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MON UPDATE: WWE PPV match, WWE injury, Legends of Mid Atlantic fan fest, TNA departure, Hogan & Paige

By">Dave Meltzer

We're doing polls this weekend on tonight's ROH and Bellator shows, , so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worst match for both shows to">

We're looking for reports from Raw tonight in Indianapolis.  Brock Lesnar and John Cena are both scheduled on the show.  We're looking for dark matches, Superstars matches and anything else not evident on the live show to">

We're also looking for reports on these weekend shows:

*NXT Friday night in Jacksonville

*WWE Saturday night in Grand Rapids, MI

*ROH TV tapings from last night in New York

*WWE today in Fort Wayne, IN

Smackdown and Main Event will be taped on Tuesday in Toledo.

Part one of the life and career of Dusty Rhodes is the feature in the new double issue of the Wrestling Observer.  We also look at WWE coming out of the Money in the Bank PPV and where things are going next, UFC in Mexico City and the Fabricio Werdum win over Cain Velasquez, more on how Mayweather & Pacquiao set PPV records and who was buying, the debut of Global Force Wrestling, Tough Enough and Verano de Escandalo are also covered.  

The Latest Wrestling Observer: June 22, 2015 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: Part 1 of giant Dusty Rhodes obituary, GFW’s 1st shows

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The Wrestling Observer ranges weekly from 35,000 to 50,000 words covering pro wrestling and MMA internationally. Each issue has coverage and analysis of all the major news, plus every issue breaks major news stories before the Internet sties and has the most complete look at the pro wrestling and MMA business anywhere, plus history pieces available nowhere else.

The lead story covers the life and early career of Dusty Rhodes.  We have a lot of his career records.  We look at fact vs. fiction about his life before wrestling, and his road to the top in wrestling.  We have an overview of the key points of his career, as well as rundown his early territories and the build to his babyface persona.  We've got comments by many people most associated with him during his career.  We look at health issues, the outpouring of emotion, an eerie thing written by Rhodes just ten day before his death where exactly what he didn't want to be most remembered for was brought up.  We look at the WWF character and the real reasons behind it. 

We also look at the rise and fall of Jim Crockett Promotions, the fall of the UWF, the last year of JCP, the TBS purchase, why Rhodes was fired from the company and how Rhodes ended up back in WCW.  We also look at why he retired from the ring, and the irony of what he said about who could and couldn't book wrestling in the late 90s. 

We look at Rhodes mentions on spots shows this past week,  and his role in helping talent currently on the main roster. 

We look at the original Dusty Rhodes, his doing backyard wrestling, his college days going to matches, West Texas State football and how he got into pro wrestling.  We look at his early territorial work, his first pushes and his rise to prominence.

We look back at the Texas Outlaws tag team with Dick Murdoch, how they got publicity as the top tag team of 1970 with two world tag team titles at the same time, his first run in Florida and how big he was put over on the first TV show there, his brief time in Australia as world tag team champion and who his manager was.  We look at why the run was so short, his working for Bill Watts as a single star, the Crusher vs. Dusty Rhodes dynamic, the first taste of Rhodes as a babyface, who Dusty pitched to Eddie Graham about bringing in as his younger brother, why Dusty was able to be a much better promo in Florida than he could in the AWA, Rhodes vs. Lou Thesz, Rhodes vs. Jack Brisco, the American Dream turns babyface and the quest for the NWA title achieved.

We also look at the direction for Battleground and full coverage of Money in the Bank.

We also look at the stories behind UFC 188 and have full coverage of the show.

We also look at the upcoming Hogan lawsuit, more dates booked for Brock Lesnar, wrestler who was on Raw last year trying out for Tough Enough, Kevin Owens talks John Cena, Dwayne Johnson movie notes, more notes from the WWE camp, More NXT road dates, WWE stock notes and network predictions, Chyna at WWE headquarters, plus more notes on the last NXT tour and a rundown of the business and weekend house shows and an interesting note about that business.

We look at why bought Mayweather-Pacquiao and what can be learned from it.

We look at the debut of Global Force Wrestling and the problems facing the promotion, its first weekend of shows, second weekend and first television tapings.

We also look at AAA's Verano de Escandalo show.

We look at the finalists for this season of Tough Enough, who they were and where they came from.

We also have an interesting look at DVR usage during pro wrestling shows and what it says about the various products.

The Observer is the world's most detailed weekly pro wrestling publication, in its 32nd year of publication, and is read by the biggest names in the pro wrestling, industry, MMA industry, sports world and on Wall Street.

We also have our regular features such as the most complete look at ratings, plus results of the major house show events each week in pro wrestling and MMA, and complete inside rundowns of all the TV shows.

Also in this week's issue:

--First notes on the annual Universal champion of champions tournament

--An interesting result where a major promotion's top star put over an indie wrestler clean

--The Busca en un Idolo tournament

--What CMLL show drew the biggest crowd of the week and it was outside of Mexico City

--Update on Negro Casas concussion

--Latest from Arena Mexico

--Former world champion boxer marries pro wrestling star

--International stars coming to PWG

--Wrestle-One comes to the U.S. and Philadelphia show notes

--Dragon Gate changes several championships and a look at the next two big shows

--What U.S. stars are headed to Dragon Gate shortly

--Mitsuharu Misawa Tribute week in NOAH and what legends attended the big show

--GHC title match with neither wrestler being associated with the NOAH brand

--Update on Takeshi Morishima retirement match

--Notes on G-1 Climax ticket sales

--Update on Yoshitatsu

--Shinya Hashimoto Memorial show lineup

--A note on the Hashimoto legacy

--Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Roderick Strong rematch and how it came to be

--New Japan stars headed back to England and a look at their most recent England appearance

--New Japan stars headed back to ROH soon

--Current MMA world champion headlines IGF pro wrestling event

--King of DDT tournament notes

--Notes from the Championship Wrestling from Florida tribute event this past week

--Update on Blackjack Mulligan

--Details on Josh Alexander and his upcoming neck surgery

--Former WWE developmental talent on a CBS reality show

--Former wrestlers drop lawsuit against WWE

--How rules in New York affect indie groups and what rule in the books isn't enforced at all

--What are the biggest expenses

--Major movie with Kevin Nash coming out soon

--New promotion debuts on national TV in July

--80s star writing an autobiography

--Notes on some stadium shows coming this summer

--Case reopened on the murder of an 80s pro wrestler

--Notes on Ultima Lucha

--Two wrestlers under consideration for season two of Lucha Underground

--Notes on the New York ROH shows and complete lineup

--Notes on ROH on Destination America

--TNA makes big play for former WWE major star

--Changes in the TNA PPV show

--Return of King of the Mountain

--Update on Jeff Hardy

--More on Slammiversary

--Problems with weight cutting

--Details behind drug test controversy with Jose Aldo in Brazil

--This week's UFC show

--More on UFC deal with Titan Fighting Championships

--UFC debuts in Saskatchewan with action main event

--Future of Johny Hendricks

--Update on C.M. Punk and his UFC debut

--Lots of new UFC fights

--Kimbo/Shamrock notes

--Kimbo and Shamrock favor allowing PEDs in MMA

--Looking at the Bellator show

--Retirement of Peter Aerts and his legacy

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*August 1, 1994 (the most detailed coverage anywhere of the Vince McMahon steroid trial, an issue praised in numerous newspaper article and Sex, Lies and Headlocks)

*March 26, 2001 (death of WCW and history of pro wrestling on the Turner networks)a

*October 22, 2001 (why the adult audience has left pro wrestling in such great numbers and what needed to have been done to save them)

*July 8, 1991 (Ric Flair leaves WCW as world champion/Zahorian steroid trial)

*February 8, 1993 (the life and times of Andre the Giant)

*May 13, 2002 (the life story of the most incredible pro wrestling career ever, a look at Lou Thesz, in one of the largest issues of our history)

*January 27, 2003 (part one of the two-part series covering the career and life of The Sheik)

*February 3, 2003 (Part two on The Sheik including thoughts from people who worked with him and where he stands historically)

*March 24, 2003 (history of the WWWF title, inside behind the Sammartino, Backlund and Backlund era)

*April 21, 2003 (history of WWF continues with the expansion nationally, the death of the regional territories and the rise of Hulk Hogan)

*May 12, 2003 (The life and death of Elizabeth and the rise of fall of Lex Luger)

*June 9, 2003 (Part 1 of history of WWF vs. WCW wars and what many say was the greatest year in U.S. wrestling; plus a look at Fred Blassie)

*June 16, 2003 (Freddie Blassie through the eyes of his biggest rivals and friends)

*July 28, 2003 (Part 2 of the history of the WWF vs. WCW war and the plans to make new superstars in the early 90s, what happened, and the night where the three biggest wrestling companies in the world combined for a joint show and what happened)

*August 25, 2003 (2003 Hall of Fame issue with huge profiles on the controversial career of Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit as well as historical features on Earl Caddock and Francisco Flores)

*September 22, 2003 (Part 3 of the history of the WWF vs WCW war with the seeds that caused the collapse of the industry in the 90s, Zahorian trial, Gulf War controversy, Flair leaves WCW while holding world title and much more)

*October 27, 2003 (The fascinating life of Stu Hart plus the story of Road Warrior Hawk)

*January 19, 2004 (2003 Awards issue)

*February 2, 2004 (History of Toronto wrestling, Jack Tunney life story, Royal Rumble and Battle Royal history)

*February 23, 2004 (History of Guerrero family with Eddy's win over Brock Lesnar)

*March 1, 2004 (History of WWF continues with the period that brought the company down in early 1992, the mistakes, the real stories and how the business changed)

*March 8, 2004 (History of Wrestlemania, its greatest matches and best and worst shows as voted both by wrestlers and non-wrestlers and Wrestlemania history books)

*July 5, 2004 (A look behind the scenes and Ric Flair's book and his background with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan)

*July 12, 2004 (A look at more on Ric Flair's book and his comments on Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart and Mick Foley)

*August 16, 2004 (History of the Olympians in pro wrestling)

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*January 24, 2005 (2004 Awards issue, Rock and WWE part company)

*March 14, 2005 (the 50 biggest money players in the history of WWF and a look at their Hall of Fame)

*May 9, 2005 (the life and times of Chris Candido)

*June 20, 2005 (The full story behind Paul Heyman and the death of ECW, as well as coverage of One Night Stand, Hardcore Homecoming and behind the scenes of both shows)

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*July 24, 2006 (The History of the Von Erichs and World Class Championship Wrestling--the most unreal story ever in wrestling)

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*November 27, 2006 (History of WCW part three, When Bischoff challenged McMahon to fight; Truth and fiction around Bret Hart signing with WCW and why it didn't click)

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  • Bryan and I will be back tonight talking more on Buddy Landel, Cora Combs, Raw and Bellator, plus we'll take e-mail questions to
  • WWE announced Ryback vs. Big Show vs. Miz for the Battleground show on 7/19 in St. Louis.
  • WWE announced an injury to Erick Rowan, said to be from a Friday night event in Saginaw.
  • Nothing trending to any great degree today.  Only pro wrestling and MMA topics are

Prime Time Players vs. New Day 330 tweets

Erick Rowan 189 tweets

MMA Hour (Ariel Helwani's show) 145 tweets.

  • Notes for the Mid Atlantic Wrestling fan fest on 7/30 to 8/2 in Charlotte.  They will debut a Mid Atlantic Memories wrestling documentary with Jim Ross doing the voice overs.  Names appearing include Jim Ross, Jim Cornette, Jimmy Hart, Lance Russell, Cedric Alexander, Road Warrior Animal, Gerald Brisco, Wes Brisco, Bob Caudle, Bobby Fulton, Zach Gowen, Honky Tonk Man, Angelina Love, Bill Eadie, Nigel McGuinness, Rip Rogers, So Cal Val, Ricky Steamboat, Scott Steiner, Lance Storm, Les Thatcher, Greg Valentine, and Tom Prichard.

7/30:  Debut of Mid Atlantic Memories, Jim Ross one man show, Jim Cornette live podcast

7/31:  Hall of Heroes banquet honoring Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood, Jimmy Hart musical performance

8/1:  Lance Russell Q&A, Pool Party with Angelina Love & SoCal Val and live show

8/2:  Live show.

  • Sam Shaw was the latest TNA departure, as he confirmed that over the weekend.
  • TNA has booked Universal in Orlando for shows from 7/22 to 7/29.
  • Seth Petruzelli went to cage side to challenge Kimbo Slice after his win over Ken Shamrock on Friday.  At the press conference, when Slice was asked if he'd like a rematch with Petruzelli, he said "No."
  • WWE stock dropped seven cents today to close at $16.25 per share.   
  • Superstars of Wrestling on 6/27 in Avenel, NJ at the Avenel Columbus Council with Kevin Matthews and Damien Darling.
  • Entourage was No. 5 at the box office this weekend in Australia at $686,393, while Mad Max Fury Road (Nathan Jones) was No. 6 at $408,055, San Andreas was No. 7 at $405,544 and Pitch Perfect 2 (Lana) was No. 11 at $173,568. (thanks to James Stanios)
  • Battlearts from Saturday night in Mississauaga, ONT at Santino Marella's Gym's Don Kolov Arena:  Dustin Quicksilver b Del Cardinal, Karou b Rob Styles, Ariya Sapphire b Carys, Randy Bynoe b CJ, Ronnie Wallace & British Brawler b Rosey Brown & D-Man Parker, Jimmy Thunder won Battle Royal, JP Morgado b Randy Reign, Mike DeRosti b Buck Gunderson (thanks to Steven Ashe)
  • Pro Wrestling Phoenix from Saturday night in Council Bluffs, IA:  Jeremy Wyatt b Jayden  Draigo, Killer City Kings b Dalton Lee Roth & Purple, Zac James b Joey Daniels, L-Ray b Zac James, Austin St. John b Pat Powers, Darren Russell b Abu Colossus, Tony Cortez b Mark Sterling.  Next show is 7/31 at the National Guard Armory in Council Bluffs.
  • EWF on Friday night in Azusa, CA:  Baby Bull b TY Ray, Uday Ukelja b Viking Warrior, Johnny Starr b Brute Baretto, Uptown Andy Brown b Butcher Tyler Bateman, Friar Juan Roman & Archemedes b Luz de Sombra & Espirito.  Next show is 7/3 at the EWF Arena. (thanks to Frank Mott)
  • Josh Neer vs Matt Secor has been added as a prelim fight to the 7/17 Bellator show at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT, headlined by Douglas Lima (26-5) vs. Andrey Koreshkov (17-1) for the welterweight title.  
  • Sporting News story on Tough Enough
  • Brian Fritz talks to Hulk Hogan and Paige
  • Another Hogan and Paige interview
  • Brian Fritz talks to John Saboor about WrestleMania
  • Another Hulk Hogan interview promoting Tough Enough


1976 - Rene Guajardo beat El Santo to win the Mexican national middleweight title

1978 - Steve Rickard beat Professor Toru Tanaka in Auckland to win the British Commonwealth title

1986 - Yukari Omori beat Chigusa Nagayo to win the All Japan womens's Grand Prix tournament and Mika Komatsu & Kanako Nagatomo beat Kazue Nagahori & Yumi Ogura to win the Japanese tag team title

1996 - Mima Shimoda & Manami Toyota beat Kyoko Inoue & Takako Inoue in Sapporo to win the WWWA tag titles

1996 - Mascara Magica beat Super Delfin to win the UWA super welterweight title

2003 - Mima Shimoda beat Mariko Yoshida in Tokyo to win the Queen of Arsion title  


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