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SAT UPDATE: UFC preview, Hulk Hogan responds to Bret Hart, Dave Brown retirement, & more

by David Bixenspan | davidbix@wrestlingobserver.comFollow @davidbix

Show notes for the weekend:

UFC 191 live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Main Card live on oay-per-view at 10:00 p.m. ET (Playstation Plus subscribers get 10% off the PSN version)
Demetrious Johnson (124.5) vs. John Dodson (125) in a five round fight for Johnson's UFC Flyweight Championship
Andrei Arlovski (237.5) vs. Frank Mir (266)
Anthony Johnson (205) vs. Jimi Manuwa (204)
Jan Blachowicz (205) vs. Corey Anderson (205)
Paige VanZant (116) vs. Alex Chambers (115)

Prelims on Fox Sports 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET
Ross Pearson (155.5) vs. Paul Felder (155.5)
Francisco Rivera (136) vs. John Lineker (135.5)
Jessica Andrade (134.5) vs. Raquel Pennington (136)
Clay Collard (146) vs. Tiago Trator (146)

Prelims on UFC Fight Pass at 7:00 p.m. ET
Joe Riggs (187.5) vs. Ron Stallings (184)
Joaquim Silva (154.5) vs. Nazareno Malegarie (156) 

While there's little in the way of drawing power beyond maybe Mir, this really is a strong card. Yes, Blachowicz-Anderson is a bit of an odd choice for a main card fight, but it still has some divisional relevance and potential for action. Everything from Andrade-Pennington on should be at least fun, and the top two prelims have tremendous potential as fight of the night candidates. Arlovski-Mir is literally a decade in the making while Johnson-Dodson is a rematch of the best title fight in divisional history so far. 

WWE has house shows tonight t in Charlottesville, VA (John Cena vs. Kevin Owens) and Wildwood, NJ (Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Ryback vs. Big Show, Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose)

GFW runs tonight in Clinton, IA.

WWE runs tomorrow night in Fairfax, VA (John Cena vs. Kevin Owens) and Salisbury, MD (Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt, Ryback vs. Big Show, Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose).

Raw on Monday night will b in Baltimore, while SmackDown and Main Event will be taped Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

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We also look at the autopsy report, the police report from that time, the strange question that was never answered regarding the case being dropped, what Snuka has said to different people, the brawl in Syracuse before Argentino's death, how the pro wrestling business in 1983 is so completely different from today and the previous legal action regarding this case. 

Irv Muchnick also does a piece on the indictment talking about several points from the indictment.

We also look at Hulk Hogan appearing on Good Morning America and Nightline in a way to get his job back and repair his public image.  We look at the WWE reaction, what Hogan said, what does and doesn't hold up, the timeline issues with his various stories, neighbors of his growing up contradict his story and more.

We also look at the story of the man who was shot in front of the Performance Center, the circumstances of the shooting, and the different things he had done in recent months regarding his obsession with wrestling.

We also look at Battle of Los Angeles, how the tournament went, highlights from the weekend and celebrities at the shows.

We also look back at the career of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, including his new job with UFC, his becoming the top heavyweight in the sport at one time, his background, his debut in RINGS, his move to Pride, his fight with Bob Sapp, his three fight series with Fedor and his UFC run.

We look at the arrest of Thomas "Bram" Latimer of  TNA, police details of what happened, TNA's response and what is next for him.

We've got a story on Hayabusa, one of the best high flyers from 15-20 years ago and his attempted recovery from near paralysis.

We've got a look at Travis Browne and his reinstatement in UFC.

We look at the firing of Zahra Schreiber, the girlfriend of Seth Rollins, by WWE.

We also look at WWE & TNA business when it comes to house shows, merchandise, ratings and other categories for the past month.

We also have a PPV chart with how all the shows in the first seven months of the year have been, and compared them with the last few years.

We also look at WWE signing one of the major international women stars and why she's not going to be wrestling in NXT, the return of Dr. Wagner Jr. & L.A. Park to Arena Mexico and how it got over, top pro wrestling star gets a reality show gig, and some major title changes.

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We also look at U.S. stars who usually don't tour Japan that are going shortly.

We've got more on the planned bio movie on Chris Benoit, Angelo Mosca getting his number retired, the weekend GFW shows and angles, Preston City Wrestling's weekend show, former TNA star retires and a unique main event, plus early notes on this year's WWC Anniversary show.

We also update the TNA TV situation, the Lucha Underground TV situation, the next ROH PPV show, new roles for people in ROH and notes from the weekend show.

We also look at changes in UFC main events, can UFC sell 70,000 tickets to its November show with Ronda Rousey, Rousey talks when she expects to retire, Cyborg, the date with the marine and notes about live shows on Fight Pass this month.  We also look at this week's PPV show, talks about the Jan. 2 Las Vegas card, a star fighter retires, Chad Mendes wants a rematch with McGregor, what happened recently with Jose Aldo, Rousey T-shirt sales, plus lots of more fights.

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Saturday Daily Update

-- This got lost in the shuffle with all of the big stories during the week, but legendary Memphis wrestling announcer Dave Brown retired from his job as WMC-TV's head meteorologist this past wee. Of course got plenty of coverage since he's been the most popular TV nws personality in the market for decades:

* Lance Russell's video wishing him a happy retirement.

* WMC's retrospective of Brown's career.

* Behind the scenes video of his final broadcast from a coworker's Facebook page.

* WMC's story on Brown's last day.

* Successor Ron Childers' tribute to Brown.

* Local artist Adam Exelbierd paints a tribute to Brown.

* Story about Brown's very personal campaigning against drunk driving.

-- This happened:

Hart had said that he figured Hogan was relieved when Piper died because it took the media focus off of him.

-- Jim Ross's latest blog post has a great section on Hulk Hgoan: "If I was advising Hulk Hogan I'd suggest him to lay low and let things settle down. He does deserve forgiveness, as we all do, if he's sincere and I want to believe that Hulk is sincere but trying to promote himself to have "one more match" is not advisable. Just my two cents."

-- The Scenic City Invitation tournament from last month with Moose, Jimmy Rave, Gunner, Kongo Kong, and a number of southern indie standouts is now available on DVD from WHOO! Wrestling's Facebook store and video on demand in full HD (streaming and MP4 downloads)  on their Vimeo page. The DVD is 1$1 off through tomorrow, while the VOD is $1.10 off through Monday with the coupon code LABORDAY, making it just $9.89 for the four and a half hour show in HD. It's great to have Allan Barrie/WHOO! back in the fold and he's doing some very cool things when it comes to experimenting with different distribution strategies and price points from most indie distributors.

-- Dave has an article about UFC's 2015 pay-per-view turnaround at MMAFighting.

-- Another Wrestling Podcast talks to Sabu about the allegations that Pat Buck made against him after the last PWS show among other things. Sample quote:

And they're right I had a dog and it made a mess, but there was no shit, there was no drugs, no needles, there was blood because you know I bleed and that's the way it is, you know i didn't bleed all over the place.I bled in bed and probably on the shower curtain but they made it sound like I murdered somebody in that room and sacrificed my dog and shit all over the room. And that sounds great but that's not true. They said they had a bill stating that the hotel...when we checked in under my name and my credit card was not denied like they said it was, when we check out the room had my name on it, not theirs. The pictures of the bill they’re showing has Pat Bucks name on it, so fuck him! He probably shit all over the place and bled and killed someone all over the room and sacrificed a dog.


-- Monday Night War Vol. 2: Know Your Role comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray this Tuesday. Also, Bob Backlund's book is now in stock at and shipping early from Amazon.

-- PWX Pure Results from last night in Winston-Salem NC: Mason Maddox b Rob Killjoy, Smith Garrett and the returning Lance Lude in a 4way scramble, Elijah Evans IV b James Drake, Anthony Henry b Man Scout Jake Manning, Bravados b Josh Powers & Timmy Lou Retton. Bravados brawled with Adam Page & Corey Hollis afterward, they'll meet in street fight tonight, Ricochet b Caleb Konley. Tommy Thomas was put in as heel ref by PWX management and fast counted Konley every time. Ricochet rejected their help throughout and kicked Tommy in the nuts post match, Cedric Alexander b Darius Lockhart. Lockhart was originally slated against another Pure prospect but Alexander attacked them and took the match instead. Alexander reaffirms his spot in the X16 with the win, Tessa Blanchard b Lexia Averym and PWX World Champion John Skyler b Zane Riley with assist from Gunner who joined Skyler and Country Jacked post match. Same crew plus Tomasso Ciampa, Moose, Tim Donst and others are back in Winston-Salem tonight and tomorrow afternoon for a two night tournament. Both shows are at the Benton Convention Center downtown.