -McMahon buys AWA’s TV time in San Fransisco
            -Jay Strongbow negotiating with Road Warriors
            -Jumbo Tsuruta wins AWA title from Bockwinkle in Japan
            -bizarre things happening in New Japan   
            -Killer Khan wins North American title from Stomper
            -Southwest continues bloodbaths
            -Flair to defend NWA title in World Class
            -Bill Dundee new booker in Mid South
            -Wayne Farris wins Southeast title
May (28)        Wrestling War of 84 Heats Up-a look at each territory and how affected
Jumbo Tsuruta cover    Blood-How much is too much?
            Ken Patera & Masa Saito arrested in Wisconsin
            Mr Mike’s Mondo Wrestling (monthly coverage of the AWA)
            Wrestling notebook including
            -WWF newcomers include Bob Orton, Akira Maeda,  Adonis &  Murdoch
            -Universal Pro Wrestling opens in Japan
            -Seiji Sakaguchi’s visit solidifies WWF/NJPW bond
            -El Canek pins Andre the Giant in Mexico
            -Dynamite Kid wins North American belt from Killer Khan
            -Chris Adams/Jimmy Garvin feud heats up in World Class
            -Crowds up in Mid South with Bill Dundee booking style

June (28)        McMahon Buys Georgia Championship Wrestling
Flair/Kerry/David cover    Summer 1984 Top 100 Ratings
            Kerry Von Erich wins NWA title from Flair at Texas Stadium
            Mr Mike’s Mondo wrestling
            Wrestling notebook including
            -Adonis & Murdoch win WWF belts
            -Buzz Sawyer enters WWF
            -Universal Wrestling Federation opens amidst surprise & controversy
            -Harley Race/Ric Flair trade NWA title on New Zealand tour
            -Buddy Rose wins Northwest belt from Rip Oliver
            -Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith win Intl belts, Kid holds 3 belts now
            -Crusher & Baron Von Raschke win AWA belts
            -All heels in Memphis quit Hart’s First Family and join Neidharts Raiders

July (28)            Flair Regains NWA title in Japan
Flair vs Kerry        Vince McMahon Senior Passes Away
Martel vs Jumbo cover    WWF Signs Jesse Ventura
            NWA Meadowlands show draws 13,000
            1984 awards favorites
            Mr Mike’s Mondo Wrestling
            Wrestling notebook including
            -Tony Atlas leaves WWF, Bobo Bazil! Joins, Don Muraco returns
            -Seattle station dumps Don Owen for WWF
            -Magum TA new North American champ
            -Road Warriors win National belts

July 9 (22)        Inoki Captures IWGP Crown
Inoki vs Hogan cover    Mad Dog Vachon Signs with WWF
            Battle for the Superstation
            Mr Mike’s Mondo Wrestling
            Wrestling notebook including
            -Bobby Jaggers wins Southwest title
            -Rick Martel to begin first tour as AWA champ
            -Ric Rude wins Southern title from Lawler
            -debut of Nikita Koloff           

July 30 (26)        Freebirds Sign with WWF as do Kimala and Ken Patera
Freebirds cover        Toronto Joins WWF/WWF takes over WTBS time slot
            Top 25 Tag Team Ratings
            Big Month for Titan
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -Dos Caras wins Mexico UWF world title
            -Tim Brooks wins Southwest title
            -Gino Hernandez wins Texas title tourney pinning Flair
            -Mid South Superdome card draws 20,800
            -Road Warriors in AWA as regulars

Aug. 20 (24)        Return of the Tiger (Sayama)
Tiger Mask cover        The Future of Wrestling Editorial
            Mr Mike’s Mondo wrestling
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -New in the WWF-The Spoiler, Nikolai Volkoff, Gama Singh, Kabuki
            -Negotiations with Ted DiBiase
            -Giant Baba wins PWF title from Stan Hansen
            -Fujinami scores first pinfall victory over Riki Choshu
            -Hottest feud in Texas-Freebirds vs Killer Khan & Missing Link
            -Tommy Rich wins Intl title in Memphis
            -McMahon bans Japanese press from taking ringside photos

Sept. 10 (24)        Terry Funk to Return
Terry Funk cover        WWF Signs Junkyard Dog/Brutus Beefcake/Angelo Mosca
            Wrestling notebook including
-Giant Baba new affiliation with Hishashi Shinma, signs deal with Fransisco Flores and the UWA in Mexico
-Masked Superstar recognized as world champ in Calgary
-upcoming Ft Worth card will have final ever Freebirds vs Von Erichs match
-Road Warriors win AWA belts
-Jim Neidhart new Florida Southern champ
-Lots of newcomers in Mid Atlantic from Florida

Sept. 30 (28)        Bobby Heenan joins WWF/Terry Gordy leaves WWF & Freebirds
Stan Hansen        Sammartino’s settle dispute with WWF
cover            NWA/AWA work together to combat WWF
            Titan signs lucrative Japan pact
            1984 Awards favorites
            Mr Mike’s Mondo Wrestling
            Wrestling notebook including
            -WWF newcomers-Bret Hart & Dynamite Kid
            -Tsuruta & Tenryu win International belts from Brody & Blackwell
            -New Tiger Mask debuts
            -UWF signs Karl Gotch as booker and trainer
            -WWF will be joining with World Class

Oct. 22 (26)        WWF signs Blackjack Mulligan & Barry Windham
Mr Vince’s Mondo    The Japanese Revolution
Wrestling cover        Value of the belt
            Mr Mike’s Mondo Wrestling
            Wrestling notebook including
            -George Scott wielding power in WWF
            -Stu Hart upset at lack of promised  push for Bret, Kid & Smith
            -Super Tiger wins UWF belt in match with Akira Maeda
            -Eddie Einhorn’s Pro Wrestling USA makes NY TV debut
            -Chris Adams turns heel
            -Eddie Gilbert wins Intl belt from Dutch Mantell
            -Wahoo McDaniel wins US title

Nov. 12 (28)        Mr. Mike’s Mondo Wrestling
Bruiser Brody cover    Spotlight on Japan TV
            Wrestling notebook including
            -Tonga Kid surprise main eventer for MSG
            -Crowds falling in World Class with Gary Hart as booker
            -Adrian Street wins Mid South TV title from Terry Taylor
            -Fabulous Ones win Southern belts from Rude & Bundy
            -So called merger of Ole Anderson’s, Jim Crockett’s & Jerry Jarrett’s promotion

Dec. 3 (26)        Behind the Scenes in Japanese Wrestling
Riki Choshu cover    Who is the real villain here?
            Wrestling Notebook including
            -Brian Blair, Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, Kimala leave WWF
            -Tony Atlas returns
            -Rumors of New Japan being in deep trouble
            -Ernie Ladd wins North American title from Magnum TA
            -Jerry Blackwell wins Missouri title from Race
            -Gordon Solie joins Lance Russell on the mic in Memphis

All these older issues are fascinating reading now. Learn some history and order some copies today.