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PWG report 4-3 Reseda, CA Strong vs. Sabre Jr, Hero vs. End

By Mark Goebel

PWG was insanely fun last night. Wildly regarded as the best show in some time. I was there and here is the run down. 

Completely packed house. Show started around 8:45. 

Brian Cage defeated Biff Busick in the opening bout. Both men clobbered each other. Very fun and very hard hitting. If I remember correctly, Cage won after turning Biff inside out with a huge lariat.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs Trevor Lee was up next. These two tore the house down. Lightning fast action and insane high risks including Bailey hitting a reverse frankensteiner to Lee on the ring apron. Each man got all their shine in before Lee took the win with a small package muscle buster variation.

World's Cutest Tag Team vs Beaver Boys next. This was a better match from the Beaver Boys compared to their last PWG appearance and the best Cutest Tag Team match in some time. The action was mostly even. Candice LeRae took a beating complete with a thrilling comeback. Cutest Tag Team won via a Super Balls Plex from LeRae. 

Tommy End vs Chris Hero, last match before intermission. This one had great atmosphere. Dueling "Hero!" and "Tommy!" chants set the tone. This match built itself on striking, Tommy with the knees and kicks, Hero with the big boots and elbows. Each man with their tough man personas out to prove who can take the greater beating. After exhausting each other, Hero put Tommy away via a Tombstone Piledriver. The crowd gave the match a standing ovation and pleaded for Tommy End to come back. 


ACH vs Ciampa started off the second portion of the show. This started off lighthearted with both men playing an invisible basketball game with one another. Both men were having fun throughout, especially ACH. Ciampa would bring the match back to serious and this seemed to be the back and forth build to the finish. ACH won with a 450 Splash.

Chris Sabin and Matt Sydal vs Monster Mafia up next. This was the solidifying match for Monster Mafia in PWG. Ethan Page worked the crowd magnificently, particularly the Horsewomen crowd. At one point shouting "MMA sucks!" at them. This would cause a back and forth antagonistic war between Page and that section for the duration. It escalated to Page pulling his trunks down and mooning the entire section. The match itself was excellent. Sydal and Sabin took the dominant beating, but were able to get the comeback victory over the heels who had Reseda in a frenzy. Sydal took the victory pin with a shooting star. 

Andrew Everett vs Ricochet. This was just all sorts of out of control and also continued Ricochet's great match momentum in PWG. These men left it all in the ring. High spot after high spot, reversal after reversal, insane high risk after insane high risk. The crowd was eating out of the palm of both men's hands. Ricochet won with  one of his crazy driver variations. I was unfamiliar with the move. 

Main Event 
PWG Championship
Zack Sabre Jr vs Roderick Strong 
The crowd was hot for this one! A good portion of the crowd was unfamiliar with Sabre, and with only seeing the Union Jack trunks, turned to pro-USA support for Roddy. Sabre had his fans in numbers too and the dueling chants stayed hot throughout the match. This blended incredible mat wrestling and hard striking perfectly. The best PWG Main Event I've seen in the 4 straight shows I've been to. Sabre is magical with what he is able to do just in the center of the ring. So many false finishes and teasings of tap outs. The energy was explosive. I knew going in that the chances of Sabre beating Roddy were slim, but I completely lost myself in the match and could taste that Sabre victory on my tongue. Some false finishes were so convincing! Roderick, proving throughout the match that he could go toe to toe with Sabre's style, beat Sabre at his own game. Strong reversed his submission attempt into his nasty Strong Hold, causing Sabre to tap. The crowd surrounded the ring immediately to cheer the contest, while "Match of the Year!" chants broke out. 

I spoke to Sabre after the show. He was glowing, so excited, pleased and happy. He told me it all just makes him want to move to Los Angeles. He wants to come back to PWG as soon as possible. 

From top to bottom this was a thrilling card. I'd consider it a must-see show. The DVD is available to preorder now on PWG's website.

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