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MON UPDATE: Raw bout announced, LA Park and CMLL split, King of Trios


By Dave Meltzer

We're looking for your thoughts on Saturday night's UFC 191 PPV show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match to Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports from Raw in Baltimore tonight with the Superstars matches, dark matches and anything else not evident from the live show at Dave Meltzer

We're also looking for reports on these shows:

*WWE Friday night in Hampton, VA

*WWE Saturday night in Charlottesville

*WWE Saturday night in Wildwood, NJ

*WWE Sunday in Fairfax, VA

*GFW Friday in Waterloo, IA

Raw will be Monday night in Baltimore.

Smackdown and Main Event are taped Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Dragon Gate has an iPPV at 5:30 a.m. Eastern early Wednesday morning

Mondai Ryu & Punch Tominaga vs. Lindaman & Draztick Boy

Masaaki Mochizuki & Big R Shimizu & Yosuke Santa Maria vs Genki Horiguchi & Jimmy Kanda & Naoki Tanizaki

Dragon Kid & Flamita vs. BxB Hulk & Kzy

T-Hawk vs. Eita

Cima & Gamma vs. Don Fujii & Ryo Saito in the Summer Action tag league

Shingo Takagi & Cyber Kong & Kotoka vs. Masato Yoshino & Akira Tozawa & Shachihoko Boy

Yamato & Naruki Doi vs. Jimmy Susumu & K-Ness in the Summer Action tag league  

Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

It's a gigantic news week in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter with the main feature story on everything that led to the indictment of Jimmy Snuka after 32 years, plus Irv Muchnick, who has reported on the story for years gives his views on the proceedings, and we also look at Hulk Hogan's attempt at redemption of his character, the full story behind the shooting at the Performance Center, notes from Battle of Los Angeles, the retirement of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, Hayabusa walks to the ring, Bram gets arrested, WWE fires Zahra Schreiber, UFC brings back Travis Browne, a rundown of the PPV business in WWE in 2015 and the latest monthly business report from WWE & TNA. 

The latest Wrestling Observer: September 7, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Snuka indicted, shooting at WWE Performance Center and tons more

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Our lead story goes back to 1983 with an in-depth look at the death of Nancy Argentino, how the media caused the case to be reopened, a look at the charges against Jimmy Snuka, the different statements on the subject by Snuka, Snuka's lawyer speaks, notes on documentation and testimony from the time, lots of notes regarding evidence, where Jimmy Snuka stood in the wrestling business in 1983, how Buddy Rogers fits into this story, what Snuka told police the morning after Argentino died as well as testimony from those who treated Argentino before her death.

We also look at the autopsy report, the police report from that time, the strange question that was never answered regarding the case being dropped, what Snuka has said to different people, the brawl in Syracuse before Argentino's death, how the pro wrestling business in 1983 is so completely different from today and the previous legal action regarding this case. 

Irv Muchnick also does a piece on the indictment talking about several points from the indictment.

We also look at Hulk Hogan appearing on Good Morning America and Nightline in a way to get his job back and repair his public image.  We look at the WWE reaction, what Hogan said, what does and doesn't hold up, the timeline issues with his various stories, neighbors of his growing up contradict his story and more.

We also look at the story of the man who was shot in front of the Performance Center, the circumstances of the shooting, and the different things he had done in recent months regarding his obsession with wrestling.

We also look at Battle of Los Angeles, how the tournament went, highlights from the weekend and celebrities at the shows.

We also look back at the career of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, including his new job with UFC, his becoming the top heavyweight in the sport at one time, his background, his debut in RINGS, his move to Pride, his fight with Bob Sapp, his three fight series with Fedor and his UFC run.

We look at the arrest of Thomas "Bram" Latimer of  TNA, police details of what happened, TNA's response and what is next for him.

We've got a story on Hayabusa, one of the best high flyers from 15-20 years ago and his attempted recovery from near paralysis.

We've got a look at Travis Browne and his reinstatement in UFC.

We look at the firing of Zahra Schreiber, the girlfriend of Seth Rollins, by WWE.

We also look at WWE & TNA business when it comes to house shows, merchandise, ratings and other categories for the past month.

We also have a PPV chart with how all the shows in the first seven months of the year have been, and compared them with the last few years.

We also look at WWE signing one of the major international women stars and why she's not going to be wrestling in NXT, the return of Dr. Wagner Jr. & L.A. Park to Arena Mexico and how it got over, top pro wrestling star gets a reality show gig, and some major title changes.

We also look at maneuvering for the 2017 and 2018 WrestleMania, and the favorites, the 10/3 Madison Square Garden WWE live special, notes on lots of indie stars on WWE's radar, ticket sales for NXT in the U.K., a new WWE movie, Update on Wade Barrett, action figure sales, announcing changes, SummerSlam edits, lots of notes on various WWE lawsuits, Dean Ambrose talks Renee Young, Fan tries to attack Ambrose, Sara Lee in NXT, plus notes on all the WWE & NXT house shows over the past week.

We also look at a number of top stars who worked recently in Bolivia, the last AAA TV taping and AAA wrestlers in a bodybuilding contest.

We update Wrestle-1 and the three generations of green mist stars trios match.

We also look at the Dragon Gate summer tag team tournament and its big show in Fukuoka and what came out of it.

We look at All Japan's last major show and its current singles tournament.

We look at Pro Wrestling NOAH's next major show, including a title match that was set up in the U.S., a well as the bracketing in the upcoming junior heavyweight tag team tournament.

We look at the weekend IGF show, a record that will be set at the next Tokyo Dome show, and the NWA title change.

We also look at U.S. stars who usually don't tour Japan that are going shortly.

We've got more on the planned bio movie on Chris Benoit, Angelo Mosca getting his number retired, the weekend GFW shows and angles, Preston City Wrestling's weekend show, former TNA star retires and a unique main event, plus early notes on this year's WWC Anniversary show.

We also update the TNA TV situation, the Lucha Underground TV situation, the next ROH PPV show, new roles for people in ROH and notes from the weekend show.

We also look at changes in UFC main events, can UFC sell 70,000 tickets to its November show with Ronda Rousey, Rousey talks when she expects to retire, Cyborg, the date with the marine and notes about live shows on Fight Pass this month.  We also look at this week's PPV show, talks about the Jan. 2 Las Vegas card, a star fighter retires, Chad Mendes wants a rematch with McGregor, what happened recently with Jose Aldo, Rousey T-shirt sales, plus lots of more fights.

We also have a look at Bellator's next major show, including the updated card, as well as plans for the big November show.  We look at the Fan Fest with Fedor and Sakuraba, as well as notes on last week's show.

We also look at the arrest of Chris Leben, and new restrictions on weight cutting that is being tried out for in California.

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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight talking Raw and the rest of the latest news as well as taking your e-mail questions that can be sent to
  • For tonight's Raw, Sting is scheduled on the show tonight.  Kane wasn't there as of the last reports so his return, which was actually scheduled right after SummerSlam, may be delayed.  Paige vs. Sasha Banks in a rematch from last week was also announced.
  • L.A. Park and CMLL are already splitsville after two weeks.  He's off the anniversary show and also off the main event for this coming Friday night.
  • CHIKARA King of Trios final night results from last night: Drago & Fenix & Aero Star b Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive & Flex Rumblecrunch A.J. Styles & Young Bucks b Team Fight Club Pro Princess Kimber Lee & Los Ice Creams & Jervis Cottonbelly b Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy & Drew Gulak & Swamp Monster Nokken & Pinkie Sanchez over The Throwbacks, Bee Boy & Genetic Grasshopper, Argus & Purpura, Simon Dean & Blue Meanie, 3.0, Pete Dunne & Morgan Webster, Ole Juke Joint & Missile Assault Ant, Orbital Adventure Ant & Action Rescue Ant and Osirian Portal Heidi Lovelace b The Boar of Moldova Mark Andrews b Shynron to win King of Voladores tournament Drago & Fenix & Aero Star b A.J. Styles & Young Bucks to win the King of trios
  • If you are an independent wrestler and want to work for WWE, someone in the company noted please do not publicly post something asking to view an illegal stream of anything.  Apparently there was a very negative reaction internally to a wrestler publicly asking for a link to an illegal stream of Saturday's UFC show.  It's not that it's UFC, but WWE is in the same business and feels that talent should be smart enough not to publicly ask for a link for an illegal stream because that's a subject that hurts WWE business as well.  It was noted that a personal message asking someone that nobody would find out wouldn't hurt anyone, but asking in social media is very different.  
  • Chris Leben will be doing a live video at 5 p.m. Eastern at to discuss his court case.
  • Seth Rollins talks all kinds of things regarding his rise to the championship
  • Dean Ambrose talks making his acting debut in 12 Rounds 3
  • Dynamo Pro Wrestling from yesterday afternoon in St. Louis:  Ric Maverick NC Bahamut, Keon Option b Ozzie Gallagher, The Snitch b Rocket Mapache, Justin D'Air b Shawn Santel, Mike Sydal b Outkast, Ricky Cruz b Kevin Lee Davidson, Mike Outlaw b Mauler McDarby, Jake Dirden b Davey Richards (thanks to Patrick Brandmeyer)
  • Trainwreck, which includes John Cena, was No. 9 at the box office in Australia this past weekend (thanks to James Stanios)
  • Adrian Street vs. Bill Dundee is the new match today on
  • WWE returns to San Diego on 10/26. 
  • Grand Slam Wrestling on Saturday night in Moosic, PA at the Youth Center. 
  • A clip of Barbie Bank (Kelly Kelly from tomorrow night's episode of WAGS, which airs after Total Divas at 10 p.m. on E!
  • Harley Race talks Hulk Hogan


1970 - El Texano beat El Gringo in Monterrey to win the UWA welterweight title

1971 - Red Bastien & Bill Howard beat Thunder Sugiyama & Rusher Kimura in Tokyo to win the vacant IWE tag tilters

1972 - Seiji Sakaguchi beat The Sheik in Osaka to win the United National title

1973 - Masked Lee & Lita Marez (the mother of Roller Derby's Dave Marez) beat Jumbo Miyamoto & Mariko Akagi in Nagasaki to win the WWWA women's tag title

1988 - Mogur beat Pierroth in Neza to win the Mexican national heavyweight title

1990 - Kenta Kobashi & Johnny Ace beat The Fantastics, Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton in Fukui to win the vacant All Asia tag titles

1994 - Atsushi Onita beat Mr. Pogo to win the FMW World brass Knux title

2002 - Yoshihiro Takayama beat Yoshinari Ogawa in Osaka to win the GHC heavyweight title

2014 - Astral beat Pequeno Olimpico in Mexico City to win the CMLL minis title.